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a moment before the storm by theCHAMBA a moment before the storm :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 3,628 285 Evil and Violent by theCHAMBA Evil and Violent :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 455 14 ViOlEnT KeN by rgm501 ViOlEnT KeN :iconrgm501:rgm501 523 142 SFV Violent Ken-Evil Ryu by YamaOrce SFV Violent Ken-Evil Ryu :iconyamaorce:YamaOrce 417 14 VIOLENT returns by theCHAMBA VIOLENT returns :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 524 67 He's Violent by theCHAMBA He's Violent :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 694 149 Hyper Shoryuken: Ken by Jiggeh Hyper Shoryuken: Ken :iconjiggeh:Jiggeh 159 22 VIOLENT KEN Colored by mansarali VIOLENT KEN Colored :iconmansarali:mansarali 92 7 Violent Ken KOFXIII by EnlightendShadow Violent Ken KOFXIII :iconenlightendshadow:EnlightendShadow 91 10 Suprising Love by RCyclone Suprising Love :iconrcyclone:RCyclone 74 46
A.E. Tribute-1: Violent Acts
   What happened, where am I? The sharp pain in the back of my head tells me I was knocked unconscious and now I can no longer remember why I'm here. Today the sun decides not to shine into this thick green jungle so I stumble and feel my way to an opening, where I see a river that's full of crows pecking on a charred body at the foot of a massive mountain. I know this place, Mt. Doi Inthanon in Thailand. I look up and see a hole in the side of the mountain where a man stands dressed in red, his hands smoking and a devilish grin on his face...Bison!
   I try to gather energy for a Ki blast to throw at him but this throbbing headache wont let me and as a memory washes over me, I realize I did not come here alone. Someone has been trying to track or follow me but a snapped twig gives away their position and I head back to the forest only to see that it is my old friend Ryu. He's talking to me but I haven't heard anything except static in my ear
:iconhiltonc:HiltonC 49 19
MK vs. SF:  VG-EXILES 01 by CE-Rap MK vs. SF: VG-EXILES 01 :iconce-rap:CE-Rap 158 34 MK vs. SF:  VG-EXILES 02 by CE-Rap MK vs. SF: VG-EXILES 02 :iconce-rap:CE-Rap 176 44 SF3 VKen by HIIVolt-07 SF3 VKen :iconhiivolt-07:HIIVolt-07 180 22 MK vs. SF:  VG-EXILES 00 by CE-Rap MK vs. SF: VG-EXILES 00 :iconce-rap:CE-Rap 150 30 street fighter poster by Elrad-o street fighter poster :iconelrad-o:Elrad-o 107 27 EVO2K16 - Violent Ken by theCHAMBA EVO2K16 - Violent Ken :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 142 1 Violent Ken by ValentrisRRock Violent Ken :iconvalentrisrrock:ValentrisRRock 93 32 Ken masters by thunderking Ken masters :iconthunderking:thunderking 90 17 VG-EXILES sneak peek by CE-Rap VG-EXILES sneak peek :iconce-rap:CE-Rap 116 55 violent ken by kandoken n jram by artbyjram violent ken by kandoken n jram :iconartbyjram:artbyjram 62 4 USF4 Ken as Violent Ken MOD ver 1.0 by 6thVenom USF4 Ken as Violent Ken MOD ver 1.0 :icon6thvenom:6thVenom 45 33 Don't do this... by RCyclone Don't do this... :iconrcyclone:RCyclone 35 30 Violent Ken Avatar by Misterfabulous Violent Ken Avatar :iconmisterfabulous:Misterfabulous 26 4 violent ken by Elrad-o violent ken :iconelrad-o:Elrad-o 37 7 JUDGEMENT DAY IS AT HAND by CE-Rap JUDGEMENT DAY IS AT HAND :iconce-rap:CE-Rap 78 49 Violent Ken by Furin94 Violent Ken :iconfurin94:Furin94 66 13 Violent Ken by MeaT-Artworx Violent Ken :iconmeat-artworx:MeaT-Artworx 28 12 Violent Ken by HIIVolt-07 Violent Ken :iconhiivolt-07:HIIVolt-07 47 9 Ryu VS Ken by geeshin Ryu VS Ken :icongeeshin:geeshin 47 5 Getting Violent by TJFuZioN Getting Violent :icontjfuzion:TJFuZioN 45 7 violent ken: commission by TovioRogers violent ken: commission :icontoviorogers:TovioRogers 48 9 -- SFII Tribute -- Violent Ken by sarrus -- SFII Tribute -- Violent Ken :iconsarrus:sarrus 41 14 violent ken by samuraiblack violent ken :iconsamuraiblack:samuraiblack 51 20 Maui Studios Mythology by ixtrove Maui Studios Mythology :iconixtrove:ixtrove 38 9 Violent Ken by Kagamishiro Violent Ken :iconkagamishiro:Kagamishiro 35 0 Black Ryu by Wak786 Black Ryu :iconwak786:Wak786 32 5 grup 1 - street fighter - 4 by eksoz grup 1 - street fighter - 4 :iconeksoz:eksoz 28 14 Sennou Ken by HIIVolt-07 Sennou Ken :iconhiivolt-07:HIIVolt-07 81 12 Violent Ken: 2005-2010 by FooRay Violent Ken: 2005-2010 :iconfooray:FooRay 189 46 violence solves everything by samuraiblack violence solves everything :iconsamuraiblack:samuraiblack 42 8 Afro Samurai VS Violent Ken by dymartgd Afro Samurai VS Violent Ken :icondymartgd:dymartgd 171 38 Violent Ken by Calvinclyke Violent Ken :iconcalvinclyke:Calvinclyke 101 17 Sprite Contest1: Violent Ken by Pixelated-Dude Sprite Contest1: Violent Ken :iconpixelated-dude:Pixelated-Dude 43 25 Violent Ken Line Art by LuisLarm Violent Ken Line Art :iconluislarm:LuisLarm 35 33 Violent Ken by Senior-X Violent Ken :iconsenior-x:Senior-X 23 7 SF Doodle by geeshin SF Doodle :icongeeshin:geeshin 47 12