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Assassin's Creed by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu Assassin's Creed :iconphotoshopismykung-fu:PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu 1,175 233
Coat (Victor CreedXReader)
The sunlight streamed through the curtains of the cabin and hit your face, causing you to stir and awaken from your sleep. You yawned and checked the time on the clock next to the bed. When you saw it was 10am you stretched your arms above your head the best you could and let out a sigh. Glancing behind you, you saw Victor was still asleep with his arm around your waist possessively. After 5 minutes you managed to pry his arm off you without waking him. You got up and stretched again before you ran your hand through your messy hair. Once you did your business in the bathroom, you left a made a move to go into the kitchen, only to pause seeing Victor's black coat draped over the back of a chair. You glanced at the sleeping feral on the bed and glanced back at the coat. Biting your lower lip you gave into the urge and silently pulled the coat on. It hung heavy on your small frame and the bottom rested on the wooden floor. You looked at yourself in the mirror and pulled the coat tighter a
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Wolverine Vs Victor by IamTheWolverine Wolverine Vs Victor :iconiamthewolverine:IamTheWolverine 373 25 90's X-men: Sabertooth by zano 90's X-men: Sabertooth :iconzano:zano 626 24
Mission (Victor CreedXReader)
You stood around the kitchen in the military base with the rest of the team. The atmosphere was tense as everyone contemplated their next move. Letting out a sigh you stepped forward and leant on the kitchen isle, looking at your teammates with a serious expression.
"This may be our most important mission yet. It will not only test our ability to work as a team, but it will test our stealth. If we fail? That's it. Everything we stand for will be meaningless. Zero we need to know, are you with us?" You started, looking at the most stoic team member.
"I'm in" He nodded, folding his arms over his chest.
"We need a plan. One that wont crash and burn" Bradley chipped in.
"Victor and I came up with a plan this morning" You replied.
"When'd you think of a plan? During the shower sex?" Wade raised an eyebrow, an amused smirk playing at his lips.
"Watch it Wilson" Victor growled, sending the brunette a glare. 
"Wade now's not the time to crack jokes" You face-palmed.
"What is the plan then
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More than a Weapon by Abbadon82 More than a Weapon :iconabbadon82:Abbadon82 784 90 X-Men Origins: Wolverine by DavidDeb X-Men Origins: Wolverine :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 1,250 150 Wolverine vs Sabretooth by DavidDeb Wolverine vs Sabretooth :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 1,217 129 Nobody kills you but me Jimmy by crow821 Nobody kills you but me Jimmy :iconcrow821:crow821 349 91 Brothers by sikuriina Brothers :iconsikuriina:sikuriina 545 153 Logan vs. Sabretooth by skribbliX Logan vs. Sabretooth :iconskribblix:skribbliX 491 30 Gambigirl by Candra Gambigirl :iconcandra:Candra 520 35 Cheyenne 'Kayo' LeBeau '06 by Javadoodle Cheyenne 'Kayo' LeBeau '06 :iconjavadoodle:Javadoodle 211 95 Marvel sketch dump 28 by Squidbiscuit Marvel sketch dump 28 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 425 62 Happy Birthday Runt Redux by angel5art Happy Birthday Runt Redux :iconangel5art:angel5art 153 15 Minx by Ren52 Colored by Javadoodle Minx by Ren52 Colored :iconjavadoodle:Javadoodle 107 13 Can I help you Victor? by Gothicpug Can I help you Victor? :icongothicpug:Gothicpug 120 63 X-foes by Pojypojy X-foes :iconpojypojy:Pojypojy 147 22 Marvel Sketch Dump 27 by Squidbiscuit Marvel Sketch Dump 27 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 424 54 :D Victor Creed by EllieRocker :D Victor Creed :iconellierocker:EllieRocker 112 30 Kayo and Eve by VinRoc Kayo and Eve :iconvinroc:VinRoc 259 110 .:Double Anger Managment:. by furan-san .:Double Anger Managment:. :iconfuran-san:furan-san 479 85 Jimmy and Victor by no-crayons Jimmy and Victor :iconno-crayons:no-crayons 138 23 Winter Cliffs by tarkheki Winter Cliffs :icontarkheki:tarkheki 59 57 Wanted by sikuriina Wanted :iconsikuriina:sikuriina 309 76 Marvel Sketch Dump 15 by Squidbiscuit Marvel Sketch Dump 15 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 840 92 Mini Marvel Sketch Dump 1 by Squidbiscuit Mini Marvel Sketch Dump 1 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 726 106 Mini Marvel Sketch Dump 6 by Squidbiscuit Mini Marvel Sketch Dump 6 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 595 112 Mini Marvel Sketch Dump 5 by Squidbiscuit Mini Marvel Sketch Dump 5 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 631 62 Marvel Sketch Dump 18 by Squidbiscuit Marvel Sketch Dump 18 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 571 66 How To Train Your Feral Boyfriend by Squidbiscuit How To Train Your Feral Boyfriend :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 293 37 Skitchy Sketchy Marvel doodles by Squidbiscuit Skitchy Sketchy Marvel doodles :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 331 43 Creeds by SeekerSkywarp Creeds :iconseekerskywarp:SeekerSkywarp 277 17 I got 6 reasons by IamTheWolverine I got 6 reasons :iconiamthewolverine:IamTheWolverine 55 8 My brother by antubis0 My brother :iconantubis0:antubis0 79 17 Victor Creed Wallpaper by Gillfeesh Victor Creed Wallpaper :icongillfeesh:Gillfeesh 85 27 Sabertooth wallpaper by LilxByrd Sabertooth wallpaper :iconlilxbyrd:LilxByrd 83 23 Sabertooth by SiriusSteve Sabertooth :iconsiriussteve:SiriusSteve 152 19 Chibis Marvel by Doku-Sama Chibis Marvel :icondoku-sama:Doku-Sama 142 52 Wolverine Close up by IamTheWolverine Wolverine Close up :iconiamthewolverine:IamTheWolverine 106 11 Poppa's Girl IvyBeth Colors by Javadoodle Poppa's Girl IvyBeth Colors :iconjavadoodle:Javadoodle 106 26 Sabretooth COLORED 2012 by LucasAckerman Sabretooth COLORED 2012 :iconlucasackerman:LucasAckerman 272 61 Creed by antubis0 Creed :iconantubis0:antubis0 74 35 Victor Creed Colors by Zatransis Victor Creed Colors :iconzatransis:Zatransis 261 30 Sabretooth EVOLUTION COLORED by LucasAckerman Sabretooth EVOLUTION COLORED :iconlucasackerman:LucasAckerman 232 19 Sabretooth_X23: 3 stills by Pojypojy Sabretooth_X23: 3 stills :iconpojypojy:Pojypojy 207 34 Request: Acolyte Boys for Past by Valoofle Request: Acolyte Boys for Past :iconvaloofle:Valoofle 135 53 Sabretooth vs. Mystique 010 by Pojypojy Sabretooth vs. Mystique 010 :iconpojypojy:Pojypojy 280 40 Team X secret thoughts by Gothicpug Team X secret thoughts :icongothicpug:Gothicpug 65 20