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How American Women Can Be Equal by brentcherry How American Women Can Be Equal :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 107 439 X-Men: Apocalypse Billboard Simpsonized by brentcherry X-Men: Apocalypse Billboard Simpsonized :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 252 155 Real Men Don't Hit! by poasterchild Real Men Don't Hit! :iconpoasterchild:poasterchild 343 108
She was the quiet one
Who faded into the backdrop of glossy high school yearbook pages
Waiting for her Prince and her happy ending, although he never came in time for Prom
She was the kind of girl who was too eager to please anyone
And apologized over and over again, for herself and for everyone
Though no one paid her much attention anyway
She first fell for him
When he brushed her trembling lips with his steady ones
Alas, she fell for those honest eyes and gentle hands
That made her heart feel several sizes too big,
Threading promises of happiness and offering her the world
So that she pledged her heart on a silver plate to this Prince, and never looked back
She married him
On a November day, under a sky as sharp and cold as a knife
In a flurry of discounted second-hand wedding dresses and cheap champagne
Complete with a single wilting bouquet for the blushing bride
And a ring from the pawnshop that was a size too small
But she donned it despite the pain, and smiled to ple
:iconseireihime:Seireihime 33 61
Love will take the way. by sellyourhate Love will take the way. :iconsellyourhate:sellyourhate 29 10 Anti Violence Against Women by x4rsyzt3m Anti Violence Against Women :iconx4rsyzt3m:x4rsyzt3m 129 60 Violence against women by solo-designer Violence against women :iconsolo-designer:solo-designer 51 48 Stop Violence Against Women by Sadiya Stop Violence Against Women :iconsadiya:Sadiya 1,025 476 Amnesty, SVAW: Shhhhh by alvinpck Amnesty, SVAW: Shhhhh :iconalvinpck:alvinpck 31 41 Right. by zefiraelRain Right. :iconzefiraelrain:zefiraelRain 42 49 Here Comes The Bride by Kitty-Grimm Here Comes The Bride :iconkitty-grimm:Kitty-Grimm 18 3 STVI Stamp 001 by Stop-The-Violence STVI Stamp 001 :iconstop-the-violence:Stop-The-Violence 53 18
American Indigenous Women: Mothers Disrespected
Mus thàinig Eòrpaich dhan dh’Aimeireaga, bhaBefore Europeans came to the Americas,
Na Ban-Aimeireaganaich air thoirt dìcheallAmerican women were given the utmost
An urraim; oir ma ‘s urrainn dhaibh a’ bheathaOf respect; for if they can create
A cruthachadh, nach urrainn dhaibh a’ bheathaLife, can they not destroy
A millteadh cuideachd?Life, also?
Gu h-ìre bhig, bha mnathan de gach cinneadhThe women of virtually every American
Aimeireaganach air thoirt urram fìor mhòrNation were given truly great honor
‘Nam Màthraichean nan glùintean siud ri teachd; bhaAs Mothers of yonder generations to come; rape
Neo-chumant’ èigneachadh is fòirneart taigheAnd domestic violence were unknown
‘S fhuair peanas ceart trom...And got justly harsh punishment…
Deas-ghnàthan inbhe ‘n cumail-fèill cho mòr anRites of passa
:icondiddles25:diddles25 5 9
STOP Domestic Violence. by Stellaciel STOP Domestic Violence. :iconstellaciel:Stellaciel 5 1 White ribbon by BlueRavenAngel White ribbon :iconblueravenangel:BlueRavenAngel 229 48 Violence Against Women -Poster by Silver-Dew-Drop Violence Against Women -Poster :iconsilver-dew-drop:Silver-Dew-Drop 17 22 Stop-Stop-Stop-2 by travis80 Stop-Stop-Stop-2 :icontravis80:travis80 72 14 Don't hit women. by Ask-Daimen Don't hit women. :iconask-daimen:Ask-Daimen 59 11 WTF 4Kids by Scarecrow113 WTF 4Kids :iconscarecrow113:Scarecrow113 13 8 Contra la violencia de genero by Meicus Contra la violencia de genero :iconmeicus:Meicus 13 6 Vulnerable Transitions by AmberPalette Vulnerable Transitions :iconamberpalette:AmberPalette 11 14 But he loves me by rociomonmon But he loves me :iconrociomonmon:rociomonmon 10 8 Stop Violence against women. by AtsukoAkihiko Stop Violence against women. :iconatsukoakihiko:AtsukoAkihiko 9 12 You're not alone by mizu-chanX3 You're not alone :iconmizu-chanx3:mizu-chanX3 14 5 CIVIL WRITES: AFGHANISTAN'S ISLAMIC INHUMANITY by CSuk-1T CIVIL WRITES: AFGHANISTAN'S ISLAMIC INHUMANITY :iconcsuk-1t:CSuk-1T 7 10 Bruised by 10grams Bruised :icon10grams:10grams 10 18 Violence against Women by still-a-fan Violence against Women :iconstill-a-fan:still-a-fan 9 20
When we first began dating, he would say silly things.  He would always lean in, warm breath against my cheek, and speak in a voice that could lull me to sleep.
"I have a secret power," he once whispered.  
I pulled back to survey his face.  He had to be kidding.  I decided I'd humour him anyway.
"What's your secret power?" I asked, laughing.  It sounded like one of those What if questions people used to break the ice on blind dates.
He said that he could make the air move, even when there was no wind; he could take the light away from the world, save his own; he could make rain to the smallest degree; and he could take away memory, if he worked his powers hard enough.
I played with the idea.  How did he come to possess these powers?  From his father, handed down through the men in his family.  Could he show me?  No.  He couldn't control his powers, so he'd show me one day if the opportunity came around, but he was afraid of his
:iconchummy-jinx:chummy-jinx 4 4
Stop violence against women by GND-KicaCris Stop violence against women :icongnd-kicacris:GND-KicaCris 5 0 Just say NO by MiharaEmiko Just say NO :iconmiharaemiko:MiharaEmiko 8 16 Claudia Octavia by MarDeAdstra Claudia Octavia :iconmardeadstra:MarDeAdstra 6 2 He doesn't have to hit you by bsienk He doesn't have to hit you :iconbsienk:bsienk 5 6 Only Women Bleed by Kahlan-Lilith Only Women Bleed :iconkahlan-lilith:Kahlan-Lilith 6 2 he told me I haven't been loyal by Skira-Reed he told me I haven't been loyal :iconskira-reed:Skira-Reed 6 7 Speak Up by deyege Speak Up :icondeyege:deyege 5 3 She's mine by avidec She's mine :iconavidec:avidec 6 3 Hope. by TheLadyJester Hope. :icontheladyjester:TheLadyJester 5 3 Please Stop! Let Women Live! by sivadigitalart Please Stop! Let Women Live! :iconsivadigitalart:sivadigitalart 4 4 Waste me. by MayuSaysKeepRunning Waste me. :iconmayusayskeeprunning:MayuSaysKeepRunning 5 10 fight club by vartstudio fight club :iconvartstudio:vartstudio 3 0 Violence against women by yyhj182 Violence against women :iconyyhj182:yyhj182 4 1 transit ... by DeterFArt transit ... :icondeterfart:DeterFArt 3 1
Germany X Abused Reader - Beautiful World Ch2
    WARNING: contains violence that might not be suitable for all readers.
     The bitter iron taste filled (y/n)’s mouth when she woke up to her motion sickness. The rain wasn’t washing over your craving and moist body; it no longer made any physical contact just like the rest of the world. (y/n) was no where on Earth. The soft, wet fabric brushed against your back as you flinch as the sudden realization that you were no longer being held by the saddened ground of Mother Nature. Unfortunately, that’s the best you are able to do, you can no longer move.
      ‘Where am I? Why am I not dead on the ground? I should be dead, I’m nothing without him,’ you thought.
     ‘I Love you, (ex/n)’, I Hope you are alright. Maybe, you can love me again. You gave me everything, yet I did nothing. Nothing, especially to make you happy and satisfied. All those wonderful days lounging around withou
:iconicreate49:ICreate49 3 3
If This Is to End in Fire Chapter XXI
Chapter XXI: The Dragon’s Captive
Trigger Warning: Non-sexual violence against a woman and general sadism.
Bramble jumped away from the man and hid behind a pillar. She slipped on the ring, hoping it would give her some cover.
“Um, hello?” the man said groggily.
The coins shifted as the man moved. “Um, yes, I know you’re there. Please show yourself. The dragon is not here. I can hear you moving around. Where are you?”
The red-headed man stood before Bramble. She averted her eyes as she realized the man was naked and it was not something she wanted to see.
“I feel your air,” the man said, “Come now, don’t be shy. Step into the light. Please, don’t leave me alone.” The man waved his hand towards Bramble’s distortion.
Not wanting to be grabbed in any place unsavory, Bramble took off the ring.
The man raised an eyebrow. “There you are thief in the shadows.”
“I didn’t come to
:iconfargreencountry:fargreencountry 3 15
The Character Of Sakura Matou by Sinfulrooster1993 The Character Of Sakura Matou :iconsinfulrooster1993:Sinfulrooster1993 3 0
If This Is to End in Fire Chapter XXIV
Chapter XXIV: Taking Back What Was Stolen
A/N: Picture is Angel Coulby as Bramble Baggins.
Trigger Warning: Non-sexual violence against a woman and general sadism.
The Hobbit kept running until she heard Smaug speak again as she was half-way down the Gallery of the Kings. “And here I thought you said you would not steal from me.”
Bramble drew Sting as she spun around. “None of this is yours. I was hired by the rightful owner.”
Smaug walked closer while the burglar stood her ground. “Ah yes, those filthy Dwarves, barrel-rider. This is some sort of scheme hatched between them and those miserable cup-trading Lakemen. Those sniveling cowards with their longbows and Black Arrows!” He was almost to Bramble. She raised her sword, ready to strike. “Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit.”
“This isn’t their fault! You cannot go to Laketown!” Bramble said.
Smaug took another step. Bramble slashed at his neck. He gra
:iconfargreencountry:fargreencountry 3 15
I am he as you are me
23% - the percentage of female victims who reported that the most serious form of violence experienced was being beaten, choked, or threatened by having a gun or a knife used against them.
What that statistic doesn't say
Is exactly what it feels like to have a gun put to your windpipe
and told that it's "because I love you" that they're hurting you
that they're trying to protect you
because baby, it's a big, big world.
38% - the percentage of women who reported the abuse to the police who sought a restraining order.
That number isn't telling you
What it feels like to look in the mirror and wonder
If a little piece of paper is really going to keep him
From your home, from your work, from your kids
Because you know that it isn't going to keep him from your nightmares.
11% - percentage of women aged 15 and older who stated that they were stalked in a way that caused them to fear for their safety or the safety of someone close to them. This was the equivalent of 1.4 millio
:iconcitysilence:citysilence 2 7
Annie. by nobletree Annie. :iconnobletree:nobletree 2 0 STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN by kr8v STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN :iconkr8v:kr8v 2 7