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Road Trip (Niklaus MikaelsonXSalvatore!Reader)
People who knew you well knew you'd do anything for your brothers. You'd gladly die for them as they would for you and making a deal with the devil himself was one of the many sacrifices you've made for them. More specifically for Damon. You and your younger brother Stefan had made a deal with Klaus Mikaelson when Damon had been bitten by Tyler. The deal? To travel with him to find werewolves and to not see Damon again. It was a big thing for you not being able to see your twin but you'd rather him be alive than dead so you quickly accepted the deal. Currently you were sitting in a car with Klaus while Stefan had gone on ahead to track down the pack so Klaus didn't have to. You made it your personal mission on this road trip to annoy the living hell out of the hybrid till he agreed to send you back to Mystic Falls. So you resorted to acting like a child.
"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we..."
So far that's the 8th time t
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My Little Hybrid (Niklaus MikaelsonXReader)
It was late when Elijah called you and told you to leave Mystic Falls for a few days. According to him Klaus had gotten out of control and slaughtered all his hybrids. At first you disagreed and remained in your home unwilling to leave without talking to Klaus. But Elijah being Elijah compelled you to leave which you had no choice to obey. Currently you were pacing in a cabin thinking of ways to exact revenge on Elijah when you heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Elijah you stormed over and threw open the door ready to give him a piece of your mind when you saw Klaus standing there with his hands in his pockets. 
"Klaus" You said holding back a sigh of relief.
"(Y/n). Tell me why exactly are you here?" Klaus replied staring at you intensely.
"Not like I had a choice in the matter" You rolled your eyes letting him in.
"Meaning?" Klaus asked closing the door behind him to stop the cold air getting in.
"Meaning your asshole brother compelled me to come here cause you went on a
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Vampire Diaries Chatroom (ElijahXReader)
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'Hey Caroline! - (Y/n)'
'Hey (Y/n)!!! - Caroline'
'Whoa no need to abuse the exclamation marks there Forbes - SexyVamp'
'Stfu  Damon - Caroline'
'How'd you know it was me? - SexyVamp'
'Who else loves himself that much? - (Y/n)'
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'Him - SexyVamp'
'Whoever stole my username idea shall die - SexiestOriginal'
'Damon - Caroline'
'Damon - (Y/n)'
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'Dont hate me cause you aint me - SexyVamp'
'I will end you - SexiestOriginal'
'..... - Matt'
'Besides Klaus is obviously the hottest Original - Caroline'
'Ha! Dont make me laugh - SexyVamp'
'Bitch please Elijah's like a god. Klaus got the fuglyness of the family - (Y/n)'
'Have you seen Rebekah? - Matt'
'Been there done that. Literally done it - SexyVamp'
'Stfu Damon - Matt'
'I wonder who's better in bed Klaus or Elijah? - Caroline'
'Wouldnt mind finding out - (Y/n)'
'Ewwww - SexiestOriginal'
'Go away Kol - Caroline'
'I'm obviously t
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Let me go (Kol MikaelsonXReader)
It had been almost 4 months since his death. 4 months spent searching for witches strong enough to bring him back to you. But alas you had no look or the witches refused to help no matter how much you threatened them. The last thing they wanted was the second youngest Mikaelson sibling back from the dead to cause havoc. You had made the mistake of falling in love with Kol in 1562 and stayed loyal to him up until Klaus shoved a dagger through his chest. Having tried and failed to undagger the love of your life you ran and began searching for Mikael only to turn up unsuccessful. You would have gladly tried to kill Klaus yourself if Elijah hadn't ordered you to leave. Let me explain. In 1499 you were dying from a plague in your village and moments away from death you met Elijah who offered you another chance to live. Without hesitation you accepted and he fed you his blood before snapping your neck thus siring you to him. 
When Kol was undaggered he wondered of your whereabouts so El
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Vampire Diaries Chatroom 2 (FinnXReader)
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'Hey Ric, Kol - (Y/n)'
'Hello sexy - SexGod'
'Gross I'm not gay - Alaric'
'I was talking to (Y/n) dumbass - SexGod'
'I ship it. Koric or Alarol - (Y/n)'
'................. - Alaric'
'Eww - SexGod'
'What? A girl can dream Kol - (Y/n)'
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'Where are all the girls at? - (Y/n)'
'I dunno - Stefan'
'*shrugs* - Elijah'
'Uggh so many men. Go away - (Y/n)'
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'Fuck you Klaus - (Y/n)'
'What'd I do?! - Klaus'
'Your a man that's what - (Y/n)'
'I'm confused - Finn'
'Aww - (Y/n)'
'Oi dont aw him - Alaric'
'He's adorable! - (Y/n)'
'^_^ - Finn'
'Fuck you Finn - SexGod'
'Dont flatter yourself there Kol - Klaus'
'Yeah we all know your a virgin - Stefan'
'I AM NOT  A VIRGIN! If anyone is a virgin it's Finn! - SexGod'
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'Oh Finn aint a virgin - (Y/n)'
'.......... - Alaric'
'.......... - Klaus'
'.......... - Virgin'
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Link (Finn MikaelsonXSister!Reader)
You'd think being able to tell if your twin was in trouble or not was a good thing. It was but what else came with it is far from good. You recently discovered you're linked to your twin brother Klaus through a twin bond. Whatever pain he felt, you felt. Whatever injuries he got, you got. Whatever he was feeling, you could feel it. Of course you wanted to tell Klaus about the link but your oldest brother Finn stopped you from telling anyone really. He had found out the same day as you when Klaus accidently cut his hand on the blade of a sword and the wound appeared on your hand as well. Currently you were with Finn in his room with his hand clamped over your mouth as you held back screams at the pain being inflicted on your back. You whimpered behind his hand as the wounds began to sting on your back and tried to focus on something other than the pain. 
"Shh sister. You must be strong" Finn whispered stroking your hair with his other hand. He felt blood seep through your shirt ont
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