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Timmy's Valentine by Garabatoz Timmy's Valentine :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 2,320 723 Heathers - Cast by Elemental-FA Heathers - Cast :iconelemental-fa:Elemental-FA 3,259 127 Claire Redfield cosplay dat ass by VickyxRedfield Claire Redfield cosplay dat ass :iconvickyxredfield:VickyxRedfield 386 163 RftD character designs by einlee RftD character designs :iconeinlee:einlee 7,341 152 porcelain doll by Sivali-Delirium porcelain doll :iconsivali-delirium:Sivali-Delirium 466 42 The Resident Evil Community by Chiaticle The Resident Evil Community :iconchiaticle:Chiaticle 1,372 378 Mhhmmm (Heathers the musical) by Elemental-FA Mhhmmm (Heathers the musical) :iconelemental-fa:Elemental-FA 696 64 Fallout: New Vegas Companions by Doomed-Dreamer Fallout: New Vegas Companions :icondoomed-dreamer:Doomed-Dreamer 1,326 273 The Beauty and The Beast by Ivycosplay The Beauty and The Beast :iconivycosplay:Ivycosplay 512 57 Resident Evil: 15 years by Garutsu Resident Evil: 15 years :icongarutsu:Garutsu 398 75 Face me! by Ivycosplay Face me! :iconivycosplay:Ivycosplay 415 43 Pom Poms - Free for Use by angelnablackrobe Pom Poms - Free for Use :iconangelnablackrobe:angelnablackrobe 1,432 340 Frenzied Nightmare, Page 1/2 by BiscuitDude Frenzied Nightmare, Page 1/2 :iconbiscuitdude:BiscuitDude 717 5 Cherry Flavored by Ann-Jey Cherry Flavored :iconann-jey:Ann-Jey 2,672 404 The Waste's Gonna Eat You Up by lilibombe The Waste's Gonna Eat You Up :iconlilibombe:lilibombe 927 240 Frenzied Nightmare, Page 2/2 by BiscuitDude Frenzied Nightmare, Page 2/2 :iconbiscuitdude:BiscuitDude 995 51 Couble base by angelnablackrobe Couble base :iconangelnablackrobe:angelnablackrobe 1,391 268 You, pathetic little worm by Ivycosplay You, pathetic little worm :iconivycosplay:Ivycosplay 2,371 232 Alien - Chestburster by KayleighOC Alien - Chestburster :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 238 59 Lady in Wastes by Momo-Deary Lady in Wastes :iconmomo-deary:Momo-Deary 752 57 NWR Loco Lineup by GreatEastern1856 NWR Loco Lineup :icongreateastern1856:GreatEastern1856 116 34 Faction before Blood by chiaroscuro8 Faction before Blood :iconchiaroscuro8:chiaroscuro8 473 61 RE - Comic 004 by PracticalAl RE - Comic 004 :iconpracticalal:PracticalAl 1,084 557 Thank you ... by RoHu-veronicaP Thank you ... :iconrohu-veronicap:RoHu-veronicaP 281 25 New Vegas Comic Collection by Doomed-Dreamer New Vegas Comic Collection :icondoomed-dreamer:Doomed-Dreamer 1,071 167 -Commission- Stripper Vore by AdjectiveNounCombo -Commission- Stripper Vore :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 1,272 212 Smooooch Animation Base by angelnablackrobe Smooooch Animation Base :iconangelnablackrobe:angelnablackrobe 452 151 Alien - Facehugger Nail Art by KayleighOC Alien - Facehugger Nail Art :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 420 26 Heathers: Veronica Sawyer by Smudgeandfrank Heathers: Veronica Sawyer :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 842 54 Bring Me Victory by Yutaan Bring Me Victory :iconyutaan:Yutaan 562 61 Jack and Elsa by AleSelene Jack and Elsa :iconaleselene:AleSelene 850 29 Why Don't You Do Right? - Jessica Rabbit by Ardella Why Don't You Do Right? - Jessica Rabbit :iconardella:Ardella 810 153 Requ. - Syx X Veronica by Marrazan Requ. - Syx X Veronica :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 548 11 Claire Redfield by VickyxRedfield Claire Redfield :iconvickyxredfield:VickyxRedfield 220 27 Divergent by sukieblackmore Divergent :iconsukieblackmore:sukieblackmore 720 70 Betty and Veronica by TheCosbinator Betty and Veronica :iconthecosbinator:TheCosbinator 1,133 42 TG/AP - Timmy Turner and the FOP Babes Part 2 by ToonBabifier TG/AP - Timmy Turner and the FOP Babes Part 2 :icontoonbabifier:ToonBabifier 554 20 Good morning,  Sunshine ... by RoHu-veronicaP Good morning, Sunshine ... :iconrohu-veronicap:RoHu-veronicaP 238 26
The Spectacular Expansion Girl Pt. 4
“Alright, Katelyn...” the young blonde said to herself in the bathroom mirror. “Don’t get nervous now!”
Conversations from the dining hall were audible as Katelyn paced back and forth in the quite elegant Town Hall women’s restroom. Her sparkling blue dress glistened with every step she took. It was quite revealing, but incredibly lovely as well. Her platinum blonde hair was styled and her beautiful face laden with makeup for the occasion. Tonight, she was to be honored in front of the citizens of Atlantic City and the governor of New Jersey.
She had spent the past couple of hours socializing with very important people, none of which she even recognized. All of them were impressed by her numerous abilities and selfless acts of protecting the city. All she really could do was nod and say “thank you”. Her longtime friend and partner, Doctor Stanczyk, did most of the talking for her.
Katelyn ran her hands under the bathroom sink. Like she kn
:iconbusting-fabric:Busting-Fabric 164 51
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