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How A Christian Feels About Homosexuals
There is a very big assumption that has been going around for the past few years, and that is, "If you don't support gay/lesbian couples, you are backwards-thinking, unreasonable and cruel."  (Maybe some of you will fight against this shallow thinking in the comments by not only understanding homosexuals, but also understanding Christians?)  I hope that this thinking will change overtime, because if homosexuals have a right to voice their beliefs, don't heterosexuals also have a right?  
I don't support the choice homosexuals have made for their lives, but that doesn't mean I hate them.  In fact, I actually have a few friends who are bisexual/homosexual.
Now, I do know that there are a few churches who have done very nasty things in protest of gay marriage, but there have also been a few groups of homosexuals who have done equally unreasonable things to "fight back" at these churches.  But is it fair to judge the majority of all churches and all C
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Human Nature.
Human Nature.
The dreamers,
                          The believers
                                                 And the ambitious achievers.
Need the realists to stop them from flying too close to the sun.
The realists,
                     The logical idealists
                                                        And the informed defeatists.
Need the dreamers to show them how some struggles can be won.
You see I am beginning to get the gist,
Of how we all unwittingly coexist.
Neither one can ever be dismissed,
As long as the reign of mankind persists.
As one tries, the other watches.
When one flies, the other dislodges
Stories aimed to defame, name, claim and shame.
Assuring and securing that the harsh reality still remains.
Kela Lewis-Morin
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