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Ocean Storm VR by JJcanvas Ocean Storm VR :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 3,267 62 360 Akira Panorama by Hideyoshi 360 Akira Panorama :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 250 18 Golden Valley VR by JJcanvas Golden Valley VR :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 2,166 42 Sword Art Online - Asuna by Wes2299 Sword Art Online - Asuna :iconwes2299:Wes2299 2,432 107 Dark Days : sand storm by Tohad Dark Days : sand storm :icontohad:Tohad 825 37 Kiss Meme by Jessiphia Kiss Meme :iconjessiphia:Jessiphia 347 117 Skip Beat Sho Fuwa 02 by LALAax Skip Beat Sho Fuwa 02 :iconlalaax:LALAax 5,183 398 Skip Beat Sho Fuwa POSTER by LALAax Skip Beat Sho Fuwa POSTER :iconlalaax:LALAax 1,027 90 Dark Days : motel interior environment by Tohad Dark Days : motel interior environment :icontohad:Tohad 865 33 Upcoming VR project by Tryingtofly Upcoming VR project :icontryingtofly:Tryingtofly 458 6 Make a wish ... by BlackJack0919 Make a wish ... :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 1,530 109 Love Game by BlackJack0919 Love Game :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 2,236 242 Porkchop Express: Live by the VR. Die by the VR. by Cryptcrawler Porkchop Express: Live by the VR. Die by the VR. :iconcryptcrawler:Cryptcrawler 1,102 62 SimRa - AI's domain by adamkuczek SimRa - AI's domain :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 106 4 VR-Man by Tomycase VR-Man :icontomycase:Tomycase 392 34 SimRa - weaver of worlds by adamkuczek SimRa - weaver of worlds :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 138 9 Passion by DimensionSeven Passion :icondimensionseven:DimensionSeven 709 77 Where Is The Love ?? by BlackJack0919 Where Is The Love ?? :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 798 149 A Colorful Day by MarcoHeisler A Colorful Day :iconmarcoheisler:MarcoHeisler 780 80 Metal Gear Solid - Snake Mask - LTE-T Papercraft by LeTourbillonEnchanT Metal Gear Solid - Snake Mask - LTE-T Papercraft :iconletourbillonenchant:LeTourbillonEnchanT 442 131
TG - Virtual Reality
     “No,” Paul exclaimed in exasperation towards his girlfriend.
     “Come on,” Heather said as she pouted slightly, “It’ll be fun, I know you’ll enjoy it.” She was holding the headset parts to a new virtual reality simulator system which she had recently bought. It was said that it was the most advanced system yet and created a truly immersive feel. The rest of the technology for it was sitting by their bed.
    Paul shook his head, “I don’t want to use that stuff Heather; the idea of going throwing my head into a computer gives me the creeps.”
    Heather took a few steps towards him and took his hand, “You’ve never tried it before, you shouldn’t just at face value say no to it forever. I’ve bought you an account so you don’t even have the ‘I don’t want to pay for the thing’ excuse. Just try it this once, if you don
:iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 75 4
Reflections by NickKoutoulas Reflections :iconnickkoutoulas:NickKoutoulas 447 115 VR Game Poster Image by eddie-mendoza VR Game Poster Image :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 435 10 Blue not Suede shoes by feebonacci Blue not Suede shoes :iconfeebonacci:feebonacci 300 10 BOOM ... by BlackJack0919 BOOM ... :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 1,052 227 Music Concert for One by Plasma-dragon Music Concert for One :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 409 88 Alma by feebonacci Alma :iconfeebonacci:feebonacci 344 27 The Touch Of Love by BlackJack0919 The Touch Of Love :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 563 145 SKIP BEAT PRISONER by LALAax SKIP BEAT PRISONER :iconlalaax:LALAax 1,123 51 Portrait of a Poppy by DimensionSeven Portrait of a Poppy :icondimensionseven:DimensionSeven 288 88 Pocket Full Of Stars by BlackJack0919 Pocket Full Of Stars :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 542 62 Wake Up by BlackJack0919 Wake Up :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 451 87 Awahi by eddie-mendoza Awahi :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 214 16 RavingOutMyColours by lindacooper RavingOutMyColours :iconlindacooper:lindacooper 1,038 103 Water flowing by NickKoutoulas Water flowing :iconnickkoutoulas:NickKoutoulas 426 106 Dropped from Heaven - III by DimensionSeven Dropped from Heaven - III :icondimensionseven:DimensionSeven 634 111 Bademeister pool attendant CGI by hoschie Bademeister pool attendant CGI :iconhoschie:hoschie 475 114 clipslollis2 by lindacooper clipslollis2 :iconlindacooper:lindacooper 837 93 Tracer VR Painting! by medders Tracer VR Painting! :iconmedders:medders 455 25 Swan on sunset lake by NickKoutoulas Swan on sunset lake :iconnickkoutoulas:NickKoutoulas 761 258 SimRa - countermeasures by adamkuczek SimRa - countermeasures :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 83 3 Polina by feebonacci Polina :iconfeebonacci:feebonacci 258 11 SKIP BEAT  PRISONER  POSTER by LALAax SKIP BEAT PRISONER POSTER :iconlalaax:LALAax 1,028 75 Medical Futurist by TamasGaspar Medical Futurist :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 168 14 After The Rain III by BlackJack0919 After The Rain III :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 543 87 Nautical Club Kastoria by NickKoutoulas Nautical Club Kastoria :iconnickkoutoulas:NickKoutoulas 839 182 Home Of The Seagulls by BlackJack0919 Home Of The Seagulls :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 313 10 SimRa - audience by adamkuczek SimRa - audience :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 118 1