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Fancy drinks by PaSt1978 Fancy drinks :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 3,743 543 Green Isaac by PaSt1978 Green Isaac :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 337 74 Rio de Janerio by PaSt1978 Rio de Janerio :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 221 139
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Russia Part 1
Warning: Russia's Vodka.

“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You gave the blonde man a shy look, digging your hand down to the left a bit but keeping it on the top of the bag, and grabbing onto what you thought was the stem of a flower you often loved to watch grow outside your house. And it was: a sunflower!
“Dat is my sunflower.”
Arthur froze above you, as did most countries, as a tall man with platinum blonde/white hair stood from several seats down...You noticed another man that had been beneath him, who immediately got up to move seats. The tall man gave you a child-like smile and walked over.
The entire room was quiet.
He held out a hand. “My name is Ivan Braginski, little one. You will be one with Mother Russia from now on, da?”
“You’re a Mommy?” You asked, staring up at him.
“In a sense.”
These words made you feel even more nervous than before. You didn’t make eye contact, but shook his hand as Arth
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Sex Mission by PaSt1978 Sex Mission :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 388 134 Vodka Mutini sewing tutorial by lishlitz Vodka Mutini sewing tutorial :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 1,622 189 Down It Fresher by Rickisonfire Down It Fresher :iconrickisonfire:Rickisonfire 378 13 Hetalia: HBD Ivan Russia by Mikochi Hetalia: HBD Ivan Russia :iconmikochi:Mikochi 4,473 846 Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 1 by lishlitz Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 1 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 319 16 Purple puddle by PaSt1978 Purple puddle :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 483 111 Fancy Drinks mirroring by PaSt1978 Fancy Drinks mirroring :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 1,854 192 A.P.Hetalia: Russia Jumps by Lord-Evell A.P.Hetalia: Russia Jumps :iconlord-evell:Lord-Evell 1,740 204 Kalashnikov cutaway by ABiator Kalashnikov cutaway :iconabiator:ABiator 738 126 Satan by Nadiezda Satan :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,288 319 The Truth by ahermin The Truth :iconahermin:ahermin 1,365 82 Oddka vodka DRAWING by Marcello Barenghi by marcellobarenghi Oddka vodka DRAWING by Marcello Barenghi :iconmarcellobarenghi:marcellobarenghi 765 132 Miss Kiwi by PaSt1978 Miss Kiwi :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 1,992 241 Vodka Mutini by lishlitz Vodka Mutini :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 408 68 Boudoir Mad Moxxi - PRIORITIES by MisaLynnCLP Boudoir Mad Moxxi - PRIORITIES :iconmisalynnclp:MisaLynnCLP 249 8 Na Pososhok by screwbald Na Pososhok :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,413 160 TAKO vs. TACO by Nadiezda TAKO vs. TACO :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 1,259 390 Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 2 by lishlitz Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 2 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 252 1 Torn Princesses by Jay-Phenrix Torn Princesses :iconjay-phenrix:Jay-Phenrix 5,450 343 The Vine by Carnegriff The Vine :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 2,004 458 Green Peach by PaSt1978 Green Peach :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 264 62 [cosplay] Craig Stan (south park) by Sarcanide [cosplay] Craig Stan (south park) :iconsarcanide:Sarcanide 342 13 Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 3 by lishlitz Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 3 :iconlishlitz:lishlitz 260 6
Russia x Reader : Parachute
Why Did Russia Jump?
Ivan Braginsky (Russia) broke his back yesterday because he jumped out of a plane without a parachute. The big question is : "Why did he jump?" According to Yao Wang (China), Mr Braginsky said the snow would break his fall because it was soft. Aparently, when Mr Wang advised against jumping, Mr Braginsky said "I'm Russian, I know everything about snow!". At this moment in time, Mr Braginsky is currently unconscious in hospital, and we are awaiting his comment on this bizarre event

You put the newspaper down, sighing sadly as you looked at Ivan. He looked so peaceful as he slept in the hospital bed. The doctor said he was lucky to be alive ... his sisters were both very upset and the Baltic States both looked very concerned. Besides them and yourself, there were no other visitors
"Oh, my poor little Brother ..." Katyusha wailed, crying heavily
"Why would he jump out of a plane without a parachute?" Eduard asked, scratching his head
"Beats me" Toris mum
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Sleepover's Over by Twilit-Arawen Sleepover's Over :icontwilit-arawen:Twilit-Arawen 1,964 233 Russia - NOT NOW by Lindzar Russia - NOT NOW :iconlindzar:Lindzar 3,212 386
RussiaxReader - Drinking All The Vodka (Part 2/2)
[Warning: Contains spanking from a sexy Russian.]
   The two of you quickly reached your room. Walking in after you, Russia closed and locked the door behind him. You grew confused when you saw a small bundle of sticks lying on your bed. "What's with the sticks? They weren't here, before." You picked up the bundle and curiously looked at your boyfriend, waiting for a reply.
   "Oh. Those are mine, da?" He reached out his hand and you handed the sticks to him. "Earlier, I came in here to check on you, but you were already in the other room. I left them here, in case I needed them later."
   You were even more confused, now. "Huh? Why would you need a bunch of sticks in my room?"
   Russia simply smiled and changed the subject. "You will see..." He sat on the bed, setting the bundle beside him. Patting the empty bed space on his opposite side, he continued. "Come. Sit." Sensing you were in for a lecture, you frowned, but willingly obeyed his request. "Tell me, _____; Why did you think it
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Skyy Love by cypherx Skyy Love :iconcypherx:cypherx 815 91 Box of Pandora by SandLionCurse Box of Pandora :iconsandlioncurse:SandLionCurse 526 71
A Way to Forget
I was seeking aimlessly
through the jars of my life.
I found them in a dream,
these great, magic urns,
one containing butter, one, milk
others filled with grains or brass or gold.
I was looking for the lids, in order to cover them up
but i could not find even one.
Sometimes, I would spill a little and
sometimes, I would return from elsewhere
to find them empty
This caused me a great deal of anxious sadness
just sitting there, looking into the empty containers
that once held my life
I woke up some time later and checked the clock
10 pm
I had not had a drink in several hours.
I needed a drink.
I got up and
produced shirt, pants, keys and shoes.
In the car, I shifted to reverse and then to "D"
drove down to the local bar.
Dream dream Dream
My feet slide over the flooring.
The light addresses my eyes.
It's a quiet night, Tuesday, and
the bartender has the beer and shot set down
before i get there;
I slide a ten across with my wrist
and get the shot in
and that
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Call of Duty Zombie ATC set by neoanimegirl Call of Duty Zombie ATC set :iconneoanimegirl:neoanimegirl 867 273 In the bar by onesummerago In the bar :icononesummerago:onesummerago 1,302 86 Thank you for birthday vodka! by sortimid Thank you for birthday vodka! :iconsortimid:sortimid 633 28 Gravitate by Davenit Gravitate :icondavenit:Davenit 903 101 CM : Vodka 21 yr by kachima CM : Vodka 21 yr :iconkachima:kachima 1,061 19 DC - Case Closed - by Yamane DC - Case Closed - :iconyamane:Yamane 105 53 Russia by Photopolchen Russia :iconphotopolchen:Photopolchen 589 44 APH- rossiya is gardener, da? by Clicio APH- rossiya is gardener, da? :iconclicio:Clicio 1,392 291 APH - Ivan - 07 by shiroang APH - Ivan - 07 :iconshiroang:shiroang 1,380 68 Cocktail by PsikoPower Cocktail :iconpsikopower:PsikoPower 736 222 Sex on the Beach by PaSt1978 Sex on the Beach :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 194 81 Taste the Rainbow by Davenit Taste the Rainbow :icondavenit:Davenit 1,599 133 Antlers by PaSt1978 Antlers :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 149 55