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So what do you say? (BBRAE) by Ceshira So what do you say? (BBRAE) :iconceshira:Ceshira 4,486 221 Happy Valentine's by Picolo-kun Happy Valentine's :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 9,536 187
Sebastian x Baby Reader: Her Butler, Tending

:bulletred: Sebastian x Baby Reader: Her Butler, Tending :bulletred: 

It had been three days and (F/n) Phantomhive hadn’t stopped crying. The seven month old little girl was usually a very happy baby, but with a nasty fever and ear-ache, she was now absolutely miserable.
Ciel and Lizzy, her worn out parents, had tried everything they could think of to soothe their child, but nothing was working. The Doctor who had visited on the first day of her fever, had stated that other than making her comfortable there was nothing to be done but wait. So the Phantomhive Household had waited . . . and waited . . .  and waited . . . Until finally on the third evening, when no one in the household had still been able to get proper rest, all had reached their limits.
“Why won’t she cease that infernal howling,” Ciel asked, grumbling through a large yawn as he watched an equally fatigued Elizabeth jounce the flushed and crying tyke.
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Payback SANS x FRISK by Tiffy-OoO Payback SANS x FRISK :icontiffy-ooo:Tiffy-OoO 1,517 295 Happy Hearts and Hooves Day by kilalaaa Happy Hearts and Hooves Day :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 3,027 349 Miraculous Valentine's Day by Dark-Momento-Mori Miraculous Valentine's Day :icondark-momento-mori:Dark-Momento-Mori 2,170 253 Homestuck Pickup Lines by Dragons-Roar Homestuck Pickup Lines :icondragons-roar:Dragons-Roar 2,813 475
Sebastian x Child Reader: Her Butler, Valentine
 Sebastian x Child Reader
:bulletred: :bulletpink: Her Butler, Valentine :bulletred: :bulletpink:
It was February 14th and as the sun rose on this very special day, the snow from the night before sparkled as if it had been touched by magic. It was Valentine’s Day once again, and all of London seemed to embrace it with welcome arms. Every shop and café had decorations of hearts and red and pink banners, and there were more flower bouquets than could ever be sold- in spite of the cold weather. And though it was still quite early in the morning, lovers walked through the cobbled streets hand in hand with nothing but smiles. All in all, it was the perfect scene to symbolize the romantic holiday. . . Though in the center of the great city, there was one stately town house near the center of London’s elite class, where there was not a single decoration to be had.
It was the second abode of the Earl of Phantomhive- and current
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Mini AT Valentines Comic by Katkat-Tan Mini AT Valentines Comic :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 5,694 851
Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2016!


Valentine’s Day 2016 Art Exchange

Love is in the air! Now’s the time for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending valentine-deviations to your special someones!
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From now until February 16th, deviations in the Valentine Exchange category can be sent as valentines to your friends and loved ones. If you’d still like to create and submit a new valentine to be sent, make sure to submit it to the Valentines category before February 16th so your fellow deviants can share it!
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066 Rose pngs by Tigers-stock 066 Rose pngs :icontigers-stock:Tigers-stock 1,324 553 Happy Valentines Day by v0idless Happy Valentines Day :iconv0idless:v0idless 2,123 105
Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2017
Break out the candy hearts and crafting paper, because the deviantart Valentine’s Day Art Exchange is back!
Valentine’s Day

Art Exchange

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From now until February 16th, deviations in the Valentine Exchange category can be sent as valentines to your friends and loved ones.
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There’s still time to create and submit a valentine of your own! Just submit it to the Valentine Exchange category before February 16th so your fellow deviants can share it!
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Valentine's Day Special : Waterfall Romance by shallowdeepcreation Valentine's Day Special : Waterfall Romance :iconshallowdeepcreation:shallowdeepcreation 1,426 209 Comic Block: Love Letters by dm29 Comic Block: Love Letters :icondm29:dm29 2,288 600 The Beauty of a Rose by Valentina-Remenar The Beauty of a Rose :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 2,116 181 Draw the squad_valentine's day version by RukusuCherry Draw the squad_valentine's day version :iconrukusucherry:RukusuCherry 1,081 23 Team Skull Valentines Day by xNIR0x Team Skull Valentines Day :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 979 31 Love Dr. Morales by Mr--Jack Love Dr. Morales :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 188 1 Gumlee Valentines! by Hootsweets Gumlee Valentines! :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 2,723 64 Fluttershy by Yamio Fluttershy :iconyamio:Yamio 5,078 535 It's you Malik by Jade-Hernandez It's you Malik :iconjade-hernandez:Jade-Hernandez 1,484 511 Death Note: Valentines Rant by SilentReaper Death Note: Valentines Rant :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 9,426 1,341
Sebastian x Baby Reader: Valentine Rendezvous
:bulletpink: Sebastian x Baby Reader: Valentine Rendezvous :bulletpink: 

It was almost midnight and Sebastian Michaelis, the demon Butler of Ciel Phantomhive, sat in quietude within his private chambers. In the darkly furnished room, that he was able to call his own, the demon no longer stood on ceremony- having long since been left to his own devices for the evening. His usual dress coat and shoes had been shucked and all that remained of his uniform was the shirt and pristine sleek black pants.
It was a fact that demon’s rarely needed physical rest, so Sebastian had made no move to sleep, and had opted for his normal silent contemplation. Each night, after his Master and Mistress had retired, the butler would sit at his window, gazing out onto the bleak London nights and think upon his past and present. . .  until he heard it.
It would start as an almost imperceptible whimper; only sought out by his ears alone. Then as the minutes would c
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Valentine Sans! by RayFloret Valentine Sans! :iconrayfloret:RayFloret 1,595 559 Eddsworld Valentines by eddsworld Eddsworld Valentines :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 5,508 843 Interactive: Ivan's Valentine by Mikochi Interactive: Ivan's Valentine :iconmikochi:Mikochi 3,033 1,300 Love Quest by HlYA Love Quest :iconhlya:HlYA 3,810 239 Affectionate Heart by inObrAS Affectionate Heart :iconinobras:inObrAS 2,191 607 Be my Valentine by Naschi Be my Valentine :iconnaschi:Naschi 5,793 242 Sweetheart Sona by Lighane Sweetheart Sona :iconlighane:Lighane 894 117 it was inevitable by sigeel it was inevitable :iconsigeel:sigeel 727 96 Jinx (Happy Valentines Day!) by AyyaSAP Jinx (Happy Valentines Day!) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,620 85 LoZ - Link's Valentines Day by Miyukiko LoZ - Link's Valentines Day :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 2,889 286 Overwatch - Tracer and Emily by MilliganVick Overwatch - Tracer and Emily :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 470 5 I'm fine, just tired by DamaiMikaz I'm fine, just tired :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,153 112 2017 Valentines by wickedalucard 2017 Valentines :iconwickedalucard:wickedalucard 1,837 39 Grace by SecretDarTiste Grace :iconsecretdartiste:SecretDarTiste 236 134 YJ- Unmask by KINOKO19 YJ- Unmask :iconkinoko19:KINOKO19 2,947 152 Link Bae by Ry-Spirit Link Bae :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 5,003 191 Zeldalentine by Lethalityrush Zeldalentine :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 1,879 102 Heartseeker Ori by Lighane Heartseeker Ori :iconlighane:Lighane 564 78 Undertale Valentine's Day Cards - Complete Edition by rainbowthefox Undertale Valentine's Day Cards - Complete Edition :iconrainbowthefox:rainbowthefox 1,431 332
Gabriel X Reader: Angels are Better Than Hunters
Okay, so just a quick note. This story technically takes place in the middle of season 9. I have only seen one episode of season 9, "Meta-fiction", so that's where this idea came from. I'm still on season 2, so PLEASE NO SPOILERS! And please no hate on this; this is just my idea of what could have happened in season 9. It's not technically "canon" (I'm guessing that's the right word), this is just my mind doing stuff. Anyway, other than that, Gabriel's... "habits and interests".... if you get what I'm saying.... are mentioned in this story. So if you don't like it, don't read. Please enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!
“Word of advice, don’t go near (y/n), she is not in a good mood,” Dean informed everyone in the bunker’s library.
“What did you do now, Dean-o?” Gabriel asked, not looking up from the spell book he was reading.
It had been a month since Gabriel appeared outside the bunker door, asking Dean, Sam, Castiel, and (y/n) for a place to
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Overwatch - by MilliganVick Overwatch - :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 448 14 happy valentines day by sigeel happy valentines day :iconsigeel:sigeel 799 86 Pokemon : Valentine 2015 by Sa-Dui Pokemon : Valentine 2015 :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 2,704 77 i love you so by cutgut i love you so :iconcutgut:cutgut 1,076 0