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I love oranges by Orwald I love oranges :iconorwald:Orwald 3,315 325 Typomin M by cooldesignvn Typomin M :iconcooldesignvn:cooldesignvn 1,617 354 True Story Bro by FlyingPastaCat True Story Bro :iconflyingpastacat:FlyingPastaCat 1,037 632 Vitamin Water - Trash Talk by norbi Vitamin Water - Trash Talk :iconnorbi:norbi 484 58
everyone is a sociopath with a vitamin deficiency
my parents never beat me
and look how I turned out: cracked ribs
fractured pelvis
blood in my urine
finally lost my baby teeth
but there's no love without blood and you
do not dream in hourglasses
rusty wind and
ferris wheel cages
to watch the gauze fall untaped
on the kitchen floor and
I am itchingscratchingbleeding time
profusely and it falls off me like sawdust with every
turnaround or
shakemyheadno but
I still stand still with knees dovetailed and
head cocked down
to watch the wood shavings
pile at my shins like suitcases
you always want more
so when I felt the fault lines in your wrists
start to tremble
I took that revolver in your chest
spun the cylinders and heard
the familiar empty click
echo through your ribcage
and now I find you
underground like rainwater
and I tried
this time
:iconpoetic:poetic 372 69
without vitamin by ElenaOprea without vitamin :iconelenaoprea:ElenaOprea 396 68 Vitamin C-uteness by goRillA-iNK Vitamin C-uteness :icongorilla-ink:goRillA-iNK 133 11 Vitamin G by ebtihalien Vitamin G :iconebtihalien:ebtihalien 248 155 fun with a purpose by gregoriousone fun with a purpose :icongregoriousone:gregoriousone 192 92 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Burnout by AmericanMuscle 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Burnout :iconamericanmuscle:AmericanMuscle 121 9 Kalciferol by TamasGaspar Kalciferol :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 254 28 Tocopherol by TamasGaspar Tocopherol :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 153 14
Cabbages, A 'Savages' Parody
What can you expect
from little purple veggies?
Here's what you get
when salad is diverse.
Their skin's a purple-red.
They're only good with bread.
They're veggies, as I said, and worse...
They're cabbages, cabbages:
barely even lettuce.
Cabbages, cabbages!
Drive them from our bowls!
They're not like corn and peas,
Which means they must be evil.
We must fork them off our plates.
They're cabbages, cabbages:
Reddish-purple lettuce.
Now we fork them off our plates!
This is what we've feared:
The cabbage is a veggie
That is full of things like vitamin C.
Beneath those purple leaves
There's nothing that I please.
Can someone just pass the peas?
They're cabbages, cabbages:
Barely even lettuce.
Cabbages, cabbages!
Healthy at the core.
They're different from corn,
Which means they can't be trusted.
We must fork them off our plates.
They're cabbages, cabbages.
First we'll choke down this one,
Then we'll fork them off our plates!
Cabbages, cabbages!
Who says that you need 'em?
Cabbages, cabbages
:iconcatholicvampire:CatholicVampire 25 31
Kawaii Carrots by KawaiiUniverseStudio Kawaii Carrots :iconkawaiiuniversestudio:KawaiiUniverseStudio 228 26 Rhyme With Orange.. by lizabif-f Rhyme With Orange.. :iconlizabif-f:lizabif-f 117 34 Green Vitamins - handcrafted Necklace by Ganjamira Green Vitamins - handcrafted Necklace :iconganjamira:Ganjamira 93 31 Good Memories that Hurt by BechnoKid Good Memories that Hurt :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 184 45 Cyanocobalamin by TamasGaspar Cyanocobalamin :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 93 8 :orange: by ebonred :orange: :iconebonred:ebonred 51 5 +VITAMIN+ by CamiFortuna +VITAMIN+ :iconcamifortuna:CamiFortuna 207 77 Yummy carrot by CookiemagiK Yummy carrot :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 89 140 Vitamin C by Pixelnase Vitamin C :iconpixelnase:Pixelnase 136 27 In The Dark Lab... by BechnoKid In The Dark Lab... :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 94 25 Train Crossing by CainPascoe Train Crossing :iconcainpascoe:CainPascoe 108 33
Test Subject: Vitamin X-7
Even though I was 19 years old, I barely stood 5 feet tall.  When I was 13, I was at school when the nuclear power plant across town had a radiation leak.  The school was one of the many casualties from that freak accident, most of the people who were affected ended up barren and infertile.  Unfortunately, I had not entered puberty yet.  I never will.  My ovaries were destroyed from the radiation and I was doomed to remain in a 12 year old girls body.
I attempted to live a normal life, but everyone looked at me as a child and would not take me seriously.  I took me weeks to convince the driver's ed teachers that I was 16 and I deserved the chance to learn to drive.  But once I got got my license, I discovered it was more trouble than I expected.  I was constantly pulled over because the cops thought I was angry and stole my parents car out of rebellion, then once they realized I was just small for my age, t
:iconbellybabe22:BellyBabe22 206 21
Folsav by TamasGaspar Folsav :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 164 39 Planet Diana by Area-Br34K Planet Diana :iconarea-br34k:Area-Br34K 127 41 Vacations, here we go by Twero Vacations, here we go :icontwero:Twero 118 69 38.12 by absentiae 38.12 :iconabsentiae:absentiae 85 3 Kiwi by ArtcoreAtticus Kiwi :iconartcoreatticus:ArtcoreAtticus 97 16 Pyridoxine by TamasGaspar Pyridoxine :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 111 14 Wickyleaks by WillieMan Wickyleaks :iconwillieman:WillieMan 34 54 :apple: by ebonred :apple: :iconebonred:ebonred 76 2 Vitamin Z cosplay by dees2013 Vitamin Z cosplay :icondees2013:dees2013 83 24 Tea Time In The Rain by Pochi-mochi Tea Time In The Rain :iconpochi-mochi:Pochi-mochi 42 8 Fall Out Boy by offenderMIKU Fall Out Boy :iconoffendermiku:offenderMIKU 164 31 One way ride by KKL One way ride :iconkkl:KKL 42 28 Vitamin Kit by Jaicca Vitamin Kit :iconjaicca:Jaicca 76 12 AT-Sing a berry good song for me by dantiscus AT-Sing a berry good song for me :icondantiscus:dantiscus 46 3 38.5 by absentiae 38.5 :iconabsentiae:absentiae 85 10 Smile by BlackJack0919 Smile :iconblackjack0919:BlackJack0919 72 26 Oceanus in the Ocean by Haikera-Baiketsu Oceanus in the Ocean :iconhaikera-baiketsu:Haikera-Baiketsu 86 30 Cell Recharger by carl913 Cell Recharger :iconcarl913:carl913 45 9 Upper West Side. by Diez-is-wound Upper West Side. :icondiez-is-wound:Diez-is-wound 62 14 Gijinka Pokedex Project by The-Emerald-Dragon Gijinka Pokedex Project :iconthe-emerald-dragon:The-Emerald-Dragon 91 81