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Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader Part 1
Hetalia  x Child! Venice! Reader
You were wandering the cold streets of Rome. You had no idea how you got there, where to go or what to do. As a toddler, you were mortified.
As you stumbled around the city, you came across a small Italian restaurant. Oh how you longed for something to fill your stomach! You ran over to the back door of the restaurant, you little (h/c) curl bouncing as you toddled.
Finally reaching the door you were a little shaking but you tried to knock. TRIED. You were just going up to the door when you heard yelling and someone panicking in Italian. The large metal door swung open to reveal two men. One had dark chocolate brown hair and deep eyes. He was really loud and swearing a lot. He had a major scowl on his face that kind of scared you. The other had a lighter version of hair color with a tint of red. He seemed to be fumbling with a garbage bag while the loud one yelled at him. But what really caught your eye were that each of them had a strange curl, jus
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Creepypasta: Hetalia Theory: North Italy
[Read along here on YouTube! Reading done by angelhalo777]
[Now translated into German here! Done by alltimeOpheliac]
[Now translated into Spanish here! Done by Pinkieshy345]
“Ciao!” Feliciano waved happily at his friend.
He smiled and waved back before turning around and walking down the small Venice sidewalk. Feliciano sighed, his smile slowly fading. He had just spent the whole day with his friends. That’s how he spent most days. He had a nice care free life. But it wasn’t all perfect, no life was.
He then continued the other way down the narrow road to his home. He shoved his hands in
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Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader Part 2
Romano and Italy woke up extra early to start teaching you English. You all slept peacefully together last night when they decided it would be best for you to learn English so you could talk to the other countries.
Lucky for them, you're a very fast learner.
"Okay _____! Now repeat after me! Hello." said Italy trying to teach you. You yawned adorably as you attempted to repeat him. Your small eyelids kept drooping.
"H-hello..." you said trying to stifle another yawn. By now, you new some basic english words.
"Fratello, I think she's too tired right now," said Romano picking you up off the large leather sofa and into his warm strong arms. You rested your head against his shoulder. He blushed slightly and turned back to his brother. "We need to get going soon. Go get dressed bastardo!" he yelled at Italy, who-like you- was still in his pajamas and half asleep.
"Ve! Okay fratello~!" chimed Italy skipping upstairs.
"Bastardo." Romano hissed under his breath, but it didn't go unheard by you
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Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader Part 3
You went to the UN meetings very often and started to get closer to the other countries. They all loved it when you came. Italy and Romano were still very uneasy about you coming though.
Today was another world meeting. You all had gotten up bright and early to eat breakfast and head out. You sat at the table with Romano while Italy cooked you guys pasta.
Suddenly, you felt a incredible pain in your chest. Your eyes watered as it spread throughout your body.
Germany burst through the front door and shouted "Venice is under attack!" You fell to the floor crying in pain. Your brothers rushed over to you and tried to calm you down. By now you were screaming in pain.
"What do we do?!" shouted italy, trying to cradle your suffering form.
"I believe ve have to wait it out," said Germany. "zhe enemy is still attacking. My men are already zhere so it vill be over soon."
You still sat there. Sweating and panting from the pain. It felt as though your insides were being ripped out.
"Fratello! Mak
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