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Casshern Sins by bokkolah Casshern Sins :iconbokkolah:bokkolah 478 42 BloodBorne Umbasa by wanda357 BloodBorne Umbasa :iconwanda357:wanda357 84 11 Violence by Glamist Violence :iconglamist:Glamist 53 2
Edge Part 4: Panic
   Don't panic... Don't panic... I tried to tell myself that.... But how could I? If there was ever a time to panic, gushing blood in an abandoned, dead ended road with your senses failing you and a potential murderer just around the corner was the time! No... I wouldn't let myself go down like that! The cracked, old pavement beneath me scratched at me jeans as I tried to stand. I twisted my body around until I was facing the chain link fence that barred my only way to freedom. My heart raced as terrible thoughts clouded my brain.... What if he's got a gun? Do you wanna die shot from behind? I tried to push them away as I ran my fingers along the fence, trying to place them in a way that would let me pull my numb body up. I stretched my hands above me, gasping as warm blood soaked through the fabric on my shirt sleeve. I couldn't keep my eyes from falling of the wound on my arm. It was worse than I thought. I was losing a lot of blood. I felt the coldness
:iconhomba:Homba 14 10
Durarara - Heiwajima Shizuo by Yumenthic Durarara - Heiwajima Shizuo :iconyumenthic:Yumenthic 136 41 Sonia Blade by jaggudada Sonia Blade :iconjaggudada:jaggudada 180 25 what we share by carrion-heart what we share :iconcarrion-heart:carrion-heart 90 53 Twilight magic burst by katze-des-grauens Twilight magic burst :iconkatze-des-grauens:katze-des-grauens 71 4 Winnie the Murderer by winds-of-chaos Winnie the Murderer :iconwinds-of-chaos:winds-of-chaos 80 35 Wolverine - rising stars 2011 by SpiderGuile Wolverine - rising stars 2011 :iconspiderguile:SpiderGuile 168 21 Joke - 24 by The-KillingJoke Joke - 24 :iconthe-killingjoke:The-KillingJoke 62 39 Get outta the way... by TimelessReference Get outta the way... :icontimelessreference:TimelessReference 47 40 What does Love ........ by JamminJo What does Love ........ :iconjamminjo:JamminJo 17 16 Sinful Experiments by DarkAsteria Sinful Experiments :icondarkasteria:DarkAsteria 41 8 Violence against women by antaale Violence against women :iconantaale:antaale 9 0 Duke Nukem Never by Barondando Duke Nukem Never :iconbarondando:Barondando 67 50 Blood covered shower 2 by DarkStory Blood covered shower 2 :icondarkstory:DarkStory 63 17 Joke - 18 by The-KillingJoke Joke - 18 :iconthe-killingjoke:The-KillingJoke 65 17 Tails vs Shadow by Mancoin Tails vs Shadow :iconmancoin:Mancoin 79 443 Birth by winds-of-chaos Birth :iconwinds-of-chaos:winds-of-chaos 24 9 What Happens in Turkey by dkokdemir What Happens in Turkey :icondkokdemir:dkokdemir 34 9 STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING by yannieroxxx STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING :iconyannieroxxx:yannieroxxx 16 3
i feel like starting something
but i have no words for violence.
see i cut out my tongue for you,
offer up my silence and hope you will be gentle,
hope to coax out the good in there
see, i believe there’s good in there
and sometimes it needs a little coaxing
i’m no magician, see, just an open book
giving out parts of myself, hoping you
will read them;
see, i cut out my tongue for you.
i was hoping you would do the same.
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 7 0
Hidden Truth by DraculeaRiccy Hidden Truth :icondraculeariccy:DraculeaRiccy 74 39 synday comic strip colored by shalomone synday comic strip colored :iconshalomone:shalomone 46 22 PORTFOLIO file 4 by Merliniel PORTFOLIO file 4 :iconmerliniel:Merliniel 75 3 TRAIN RECK by OPIZET TRAIN RECK :iconopizet:OPIZET 21 5 Werewolf Horror is Overrated by sugarpoultry Werewolf Horror is Overrated :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 155 137 Dishwasher: VS Yuki by Yureilia Dishwasher: VS Yuki :iconyureilia:Yureilia 42 4 Truth : Bleach 2 Violence by DRUNKENunicorn756 Truth : Bleach 2 Violence :icondrunkenunicorn756:DRUNKENunicorn756 83 30 Hard Gay-Advertisement by FencesMakeGoodNebors Hard Gay-Advertisement :iconfencesmakegoodnebors:FencesMakeGoodNebors 25 12 NO On Prop 4 by KitsuneRedWolf NO On Prop 4 :iconkitsuneredwolf:KitsuneRedWolf 53 90 when did rape become funny by Kuwaizair when did rape become funny :iconkuwaizair:Kuwaizair 168 68 See you In Hell by silentfuneral See you In Hell :iconsilentfuneral:silentfuneral 36 57 White Noise by IVbenjamin White Noise :iconivbenjamin:IVbenjamin 41 16 England, the 3 in 1 by kovacsgreta England, the 3 in 1 :iconkovacsgreta:kovacsgreta 56 14 saeko unsure glance by thunderingpikachu saeko unsure glance :iconthunderingpikachu:thunderingpikachu 68 4 MLC- Knife, the one you love by caycowa MLC- Knife, the one you love :iconcaycowa:caycowa 74 12 mini men war by Eye-Freeze mini men war :iconeye-freeze:Eye-Freeze 55 58 STOP Hooligans by sm0kiii STOP Hooligans :iconsm0kiii:sm0kiii 21 18 EROS e.V. - for sale by AlcedoARTS EROS e.V. - for sale :iconalcedoarts:AlcedoARTS 39 40 So maybe I'm a masochist... by Talena-caro So maybe I'm a masochist... :icontalena-caro:Talena-caro 11 4 Nutty chibi x3 by akamaru1414 Nutty chibi x3 :iconakamaru1414:akamaru1414 82 21 Wild Dog Inside Your Heart by Derogatorylt Wild Dog Inside Your Heart :iconderogatorylt:Derogatorylt 58 54 Wolverine - Paris Comicon 2011 by SpiderGuile Wolverine - Paris Comicon 2011 :iconspiderguile:SpiderGuile 20 10 The Hangman by FerdinandBardamu The Hangman :iconferdinandbardamu:FerdinandBardamu 15 3 spaggle raap joke by Kuwaizair spaggle raap joke :iconkuwaizair:Kuwaizair 16 6 Gorillaz:Small 2 by crazed777 Gorillaz:Small 2 :iconcrazed777:crazed777 32 14