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Should I Pray?
It was hot.
Boiling hot.
I tugged the
shawl over my
shoulders as I
entered yet
another church.
I'm not Catholic.
Far from being
religious, either.
I just thought that
I needed to be here.
I was a few weeks
away from leaving
to join the U.S
Air Force.
As I walked in to
the large, main room,
I knew this wasn't
any ordinary church.
The roof was
a high dome,
the tiles aged
and broken.
All around me were
statues and paintings
of Saints.
If you didn't know the
history behind this
holy place,
You'd think it was just
another chuch.
But if you looked closly
at the dome so high up,
you'd notice a circular form
of plaster and new tile
where a bomb was droped
durring World War II.
The bomb had dropped,
piercing the dome's ceiling,
dropping to the floor below
and skidded across the floor.
But it refused to blow up.
Times like those made me
wish I had more faith.
But to me,
it was a stroke of major luck.
I left the sanctuary and into
a room where a man was
selling prayer beads.
I made my way to the
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