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Brain Revolution Girl English Singable Lyrics
The excuses, are they starting up now?
Honey, are they starting up now? Huh?
Isn't it just
Isn't it just
Isn't it just?
You should know you will never escape
Is that a face looking down on us all? Are you getting close to appalled? Huh?
Isn't it just
Isn't it just
Isn't it just?
Tell me, what's this treasure waiting to be found?
The same as me, are you feeling worthy?
To the very end we're filthy, huh?
Isn't it just
Isn't it just
Isn't it just?
Just a crazy idea at most
We're not in need, so it must be useless
Or be wallowing in sadness
Could it be this?
Could it be that?
Or even this?
Hand me back my delusions
Ignore the hand that's stopped its tracing patterns
And go ahead to dream completely boring dreams
You feel the need to hide
Do you feel inhuman, tell me please
All your thoughts are gonna be in vain so
Don't kick up a fuss, Anonymous
I will never hear your noise
But I will cry all the same
The anticipation, just a small grain
Getting dirty and becoming tear-stained
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Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro English Lyrics
In the street a cat is smiling , looking over this way
"Hey lady, you right over there, why don't we go and play?"
But even with a red string tied around its ripped collar
It knows it can't replace its missing leg, what will it say?
Ya ya ya I don't wanna wanna, no!
Rows and rows and rows of stupas are singing together
"Hey lady, you right over there, why don't we go and dance?"
The flowers that creep up on them when the drama's over
They're angry-complaining that they never got their chance
On this fine day all the carp streamers fly
Somewhere there's a skull expecting a child
You over there, let's have a play
Laughing, laughing all the while
Hold and release, hold and release
The Rakshasa and the corpse!
One two three, once again I'll open up for you
Four five six, come on raise your hands up high
Collar tied high in a tree, swaying gently with the wind we
All join up together, everyone together now!
A python with a lot of wealth is left at his small g
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