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7 minutes in heaven-Germany
You put your hand in the box and grab a necklace with the centerpiece scratched out.
"Auch, that's me." Germany said, raising his hand.
*oh no..* You thought. You had liked him forever, but were sort of uneasy around him, because he was so strict and quite scary at times.
"Veee~! I'm-a So excited for you!" Italy shouted while jumping up and down.
"Eh..." Germany said, blushing and walked you into the closet.
"So, ve sit here and do vhas now?" He said, looking away from you, although it was very dark.
"I'm...Not sure. I think your supposed to see if you like the person that you are ~Stuck~ In the closet with."  He looked back toward you.
"Vell..." He started nervously. "I already know zat I...Like you, a lot...So vhat do I do?"
You blushed heavily and said.
"I...I guess you prove it."
"Ah." He said, leaning in to kiss you.  He begged for entrance into your mouth, willing you to give in, you did, and he gripped your shoulders, pushing you down. His tongue explored you
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7 minutes in heaven-Italy
You reached into the box nervously in hopes that the item you pick will correspond with someone you like.
You raised you hand with the item in it, your eyes were shut. You slowly open your eyes to see a bowl in your hand.
Italy springs up from the couch.
"That's-a me!" He exclaimed., doing a little dance, singing, and holding Germany's hands, making him join in.
Finally, fed up with the foolishness, Germany throws you two inside of the closet.
"I hope zis seven minutes seems like ze eternity." Germany's annoyed voice says, fading as he walks away.
"So...Do-a You like-a me?" Italy asks, leaning in, causing you to fall backwards. He's now on top of you, awaiting your response.
"Y-yes." You nervously say. You have always liked and enjoyed everything about him.
"Good! Then I can-a tell you that-a I love you too! And since we both-a love each other-a..."
Italy reached for his pants and began to remove them.
"I totally love you! Veee~!" He said, facing your red face.
"Look-a at me-a! I'm-a n
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