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10 Tips to Improve your Art
This is a short summary of the – in my opinion – most important points I found all over the internet, while studying what it needs to improve your drawing and painting skills. I hope it will be helpful to many aspiring artists!
1. Learn the basics
Perspective, composition, color theory, anatomy, lighting & shading – this may be boring, but it's very important. You have to understand the basics to have a foundation to build on.
Also start with realism. You can simplify it to comics or Manga once you have mastered the fundamentals.
2. Have the right attitude
Don't rely on talent alone. Expensive equipment or an art school won't automatically make your artworks brilliant. Don't expect anyone to teach you, but study on your own. You have to work hard to become a good artist. Don't give up, if you really want it.
3. Start early and have a plan
Start working on your art
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10 Tips to Improve your Digital Art
A while ago I posted some tips on how to improve your art. While that article was rather general, this one is an addition to it, focusing on digital drawing and painting – so make sure to read both.
It's made for beginners, so it's just really basic stuff. I hope it's helpful!
1. Get a tablet
Of course there are artists who create beautiful pictures with a mouse, but trust me, drawing with a graphics tablet is more natural and a lot easier once you're used to it.
Tablets have one big advantage over mouses: Pen pressure. Depending on how hard you press the line gets thicker and darker or thinner and lighter, similar to a real pen on real paper. I'd recommend getting a small, cheap Wacom tablet to start out. 
Also make sure your tablet always has the newest drivers installed! You can download them on the Wacom website.
More information about tablets
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Glassthroughskin Brush Set 24 :iconglassthroughskin:glassthroughskin 494 0 Ace of Spades :icondaverabbit:DaveRabbit 126 8 Premium Calligraphic Design Set :iconmoccadsgn:moccadsgn 140 17
Useful skill
It is a useful skill
To fake a smile
To put on a mask
Giving others the lie
The sweet delusion
That you're OK
That you're happy
But don't let that mask
No matter how useful
Become your true face
For it is better
To face the hardships
And conquer them
Than to lose your identity
On behalf of a lie
Even if it is tempting
Even if it is seductive
It's still a lie
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10 useful things to make your life easier on dA
Senior Week
Hey guys! :wave:
Sometimes, as well as the real life, our virtual adventure on deviantART can get tough. Changes on the site, trolls, lack of points or premium memberships...many things that can make you go mad. :noes:
But fortunately, there are some useful tools you can take advantage of to make your experience a little bit easier. :D So, here it goes...
10 useful things that can make your life easier on deviantART.
#1: The Stick Menu
Actually, this is the thing that gave me the idea for the article. I already covered this tool in my journal as escamotage against Daily Deviations gone from the footer.
The Stick Menu is a customizable toolbar that every user can activate from their Settings. It allows you to have shortcuts to the main pages on deviantART, including Daily Deviations, Help&FAQ, and Chats.
How to activa
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Hidden stare
Sunglasses are useful
For they both hide and contain
The sadness in my eyes
Thus preventing it
From infecting you
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