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Hooters Bubble Trouble
"Man. This place is dead Mel." A woman with blonde hair that stretched to her shoulders said as she peered out into the dining area. Only 3 of the tables were occupied.
A woman with brown hair sighed. "I know Steph. With football season over and most fans still pissed at the NBA about the lockout, there's very little reason for people to come to Hooters." Then she pulled on the top of her super tight tank top to make sure it didn't expose to much of her ample chest. "I mean staring at our racks is only entertaining for so long."
Stephanie nodded. She had been a waitress at Hooters for almost a year now and had never seen business this slow.
Melanie shook herself out of her daydream and carried the tray containing a large plate of chicken wings. She was determined to try to salvage his day by getting a huge tip from the 2 guys at the table in her section.
The lack of customers wasn't lost on just on Melanie and Stephanie. All 7 of the waitresses at the restaurant were getting worried.
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Maestro's Maelstrom
I like how sugar cookies turn the milk rainbow tye dye colors.
I like the way the pencil rasps across the paper when waitresses write.
I like the way some people will go out of their way to help one another.
I like rainy days when the sun is still shining.
I like seeing fluffy clouds spread across golden seas,
The seas that haunt the sky.
I like the way graveyards smell eerie,
The scent of danger and darkness lurking everywhere.
I like the rhythm that only woodpeckers feel,
As their beaks form shallow holes in my psyche.
I like the steady shake and break of the ocean's waves,
As if a body of water could ever really own a thing.
It is an insult to my soul.
All of it.
Because I know in my heart...
It's not real.
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Car Wash Chapter 5
April beat on the bubble that held her captive. “HELP  GET ME OUTTA HERE ” her voice also echoed as she pleaded.
Susie walked up to the giant bubble and pointed at the bubble encasing her head. “Serves you right for doing this to me. And all that to the others.” She pointed to the other girls’s bubbles one at a time.
“So your just gonna leave me in here?” April said while pushing against her soapy prison.
“Even if we wanted to, which we don’t, we couldn’t. If we cant pop the bubbles on us how the hell would we be able to pop yours?”
“So what’s gonna happen to us?” April asked trying to fight back tears.
“Simple. You all are our new gimmick.” said a male voice.
All the girls turned to look at the short, bald man. “What do you mean gimmick Rob?” Susie asked.
“Two other restaurant chains that involve hot women in skimpy outfits just opened across town. I set you all up so we’d hav
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Car Wash Chapter 4
“I don’t know what Susie was complaining about. It was no busier than normal.”  She punched out after her shift and counted up her tips.  Susie sat down next to her and was counting her tips as well.
“I can’t believe some old dude gave me a twenty to touch my tits.” she said half amazed, half bragging.
I can’t believe you’d do anything to make a buck.” April snapped back. Susie always had a way of pressing her buttons.
“Don’t hate for having a better rack than yours. Looks like you got two watermelons in your bra.” she got up and started walk to the door. “See you out in the lot.”
April was boiling. “THAT’S IT  I’VE HAD IT WITH THAT BLONDE BITCH ” she announced. She stormed outside.
Susie had already stripped down to a leopard print bikini and was standing next to a kiddy pool full of soapy water.”Why does this feel familiar?” April asked under her breath. S
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Car Wash Chapter 2
April glared at the mouthy blonde. She was tempted to slap the taste out of her mouth, but turned and stormed out instead. She walked out to the parking lot and found her sky blue convertible. Rather than opening the door, she jumped over the side, slid into the passenger seat, and sped off.
April pulled her car down a back alley and climbed the stairs leading to her 2nd floor apartment. She was still steaming from Susie showing her up and smart mouthing her. “I gotta to get back at her.” she decided..
April striped down reveling a pink bra and matching thong, then threw her work uniform in the dirty clothes basket. She opened her tiny refrigerator and quickly scarfed down a slice of pizza. Once the pizza was gone she walked into the dark bedroom and crawled between the covers. “Maybe I’ll come up with something in the morning.” she said right before drifting off to sleep. April opened her eyes saw that she was no longer in her bedroom. She was standing in a pa
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Car Wash Chapter 3
April sat up quickly. Her body was drenched in a cold sweat and she was breathing heavy. It took a minute for her to realize that she was back in her own bedroom. She looked down and saw the tops of her DD’s and sighed. “It was only a dream.” she said. She couldn’t remember the details but she remembered something about being in Susie’s body at the car wash.
The sun was shining brightly through the window and she could hear sounds of her neighbors moving around down on the ground. She jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. She was thrilled to see her own redheaded reflection in the mirror. “No more pizza right before bed.” She decided.
After a quick shower, April squeezed herself into a skimpy pink bikini and slid her work attire on over it. A quick glance at the clock informed her that she still had a couple hours until she had to be at work. “This is gonna be a long day.” she bitched. “A normal shift waiting tables and then wash
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Car Wash Chapter 6
The bubble girls idea turned out to be bigger than anyone could imagine. Rob bounced on April’s prison until it became a dome connected to the ground. All she could do was stand there helplessly pushing against the bubble as people came up to gawk at her like an animal in the zoo. Rob would even sell pictures with the bubble girl for $5 a piece.
Six months passed and the bubble girls, except for April for obvious reasons all stormed into Rob’s office.
“What can I do for my star attractions?”
Susie spoke for the group. “You promised if we went along with this nonsense you’d get rid of the bubbles. We’re tired of these bubbles. Especially Tammie. Very time she bumps into something her bubble causes her to cum and drop whatever she’s carrying.”
“Why would I get rid of my biggest money maker. Besides those bubbles are 100% unpopable.”
“WHAT ” they all yelled in unison.
Susie spoke for the group again. “You had us sign a
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Hooters Girls
"Can I take your order?" A redheaded lady holding a notepad asked. She was wearing the uniform of all Hooters girls. A very tight white top with "HOOTERS" on it along with a pair of extremely short orange shorts. The top had an owl looking through the O's of Hooters. The top was cut so low that it showed off her C cups.
"I'll have a plate of wings and a Budweiser." said a man with short brown hair.
"Sure thing." she said and went back to place the order.
All the staff knew John because he came in at least twice a week for the past several months. He watched all the girls around the restaurant. Most were taking orders and delivering food. A brunette was Hula Hooping to entertain the diners.
John always kept his eyes peeled taking mental notes. Soon his waitress brought out his plate of chicken wings and beer.
As he ate, he was hoping to be able to put his plan into action soon.
When he was done eating, his waitress cleared his table and handed him his check. He left a fairly large tip a
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Car Wash Chapter 1
“Hey Susie. Once your done cleaning the tables Rob wants to see us all in his office.” A short brunette girl announced.
The blonde woman that was busy placing the chairs up on the tables let out a loud groan. “I’m coming.” she said with a tone of annoyance. Susie started to walk to the managers office. Along the way she pulled up on the tight tank top that was the trademark of girls who worked for Hooter’s. They made her natural 36 Cs look like Ds because the top was so tight and squeezed them together. Susie felt that all it would take is one goos sneeze to cause her to accidently flash a customer. She was also wearing the bright orange short shorts that complimented her ass so well. They were so short that all of her long, smooth legs were exposed.
Susie walked in the office. There were at least a dozen women dressed in the Hooter’s attire. A very short bald man sat behind a desk holding a stack of papers in his hands. “Good You’re all her
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Meeting Coco (not Chanel)
chanel, that's what they call her,
my little coco girl,
mysterious with her
inky, waterfall hair
and philophers eyes,
it's ironic, though,
for apart from her
looks, she's not
one for fashion,
her skinny limbs
dressed in rainbows
of cotton, and
always two odd shoes
on her left and right,
i love her so,
with her chipped
front tooth
and girly grin,
did, since the first
day i saw her over
the white rim of my
steaming cup
of morning coffee,
she stumbled in
all bronzed legs
and crumpled
tie-die shirt,
hand locked around
her treasured notebook,
nails and fingertips stained
with purple word-kisses,
dreamily she had gazed
around, drinking in the
world around her,
her eyes grazing across
customers with sleepy growls
and waitresses worked of
their feet in early rush,
till her soul-filled stare
found my features,
as always mr. anonymous
hidden beneath my
windblown mane,
with indian beads ticking
and silver bracelets shimmering,
she tiptoed over to my booth
to settle down, moccachino
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