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Toast Meets Casket
It was just another routine hunt for the two paranormal investigators, Johnny Ghost and his assistant Johnny Toast.  At least, that’s what it was supposed to be.  Then again, when does anything ever go as planned for the duo?  Um, the answer is never.  Nothing ever goes as planned when investigating the supernatural.
They had gotten a call about a haunted prison, supposedly haunted by a demonic and powerful monster.  Nothing that the two Johnnys couldn’t handle though.  They had dealt with far more frightening things, such as proving the Slender’s Woods mystery true.  Though, all video evidence gathered was incredibly static-filled and unusable.  Either way, they had taken up the job, receiving payment in advance this time.
As they walked into the eerie prison, they activated the ghost-detecting equipment.  Ghost was in the lead, with Toast following him as they walked deeper into the bowels of the area.  After a bit,
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MEET THE WEEDLORD *REDO* by marijvuana MEET THE WEEDLORD *REDO* :iconmarijvuana:marijvuana 743 356 Venturian Fan-made Clay Figurines! by JordanVenturian Venturian Fan-made Clay Figurines! :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 338 203
Jimmy Casket Takes Over
A maniacal smile played across Jimmy’s lips as he approached his next victim.  He held his knife at the ready, slowly creeping towards the old man he had cornered.  The man was very old and bald, with a mustache and stubble on his chin.  His clothes were rather torn and old, but he still looked tough.  The man was also holding a shotgun, which he had aimed at Jimmy’s head.  Both of the men have heard about each other, which made this even better for the killer.
Jimmy knew his soon-to-be victim as Papa Acachalla, the man who would never stay dead.  Once he had heard about him, he had grabbed his special knife and started hunting him.  His ‘special’ knife was enchanted.  Stolen too.  Basically, whoever it killed STAYED DEAD.  No coming back.  No nothing.  And Jimmy wanted a chance to test it out.
Papa Acachalla knew the killer as well.  Jimmy Casket, serial murderer.  Though, until he saw the mu
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Johnny Ghost X Johnny Toast
“Another drink sir?”  Johnny Toast hiccupped, handing a full glass of whiskey to his boss and partner.  It had been a very tough mission they both got back from.  They both had severe injuries but managed to get themselves patched up.  Toast then decided the best way to celebrate would be with whiskey, and lots of it.
Johnny Ghost, meanwhile, was against the idea.  At least, he was against it a few drinks ago.  Now that he was already slightly drunk, it seemed like a much better idea.  “Yeah, pass it here Toast.”  He chuckled, taking the drink and lifting it in the air.  “Cheers to neither of us being dead yet.”  He then swiftly gulped down the entire contents of the glass.  Toast took a swig from his half-full bottle of whiskey.
“Hey…sir?”  Toast asked, his mind thinking something up that wasn’t exactly the best idea.
“What is it Johnny?  Something wro-
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Vahl's Tale by JordanVenturian Vahl's Tale :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 277 230
Jimmy (VenturianTale Song Parody)
EDIT: Now out in music form and remastered!
*Parody of "Purple" by Mandopony*
(Sometimes, it feels like I'm not alone.
I...don't see him.
But I'm normal.
My..past isn't special.
My name is Johnathon Ghost.
Not "Gregory" and not "Jimmy"
Why do I know those names?)
I've had some times in my life
when you may think I'm crazy.
A little twitch is giving me
an urge to only stab, stab, stab!
I hunt some ghosts, I follow them
[they]tried to make me crazy.
The only thing I know,
it worked a bit.
I have secrets all around me,
ones I never tried to hide.
These secrets also filled with lies
I wonder where it all ends.
And I bet you never knew,
I could hear this voice that whispers to me.
It's asking me,
I panic in the face of what's to come.
My vision blurs and then I'm done.
The rest is filled with screams and carnage.
It's just a dream (It's just a dream),
but I have memories.
They all seem too real, they're coming back.
I have secrets a
:icon24zims:24Zims 44 30
Jimmy Casket Takes Over - 2
It had been several days since Jimmy locked Jordan in the game Gmod.  Everyday the imposter and the three siblings would get on and cause havoc, and Jordan would try to get their attention.  Yet, it never worked.  The fake Venturian kept him far away from them to be safe, even going as far as shooting him with the crossbow.  He was lucky that the respawn factor applied to him now.  If it didn’t, then he would be long dead by now.
Just the fact that Jordan’s siblings hadn’t noticed anything strange with the fake him made him depressed.  He sat on the ground of a random map they had, looking through the different mods they had downloaded.  From the Weaponized Portal Gun to the Star Wars Lightsabers, they had all kinds of different stuff to keep them preoccupied.  It kept him busy while he waited for the imposter and his siblings to show up.
They came once every day to record a video.  Sometimes they wouldn’t show up, wh
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Toast Meets Casket 2
A soft, short beeping noise stirred Johnny Ghost from his deep sleep.  “Five more minutes…..”  He murmured, moving his hand a bit in an attempt to hit the snooze button.  Yet, there was nothing to his side.  No alarm clock, just the beeping.  He slowly opened his eyes, to see the crazed face of someone above him.  The room was dark, blood splattered about.  And the man smiling at him….well, he looked near identical to himself.  The only difference was the blood red eyes and his expression.
“Hey Johnny!”  He hissed, his voice high pitched and insane.  “Glad you’re finally conscious buddy!  Looks like it’s time for you to wake up….so WAKE UP!”  He shouted before lifting a knife his above him and driving it into Johnny’s chest.
Ghost suddenly sat straight up in a cold sweat, thrashing about from his realistic nightmare.  People in medical garb rushed
:iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 99 139
VENTURIANTALE! Venturian Logo 3D Render by HomelessGoomba VENTURIANTALE! Venturian Logo 3D Render :iconhomelessgoomba:HomelessGoomba 210 103
Monster in the Basement
By RRproAni
“BOOOOOYYYSSS!!!!” A middle-aged, bald man shouted in anger, gripping a metal object in his hands.
Two young boys rushed into the room, one with black hair and one with brown. The brow haired kid smirked as he saw his device in the old man’s hand, “Ah, I see you found my Ecto-reader!”
The man held up the object and gave it a funny look, “Well, what was it doing in the fridge?!”
The kid sighed and nudged his friend, “Toast, you explain it to him.”
The black haired kid, Johnny Toast, shook his head with a look of fear, “N-no, I think it’s best if you explain it, Ghost.”
The old man gave Johnny Ghost a glare and kneeled in front of him, “Johnny, don’t give me any excuses, you’re talking to Chakalata Soup here.”
Ghost gave a nervous laugh and cleared his throat, “Heheh, well, you see the other day I saw a head in your fridge. But when I turned away, it was gone. So I figured I&
:iconrrproani:RRproAni 63 16
HomelessGoomba Fan-made Clay Figurines! by JordanVenturian HomelessGoomba Fan-made Clay Figurines! :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 216 65 ImmortalKyodai Fan-made Clay Figurines! by JordanVenturian ImmortalKyodai Fan-made Clay Figurines! :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 208 50 The Tinkerer by JordanVenturian The Tinkerer :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 257 226 Lonely No More by JordanVenturian Lonely No More :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 323 209 BethanyFrye Fan-made Clay Figurines! by JordanVenturian BethanyFrye Fan-made Clay Figurines! :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 195 54 Five Minutes by Shark-Bites Five Minutes :iconshark-bites:Shark-Bites 254 4 VenturianTale - Venturian (Commission) by BethanyFrye VenturianTale - Venturian (Commission) :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 762 197
Billy X Reader
You sigh faintly as you stare out of the kitchen window.  Your eyes were locked with Freddie’s as he stared right back at you.  It was surprising how passive the dinosaur was with you.  Probably helps that you give him waffles, and spend a lot of time with Sally.  You heard a loud crash from elsewhere in the house, Papa Acachalla’s voice following.  “My TV!!”  He shouted.  Some shotgun shots followed.  Seriously, there was always something happening in this house.
You might be wondering why you’re there.  Well, you had been invited over by Billy for dinner.  It was a common thing.  Papa practically considered you family too now.  While that meant he would keep you safe, it also meant you got stuck with chores at times.  You had finished washing the dishes and now were just sitting there, board.
You suddenly heard a somewhat girly scream come from behind you.  Looking back, you see Billy
:iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 62 107
Jimmy Casket X Reader
You yawned faintly, curling up in bed as you got comfortable.  You had just met this nice fellow, Johnny Ghost, who had gotten rid of a pesky paranormal entity that possessed your toilets repeatedly.  Yeah, it made you walk to your neighbor’s house to use their toilet for a while.  The ghost hunter had been really nice and only charged you half of his usual price, which was good since you didn’t have much money.  Your thoughts kept drifting to him as you adjusted yourself in bed.
“He was so nice…I’ll have to call him again to thank him later.”  You said softly as you closed your eyes to fall asleep.  “Johnny Ghost….”  You trailed off, sleep getting hold of you with ease as you drifted off.  Truth be told, you liked Ghost quite a bit.  He just had this charm about him you liked.
A few hours later into the night, you felt warmth beside you in bed.  Slowly waking up from your sleep, you
:iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 63 82
HOMELESSGOOMBA Venturiantale Logo 3D Model Render by HomelessGoomba HOMELESSGOOMBA Venturiantale Logo 3D Model Render :iconhomelessgoomba:HomelessGoomba 145 79
One little girl called Cywren Caster
Went on a journey into the wasteland
On the way she found some friends,maybe even a lover.
A man who could explode at any time
A Lion of steel,
A Mutant of copper,
A canine with a heart the size of a quasar,
A child, the only survivor or Grayditch,
With all these crazy and fun companions,
Who knows who could turn up next?
:iconbuilderguy:Builderguy 25 2
The man's a Timebomb! by JordanVenturian The man's a Timebomb! :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 319 232 VenturianTale Kids - Behind the Scenes :) by paulafrye VenturianTale Kids - Behind the Scenes :) :iconpaulafrye:paulafrye 294 360 Happy Birthday Poet! by JordanVenturian Happy Birthday Poet! :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 356 214
Gaelan's Lullaby
Tell me why you had to go
Did you fall in the dirt, or in the snow?
I've lost nearly everyone, from the start
Now you left me with this emptiness in my heart
Don't tell me that it will all be well
For my life is already a bitter Hell
Would you have loved me throughout our years?
But now you aren't even here, to dry my tears
You have always watched over my sister, Vahl
A brother's duty, I was doomed to fail
And as I fought on a foreign field
You became her sword and her shield
Tell me please where your body lies
I just want to at least close your eyes
Tell me the names of those who ended your life
So that I may put them to my knife
So tell me where you wandered to
Fields of green or skies of blue?
Please tell me that when I die, you will be the first that I'll see
Tell me Lydia... Why did you leave... Me?
:iconmcab719:MCab719 27 26
Jordan and Cierra - InstaGram  (accounts below) by paulafrye Jordan and Cierra - InstaGram (accounts below) :iconpaulafrye:paulafrye 149 191 IT RETURNS by JordanVenturian IT RETURNS :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 251 222
Five Nights at Freddy's P.I.E. - 1
It was a normal Sunday morning. A newspaper arrived at the Toasted Ghost's doorstep.
Toast went outside, glancing down and picking up the paper.
"You notice we haven't had a job in days?" Ghost says from the kitchen.
"Yeah, we're running low on food." He sighs, walking into the kitchen and looking at the paper.
"Hey, I've got an idea. How about a second job?" He suggests, flipping the paper over to the jobs section.
"Hm....alright. I've got some spare time. I could take up an extra job." He says.
"How about this one?" Ghost says, pointing to a section with an animatronic bear.
Toast picks up the paper, reading it over. "'s a late night shift. I think I can handle it."
"Good, looks easy too."
"Yeah. You can handle things here, right?"
"Of course."
Toast smiles a bit, nodding. "Alright, I'll go there to apply then."
"Alright, have fun."
Toast nods a bit, walking out the door.
The place was only a few miles from the Toasted Ghost.
He simply walked there, going inside.
When he walke
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Jordan (Venturian) and Isaac (Homeless Goomba) by paulafrye Jordan (Venturian) and Isaac (Homeless Goomba) :iconpaulafrye:paulafrye 153 384 VenturianTale - Bethany Frye (Commission) by BethanyFrye VenturianTale - Bethany Frye (Commission) :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 683 144 Jordan is shocked by Eusong Jordan is shocked :iconeusong:Eusong 183 43
Don't Do This, Casket - Venturian Fanfic *GORE*
It was Toast vs. Casket once again. Ghost's outbursts were increasing rapidly in number, as well as power. Casket was quickly taking over Ghost's brain. He never should have let him investigate the 'Cardboard Friend' demon alone. Toast quickly fled around the corner of the hall, everything went dead silent. Finally he heard the stomping of Casket's heavy boots.
"Where are you Toast? I know you're here, I can taste it." Casket growled. 
Toast shuddered. He planned to retreat further down the hall, broken glass crackled underneath his feet, Casket heard and tore after him. Stealth no longer mattered, Casket knew where he was, he sprinted away, coming to a dead end. He turned to face Casket, who tackled him to the ground, pinning him down. Casket held the knife to Toast's neck.
"I can't wait to slit your throat, Toast. To feel your blood on my hands." Casket let out a chilling laugh. 
"Even better, wait until Johnny Ghost wakes up, covered in your blood."
"Casket, no." To
:iconobsessesover:ObsessesOver 57 20
VenturianTale Fan Art by GodsNotDead88123 VenturianTale Fan Art :icongodsnotdead88123:GodsNotDead88123 132 35 Cywren's Story by JordanVenturian Cywren's Story :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 207 184
Liu Casket
Jeff pulled up his hood as he walked down the road.  His head was down a bit, hands in his pockets.  It made him look completely normal, which in turn made finding new targets an easy task.  He passed by plenty of people, but none of them too interesting.  Though, soon, one person caught his full attention.
A man with light brown hair and rather pale skin was walking in Jeff’s direction.  He was wearing a blue hoodie with a red triangle on it.  In front of the triangle was a gold-colored V.  His hands were stuffed in his pants pockets and he was looking down slightly.  Though, that wasn’t what had captured Jeff’s attention.  It had been the faint smell of blood around the man, and the strange familiar feeling Jeff got from him.
The two people walked past each other, Jeff pausing a moment when he got a better look at the man’s face.  His eyes had been closed, but it still looked like the face of none other than Je
:iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 56 854
This basically describes VenturianTale by BlackHaggoth This basically describes VenturianTale :iconblackhaggoth:BlackHaggoth 20 35 VenturianTale - HomelessGoomba (Commission) by BethanyFrye VenturianTale - HomelessGoomba (Commission) :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 661 15 VT- Movie Night by ShoobaQueen VT- Movie Night :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 149 42 Link by CierraFrye Link :iconcierrafrye:CierraFrye 256 489 VenturianTale - Venturian by BethanyFrye VenturianTale - Venturian :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 580 159 Not Just A Voice In His Head.... by WaffleDerps Not Just A Voice In His Head.... :iconwafflederps:WaffleDerps 213 91 Ghost and Toast by BethanyFrye Ghost and Toast :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 583 160
Ghost!Reader X Johnny Toast
You are (f/n) (l/n), and you have haunted the same house for many years.  You were killed in it rather early in your life, a gun being the object of your demise.  You had a job, a family….they died, their ghosts moved on.  Yet, you were trapped.  Unable to leave, and cursed to watch family after family come and go.  They normally left due to fear of you.  They all thought you were a powerful demon, bent on revenge….
That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Sure, you were somewhat powerful.  You learned plenty of tricks over the years, and even kept other, more dangerous spirits away.  However, you meant no harm.  Occasionally you would knock over a vase, or disturb the family while they slept by mistake, but you never did so intentionally.  You were a passive spirit.
Even so, the families would move out, leaving you sad and alone once again.  You enjoyed their company, even if they couldn’t really se
:iconashurasdaughter:AshurasDaughter 66 80
VenturianTale - ImmortalKyodai (Commission) by BethanyFrye VenturianTale - ImmortalKyodai (Commission) :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 653 105 Asylum Weaver by JordanVenturian Asylum Weaver :iconjordanventurian:JordanVenturian 175 97
The Four Powers-A Venturiantale Story Chapter 1
 "Hey Jordan,come on, Sleep already",Isaac said opening Jordan's room door. Jordan was checking on Deviantart on his laptop,"Just one
moment". "Fine,Cierra said to sleep so hurry",Isaac closed the door and left. "Okay done checking and deleting Messages,okay let's go to
sleep",Jordan slightly closed the laptop's lid and went to his bed and quickly closed his eyes. A Buzzing hum was heard from his laptop.
Jordan opened his eyes and quickly got out of his bed. "What's going on?"Jordan walked to his laptop and saw he had G-mod on. "Huh must
have left it on since our last recording",He clicked on the icon and a red and blue voltex appeared on his screen. "Huh?,what's going on
where's the close button?"Jordan quickly searched and his hand touched the screen. "Why is my hand there?"He tried pulling it out but it
was stuck. "AHH!"He was pulling his hand and now it was getting sucked in his laptop. "AHHH GUYS HELP ME",Jordan Screamed and saw blocks
on his table. He started throwing them o
:icondahpikachuishere:DahPikachuishere 48 12
VenturianTale - ImmortalKyodai by BethanyFrye VenturianTale - ImmortalKyodai :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 557 100 VenturianTale by BethanyFrye VenturianTale :iconbethanyfrye:BethanyFrye 576 176