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dA loves you 5 or 4,5 ? idk by akreon dA loves you 5 or 4,5 ? idk :iconakreon:akreon 7,237 1,156 Quotes #18 by Alpner Quotes #18 :iconalpner:Alpner 1,120 238 Critique O Matic Plus by MatthewJWills Critique O Matic Plus :iconmatthewjwills:MatthewJWills 2,716 2,108 Maplestory - Lilin by itsLanique Maplestory - Lilin :iconitslanique:itsLanique 3,151 519 Pin-up fairy by ftourini Pin-up fairy :iconftourini:ftourini 2,680 354 The Ship by TheMichaelMacRae The Ship :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 646 20 Brainstorming + Free .PSD by PSHoudini Brainstorming + Free .PSD :iconpshoudini:PSHoudini 888 319 Final Fantasy X - Brotherhood by AmenoKitarou Final Fantasy X - Brotherhood :iconamenokitarou:AmenoKitarou 1,210 403 asdfghjklkjhgfdsaeruiyyeutgfkjhgrkhajshgajsa...... by Sniper115A3 asdfghjklkjhgfdsaeruiyyeutgfkjhgrkhajshgajsa...... :iconsniper115a3:Sniper115A3 1,106 203 Final Fantasy X - Play Ball by AmenoKitarou Final Fantasy X - Play Ball :iconamenokitarou:AmenoKitarou 1,959 378 Basic Metasequoia Tutorial by Arkenidae Basic Metasequoia Tutorial :iconarkenidae:Arkenidae 201 103 xanadu new wave by ClaraMaeStudios xanadu new wave :iconclaramaestudios:ClaraMaeStudios 409 32
Exploding Breasts TG
Exploding Breasts
Even though I was a guy, the day I started growing breasts was a pretty normal day. I didn't have any strange sensation or weird itches or anything like that. I did have a dream which felt quite vivid overnight but which left me when I woke.
I walked into bathroom, trying to pull some of the seemingly-fantastic detail out of the haze of my thoughts, and slipped off my shirt.
Cracking my neck a few times, I glanced in the mirror. The area around my nipples was pressed out a little bit. Nothing too serious but, considering I was used to heavy-lifting at work and my muscles had adapted to that, it did surprise me.
I thought that perhaps I was eating a bit too much and something like a junior version of my Uncle Brad's 'moobs' were starting to show. And I didn't think any more of it at the time except to remind myself to eat a little less and exercise more.
The rest of that week was loaded with veggies and sit-ups. My best friend Adam came over a few times and chee
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My Sister's Lacy Panties TG
My Sister's Lacy Panties
I gave a little cough and slammed the front door shut. The clouds were looming so I was glad to get home from my run before I got drenched. I slid my ear buds off and took a breath. The run was about what I figured but good. There was moment when I passed the nearby woods that I felt rather woozy but I didn't trip or anything.
The house looked different, but nice. Mom and Aunt Elaine must've been working on unpacking more things. Mottled brown boxes guarded the couches but I didn't need to step around them anymore.
I poured out a cup of orange juice from the fridge and sipped as I made my way up the stairs to my room. My sister Allison paused coming down the hall and looked at me.
Her brown eyes had a golden tint from the stray rays through the overhead windows. She looked me over and asked, with a whine, "Where were you?"
I took a big sip of my OJ and told her, "Out for a run. I said before I left. Is mom around?"
Allison gave me a once over and a weird
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Plunger TG Sequence - Aishitai by majorkerina Plunger TG Sequence - Aishitai :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 1,627 350
Explicit Change
He stared at the vial in his hands. Was this really what he wanted?
What was he thinking? Of course it was. He had spent the last six months working on it. How could he suddenly not want it anymore? He gazed off into space, swirling the vial of clear liquid. Once he took the plunge, there was no going back. With great mental effort, he pushed the doubt from his mind. Resolve filled him; he knew he was meant for this.
Standing at his kitchen sink, near the make-shift lab that he had cobbled together from bits and pieces of equipment he had stolen from work, he pulled the stopper off the vial. Now exposed to oxygen, the liquid began to froth, like a can of soda that had been shaken. He tipped the vial slightly, so that the foam spilled out into the sink. Soon, the vial calmed, and the liquid sat still, albeit with a slightly murkier appearance, like milk mixed with water. He continued to swirl the vial, and the liquid became warm.
It was ready.
Bracing himself, he took a deep breath, and
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Nova Terra - Nuclear Launch Detected by Felox08 Nova Terra - Nuclear Launch Detected :iconfelox08:Felox08 719 46
Giantess Cousin
"Oh great" you think as your mom tells you that you have to babysit your cousin. "she's 15 mom, she's old enough to stay by herself". No matter what you say she keeps pushing it on you. You cave in and begin to drive over, all the way there you are thinking how obnoxious and juvenile she is going to act. Mary was 15, but acted as if she was 5.
You pull up to the house and wave goodbye to the aunt and uncle, leaving for a dinner, and leaving you to babysit Mary. You open the door and there she is, the person to aggravate you for hours and hours. "Hey Mary.." you say in disgust of what you have to do. "Hiii Adammm". she said excited and weirdly high pitched. "so, umm. I'm going to watch TV so do whatever and don't get hurt. I don't want to drive to the hospital tonight..". "Hehe..alright Adam" she said as she smiled and walked into the kitchen.
You think "Geez that was weird, but.. she's weird so whatever". A little after you start watching some music videos, Mary pops her head around th
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Giantess Cousin II
  After about an hour of Mary walking around the house, you are still stuck in between her toes, choking on the salt watery sweat you are being forced into digesting. The chaos stops as you feel your body become almost weightless in the air, as Mary lifts her leg up and takes off the painful shoe around your body.
  "Hehe. How was the ride Adam?" she smiles asking you as if she didn't know the answer. Your body was too tired to answer her and just sat lifeless in between her toes letting out deep sighs and long breathes. This fresh air was a gift, compared to the musty smell of Mary's foot after an hour.
  "Hmm. What should we do now.." She plucks your body up between her thumb and index finger and puts you close to her face, looking at you. While thinking she sometimes runs her other hand's finger across your tiny wet body, playing with your penis and tickling your sides. After a few minutes of fondling your cock, she gets an idea.
  Without not
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The Gun TG
The Gun
Eric Cole ran as his ex-girlfriend, Misty, screamed though the hallway, "I'm gonna blast your balls off!"
When he responded to heavy knocks on the front door of his apartment, it may have appeared she was leveling a handgun at him. But the colorful, purple handle gave away the true nature of her weapon.
He had no idea how he dodged the first blast of light and energy. Instinctively, he pushed the door in her face but her legs were already through and nothing would keep her out.
After the hallway and the threat still ringing in his ears, Eric sprinted into the living room and grabbed the mirror off the wall. It was tall and narrow and made for a decent shield.
Misty stalked around the corner, her colorful gun leading. Her black hair seemed darker than usual with tendrils that splayed across her forehead like spider legs. While a head shorter than him, Eric knew never to underestimate Misty with how much time she spent kickboxing in the gym.
In fact, with the shine of swea
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Giantess Cousin IV
    After a few minutes of hardening to the soft sheets, encased by a barrier of his cousin's cum, Adam thought about the possibilities of his last task.  He thought long and hard, thinking about the situation, his size, and how he will react after he returns to his normal height.
    Mary leaned up and the bed, still dripping with cum from her vagina, searching the area for a small little toy. She looked under pillows, surrounding sheets, and near areas on the carpeted floor. She lost him she thought frantically, trying to calm down and focus on her search.
    She took her mind off of finding Adam, and noticed the mess of cum still laying on her sheets. "I guess I should clean that up, Adam will have to wait to grow back..." Mary said, much to the disappointment of Adam. Adam tried to scream and get her attention but the dried wall of cum covered his mouth and muffled his screams.
    Mary got u
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Wiifit training #03: Kirby ball exercise by PhantomJAC Wiifit training #03: Kirby ball exercise :iconphantomjac:PhantomJAC 2,029 98 Ariel-You Look Beautiful To Me by Nippy13 Ariel-You Look Beautiful To Me :iconnippy13:Nippy13 3,206 357 Lying in bed by bunnycuddle Lying in bed :iconbunnycuddle:bunnycuddle 632 107 Bridge the gap by Srefis Bridge the gap :iconsrefis:Srefis 546 25 Black n blue and you all over. by Srefis Black n blue and you all over. :iconsrefis:Srefis 979 72 Slow interwebz by prosaix Slow interwebz :iconprosaix:prosaix 25,413 972 DVA Night by Herr-Pekoe DVA Night :iconherr-pekoe:Herr-Pekoe 186 3 Zelda x Peach Slaves of Pasion by Felox08 Zelda x Peach Slaves of Pasion :iconfelox08:Felox08 2,110 104 Dark Souls II - Despair by DarkPenSlinger Dark Souls II - Despair :icondarkpenslinger:DarkPenSlinger 663 37 Teen Daydream 5 by SJ94 Teen Daydream 5 :iconsj94:SJ94 593 26
A Giant Problem Pt. 3
  Your sister Angie took you in her hands, easily handling your strange new form. "Can I use him first, mom?" she asked, pouting to get her way. "All right hunny, but makes sure you give him to me later tonight, I have some plans of my own." With that, David's fate had been sealed. Never in his whole life would he had thought that he would be used as a human insole for his sister's giant feet.
  She takes you and you end up thrown onto her bed. She locks the door and comes close to you. She lifts you up, speaks, "You smell like a new pair of shoes", laughing. "We'll see if we can change that!" she said smiling. She kicks off her tennis shoes and goes digging into her closet. From where you are, all he can see is the ceiling fan spinning like a giant windmill staring him in the face.
  "Found 'em!" she laughs picking up a pair of old sneakers she used to wear during cross country practices. "Phew!" she shouts, "These smell terrible!" From disgust to hilarit
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Miss Diss - Cajun OC by dA--bogeyman Miss Diss - Cajun OC :iconda--bogeyman:dA--bogeyman 373 0 Soooo Wet by Squirrel-Nuttkins Soooo Wet :iconsquirrel-nuttkins:Squirrel-Nuttkins 530 39 Rainmeter by enterobius Rainmeter :iconenterobius:enterobius 352 52 Midna, Zelda, Twilight Pirates by Felox08 Midna, Zelda, Twilight Pirates :iconfelox08:Felox08 1,926 124 Pink n Blue 7 by Squirrel-Nuttkins Pink n Blue 7 :iconsquirrel-nuttkins:Squirrel-Nuttkins 487 19 Pink n Blue 2 by Squirrel-Nuttkins Pink n Blue 2 :iconsquirrel-nuttkins:Squirrel-Nuttkins 555 25 Monochrome Curves 2 by SJ94 Monochrome Curves 2 :iconsj94:SJ94 535 81 Explicit Pornography by jollyjack Explicit Pornography :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 2,625 887 LMS PREVIEW 22 - ERIS  MARTYR by DanLuVisiArt LMS PREVIEW 22 - ERIS MARTYR :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 1,191 129 101 Bad Habits - 49 through 58 by dhim 101 Bad Habits - 49 through 58 :icondhim:dhim 439 97 My Fair Lady by angelsfalldown1 My Fair Lady :iconangelsfalldown1:angelsfalldown1 712 104 101 Bad Habits - 37 through 42 by dhim 101 Bad Habits - 37 through 42 :icondhim:dhim 429 115 Dragon Age Origins Fanart: Witherfang by tekkoontan Dragon Age Origins Fanart: Witherfang :icontekkoontan:tekkoontan 724 13 Mirror Shot by bunnycuddle Mirror Shot :iconbunnycuddle:bunnycuddle 360 36 Red Trees by helios-spada Red Trees :iconhelios-spada:helios-spada 853 121 Red Passion by FlexDreams Red Passion :iconflexdreams:FlexDreams 813 32 Shy Bottom by OttoMarzo Shy Bottom :iconottomarzo:OttoMarzo 798 132