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Sarah devoured and Digested by a Monstrous Plant
Sarah was a teenage girl who was just out of high school.  She smiled as she walked through the walls of the small community center.  Her graduating class was holding a summer party to celebrate their transition into the adult world.  Sarah was of chinese descent and wore a very nice and form fitting, little black dress.  She had been having fun dancing and singing with her friends.  Now she was heading out of the main room to use the restroom.  On her way out of the stall she ran into one of her teachers.  Mrs. Anderson was in her mid forties and use to be a blond bombshell, in fact, she was still fairly pretty, but she had put on some weight and was obviously older.
"Hi Mrs. Anderson."  Sarah said brushing the hair out of her face.
"Hi Sarah."  Her biology teacher replied.  "I like your dress."  Sarah blushed a bit as Mrs. Anderson admired her form, her dress didn't even make it halfway to her knee.
"Thank you maam."  Sarah
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Love Potion Number 9
A story from HiddenLuLu and Solidzesnake.
"P-please, you c-can't fire m" Lulu said before having the door slam in her face.
The young woman wiped the sweat from her brow which was just below the red bandana she used to keep her hair nice.  The poor cleaning lady lost her favorite job, cleaning the home of the Walton's.  They didn't have much money but she shared a special bond with them.  With a sigh of disappointment, she grabbed her cart of cleaning supplies and rolled down the street as she looked for another place to work.  Her eyes lifted as she came across what looked like a huge mansion. Lulu smiled as she stopped by the gate.
"This is it, my big chance!" she said to her self excited while looking for the intercom.  
With great excitement she rang the button.  She smiled from ear to are as she took in the lawn.  
"Welcome to Aphrodite's Love Potion INC" the sign in the front lawn said.
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