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The Song of Your Sadness by alicexz The Song of Your Sadness :iconalicexz:alicexz 19,232 781 Those crazy artists... by Culpeo-Fox Those crazy artists... :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,764 390 Starry Night by AlexRuizArt Starry Night :iconalexruizart:AlexRuizArt 3,036 309
they gave me paint for this reason—
plastic wires tangled with good luck charms in her pocket,
empty handed but for a sketchbook (one page
a tribute to van gogh's blue, the rest stained with gray)
the dusty jeans and tattered shoes
mark her as a
rebel, reveling in the un-knowledge of the flawless.
here's what it means to have scars:
crouched on an uneven platform, holding
half-recklessly to a metal gutter and
marking feathers on tarred dust
tal vez todos los artistas son
delincuentes / maybe all artists
are criminals &
maybe my meaning gets lost in translation
(but that's the point of being flawed)
from this low on the ground it
doesn't seem so new
where new is a synonym for what's left without you
no hables esas palabras / it's all third-person now
the second i saw _ _ _ i knew i had never escaped
there has to be some reason i love the sound of the word ayúdame
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 65 34
Le'gogh by nismo4banger Le'gogh :iconnismo4banger:nismo4banger 2,250 369 Starry Night Dragon, Handmade Polymer Clay Dragon by MiniMythicalMonsters Starry Night Dragon, Handmade Polymer Clay Dragon :iconminimythicalmonsters:MiniMythicalMonsters 1,217 163 Vincent Willem van Gogh. by jayve1 Vincent Willem van Gogh. :iconjayve1:jayve1 858 145 'Starry Night' Doctor Who Dress by mushroom2020 'Starry Night' Doctor Who Dress :iconmushroom2020:mushroom2020 736 62 #84 Starry Night by Picolo-kun #84 Starry Night :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 2,261 302 Van Gogh by Loopydave Van Gogh :iconloopydave:Loopydave 4,142 1,026 la Fee Verte by Incantata la Fee Verte :iconincantata:Incantata 603 83 Vincent by euclase Vincent :iconeuclase:euclase 2,202 128 Starry Lights by mandiemanzano Starry Lights :iconmandiemanzano:mandiemanzano 1,236 133 skellington on a starry night by opheliact skellington on a starry night :iconopheliact:opheliact 607 146 Groundskeeper Willie Van Gogh by limpfish Groundskeeper Willie Van Gogh :iconlimpfish:limpfish 1,003 95 Arles by Luca-De-Bellis Arles :iconluca-de-bellis:Luca-De-Bellis 1,904 132 Paris by MrdzLOVG Paris :iconmrdzlovg:MrdzLOVG 402 70 Let's travel to the past by Hellobaby Let's travel to the past :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 3,603 88 LOVG Album cover by PapaNinja LOVG Album cover :iconpapaninja:PapaNinja 938 101 SWOOOOOOOSH..... by Neytirix SWOOOOOOOSH..... :iconneytirix:Neytirix 461 181 Van Gogh Cake by pinkcakebox Van Gogh Cake :iconpinkcakebox:pinkcakebox 1,762 233 irises by BeatrizMartinVidal irises :iconbeatrizmartinvidal:BeatrizMartinVidal 1,956 93 Across the Starry Night by ramy Across the Starry Night :iconramy:ramy 2,627 131 Starry Night by MsGolightly Starry Night :iconmsgolightly:MsGolightly 1,086 80 Super Starry Night by Naolito Super Starry Night :iconnaolito:Naolito 2,726 88 Cold hearted by Rowie-Ann Cold hearted :iconrowie-ann:Rowie-Ann 2,062 217 Starburnt Night by ChaosFissure Starburnt Night :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 148 16 Exploding TARDIS Doctor Who Cosplay Skirt by DarlingArmy Exploding TARDIS Doctor Who Cosplay Skirt :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 343 19 Point Adoptable Auction! CLOSED. by Neytirix Point Adoptable Auction! CLOSED. :iconneytirix:Neytirix 409 128 Geronimo by MeganLara Geronimo :iconmeganlara:MeganLara 1,629 24 Sunflora by Noktowl Sunflora :iconnoktowl:Noktowl 1,598 185 Van Gogh by Golubaja Van Gogh :icongolubaja:Golubaja 180 111 The Pandorica Opens by lie-in-the-rain The Pandorica Opens :iconlie-in-the-rain:lie-in-the-rain 436 91 Van Gogh Vortex by parrotdolphin Van Gogh Vortex :iconparrotdolphin:parrotdolphin 297 98 Fire Eater by ChaosFissure Fire Eater :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 337 14 Boop by Neytirix Boop :iconneytirix:Neytirix 294 111 Van Gogh Minidress by KimCums Van Gogh Minidress :iconkimcums:KimCums 316 39 Dr. Who VANS by theartful-dodge Dr. Who VANS :icontheartful-dodge:theartful-dodge 866 154 Beat Of Your Heart by WildSpiritWolf Beat Of Your Heart :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 2,138 349 Vincent van NO by sagittariusgallery Vincent van NO :iconsagittariusgallery:sagittariusgallery 771 107 The Starry Night /Emote Version by spring-sky The Starry Night /Emote Version :iconspring-sky:spring-sky 1,996 577 Starry Night Rose - Exclusive Stock by somadjinn Starry Night Rose - Exclusive Stock :iconsomadjinn:somadjinn 474 38 Dasek reference sheet. by Neytirix Dasek reference sheet. :iconneytirix:Neytirix 231 45 Starry Starry Night  by Shadoweddancer Starry Starry Night :iconshadoweddancer:Shadoweddancer 142 33 Mickey Gets Art Schooled by spicysteweddemon Mickey Gets Art Schooled :iconspicysteweddemon:spicysteweddemon 1,514 98 Starry Night with Millennium Falcon by Rabittooth Starry Night with Millennium Falcon :iconrabittooth:Rabittooth 179 50 High Fly. by Neytirix High Fly. :iconneytirix:Neytirix 396 146 The Staryu Night by Noktowl The Staryu Night :iconnoktowl:Noktowl 555 89