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10 Funny Quotes
1. "Evil beware - We have Waffles." - Raven from Teen Titans
2. "Pants are an illusion, and so is death!" - Hue the Swampbender from Avatar: the Last Airbender
3. "I am bike cheese!" - Eugene Mirman
4. "All destinations are final - that's what it means, destiny, final - if you haven't gotten where you're aren't there yet!" - George Carlin
5. "The key to life isn't to set goals to achieve - the key to life is to set goals no one can take away from you! For example, tonight, my goal is to go to the bathroom outside my pants!" - James P. Connolly
6. "My motto is 'Shoot for the curve but everything above it is gravy!'" - James P. Connolly
7. "If you give a man a fish, he'll stink up the whole town, but if you teach a man to fish - ya, see where im goin' with this? - he'll poke his eye out." - a drunken citizen of Albion
8. "They say that 'Kids Say The Darnedest Things' - but so would you if you had no education!" - Eugene Mirman
9. "The commercial for Diet Dr. Pepper says 'It
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Stuck with Eridan and Cronus
Stuck with Eridan and Cronus
Grocery Shopping
“I don’t sea why we glub’en gotta get human food.” Eridan complained
“Because you and Cro eat like pigs. My fridge was full two days ago and now there’s barely anything in there.” You respond as you push the shopping cart.
“Doll, I’m sorry my little bro eats like a oinkbeast. Please” Cronus gets in your personal bubble, his arms begin to wrap around your waist “Lemme make it up to you. Ow!”
You step on his shoe and keep pushing the cart.
“Babe, don’t scuff the leather!” Cronuz starts messing with is army style boots.
“Hey, ---Name---, sea here? They got wwaffles!” Eridan is pointing at the frozen waffles.
“Your observation skills are astounding. One day, you might just find Waldo.” You walk past him
“I’m getten the wwaffles.”
“No you aren’t.” you respond
“Wwhy not?”
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Waffles :iconkristiem:KristieM 196 3
Male!Belgium x Reader || Belgian waffles [Lime]
This is a lime. Well, not really. But oh well, dA.
Smiling, Nicolas wrapped his arms around your waist and put his chin on your shoulder. He nuzzled your neck with the tip of his nose as he looked at your hands with his forest green eyes. As his warm breath stroked your neck, a comforting shiver ran down your spine and you leant against his chest.
"And now let the yeast melt in the milk," he instructed you and got an Uh-huh~ from you as an answer as you started to break the fresh yeast and let it fall into the lukewarm milk.
The Belgian wanted to teach you how to do the original waffles from his homeland and now you stood there with him, your boyfriend, in the kitchen, which always looked like new because of his sister, who generally kept her house spic and span. In your mind, you tried not to forget that you shouldn't leave a battlefield after you because an angry Dutchwoman was not a nice thing. Though you and Tessa got along just fine a
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