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Casshern Sins :iconbokkolah:bokkolah 482 42
The Supposed Condemned
The Supposed Condemned
We are the condemned,
the world is so damned;
concord dissipates,
violence overhead.
That is not
which is supposed to be,
but still we yell
that we're free.
We are the condemned,
the world is so cramped;
human overpopulates,
extinction overhead.
Rest, here
are not supposed to be,
'cause we're here to claim
that we're free.
We're the condemned,
the world is so sad;
wealth philanthropies,
dissatisfaction overhead.
Anything against money
is not supposed to be;
we, posers pose
that we're free.
We're the condemned,
the world is so lame;
self-absorption rules,
misanthropy overhead.
Care for others,
is not supposed to be;
'cause we're independent,
we're free.
We're the condemned,
the world is green-red;
communalism riots,
unity is helpless overhead.
Fraternity is not supposed to be,
'cause we're individuals
and we're free.
Are we the condemned,
to say what I said?
time to socialise,
civilisation overhead.
Violence and greed, riots and weed,
are not supp
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i feel like starting something
but i have no words for violence.
see i cut out my tongue for you,
offer up my silence and hope you will be gentle,
hope to coax out the good in there
see, i believe there’s good in there
and sometimes it needs a little coaxing
i’m no magician, see, just an open book
giving out parts of myself, hoping you
will read them;
see, i cut out my tongue for you.
i was hoping you would do the same.
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Klaine: Not Alone
He breathed deeply and then walked inside the coir room. Kurt was sitting on the couch, mumbling something to himself as he was listening to his Ipod. Blaine felt himself smile and walked to his friend. He stopped right after him and then cleared his throat. Kurt didn't hear him. Blaine then put is hand on Kurt shoulder, and Kurt turned his head. He linked his finger around the chord of an earplug and pulled it out of his ear.
"Hey Blaine!" He said happily, a smile crossing his face. Blaine felt the feeling in his stomach he always felt, but he could now happily say what it was. Because he absolutely loved that smile on Kurt's face.
"Hi Kurt," Blaine said. He got the earplug Kurt just pulled out and listened to what he was listening.
"Wicked again, Kurt?" He said laughing. Kurt shrugged.
"I like wicked, Blaine," He said. He stood up, fishing his ipod out of his pocket and turning it off.
"Did you want to see me?" Kurt asked with a smile. "Or is there a emergency Warbler meeting again a
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Edge Part 4: Panic
   Don't panic... Don't panic... I tried to tell myself that.... But how could I? If there was ever a time to panic, gushing blood in an abandoned, dead ended road with your senses failing you and a potential murderer just around the corner was the time! No... I wouldn't let myself go down like that! The cracked, old pavement beneath me scratched at me jeans as I tried to stand. I twisted my body around until I was facing the chain link fence that barred my only way to freedom. My heart raced as terrible thoughts clouded my brain.... What if he's got a gun? Do you wanna die shot from behind? I tried to push them away as I ran my fingers along the fence, trying to place them in a way that would let me pull my numb body up. I stretched my hands above me, gasping as warm blood soaked through the fabric on my shirt sleeve. I couldn't keep my eyes from falling of the wound on my arm. It was worse than I thought. I was losing a lot of blood. I felt the coldness
:iconhomba:Homba 14 10