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Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader - Painted Hearts (1/2)
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader – Painted Hearts
(Queen of Hearts – King of Hearts) (Alice – Alex)
(This is entirely the original animated Disney version of the Queen of Hearts and not any other adaption.)
The forest went on for seemingly forever. Maybe, following the directions from that grinning cat that talked in riddles had been a bad idea. Frowning to yourself and glancing down at your sore feet, you wished more than anything you could find the exit out of this strange world you had fallen into. It started off sighting a talking rabbit with waistcoat and pocket watch in it's paw. You had never seen anything like it and you had to follow it to see where it was going. Unfortunately, you weren’t watching your steps as you had fallen straight into a giant hole that led you here in this place called Wonderland. “My parents are going to be so worried if I don
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Paper Villains
On writing three-dimensional villains
Brought to you by Super Editor
Disclaimer: (as experience suggests that I need one) This resource consists of opinions. There may be better ways to write, and my advice may not fit your type of story. Please use common sense when applying the ideas expressed below. Thanks for reading!

Do you remember the Big Bad Wolf? He destroyed the Three Little Pigs' houses and ate them (or only chased them, depending on the rendition). He ran to Little Red Riding Hood's home and devoured her grandmother. The Big Bad Wolf appears in countless fairy tales to eat and terrorize the general populace.
In many children's stories, the Big Bad Wolf is symbolic for the negative consequences that can follow bad choices. Two of the Three Little Pigs failed to work hard on their houses, allowing the wolf to blow them over with his tremendous breath. Littl
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5 Qualities Readers Want in Your Story's Villain
5 Qualities Readers Want to See in Your Story's Villain
A story is only as good as its villain. And while the antagonist of your story does not have to be a “villain,” they do have to live up to certain reader expectations if you want your story to be of any merit. So here are the top 5 qualities that readers want and need to see in your story's villain.
Quality 1: Your villain should be a dynamic, true-to-life character.
Remember, we are talking villains here, not monsters. And unlike a monster, a villain should be a person. This means that no matter what race, gender, or even species, your audience should be able to empathize on a certain level with them. Doing so makes the story feel real, and creates complex emotions for the audience as well as the hero.
Quality 2: Your villain should be more powerful than the hero.
This does not mean that you villain has to be stronger in every way. I means that the villain should have something that gives them a distinct edge over the
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Writing better villains
Part one: Creating a villain in general
Don’t create a paper cut out of evil. Unless you’re writing a story for little kids, give your villain depth (think of the good witch and the wicked witch, a protagonist would be closer to the good witch, while the antagonist should be closer to the wicked witch, but they should never be just the good witch or just the bad witch), just like you would any character. There is no such thing as pure evil.
Give your villain a good motive. If somebody hurt them, then they may want to hurt that person, their relatives, or the entire world. They may also be doing it out of greed. Whatever it is, it’s up to you.
Forget the whole “Good deep down” thing. People aren’t like cupcakes of evil with a center of frosting of good. Good and bad a jumbled together. A man who kills enemy soldiers by the thousands, may run an animal shelter out of pure love for animals. Or a hateful dictator who rules wi
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