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Bully! America x Depressed! Reader-Never Forget p2
A/N: cussing, sad stuff dont like dont read
The next week, Alfred dragged you from your home and back to school. But, not before helping you heal yourself.
-----Flash Back------
A loud knock assulted your door.
"Good Morning _______! It's time to get up!"
You groaned. "Go home Jones!" you shouted back.
He laughed and kicked open your door and waltzed into your bedroom. He lift you up in his arms and kissed your forehead. "There is no time for that now ______! We have a big week planned before you go back to school!"
Your (e/c) snapped open. "What?! I'm not going back there!" you yelled thrashing in his arms. He was unaffected and continued.
"First and for most, I'm going to help you getting your eating habits back on track and but you some *bio oil for your scars."
You scowled and looked away. "Why are you doing this?"
Alfred smiled and kissed you softly. You watched his eyes flutter closed as he pressed his lips harder to your
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New York City: 42nd Street. :iconinbrainstorm:inbrainstorm 1,658 99 WW2 figures set II :iconphobs:Phobs 9,413 793 Future City :icon3yen:3yen 968 86
[APH] America: It's time we part
Cheating!America x Reader
{ It's time we part }
awesome author's note; I'll be changing point of views because I can. Probably never ever going into America's point of view. Like 3rd person's point of view and narrator I guess? I think that's the same thing but oh well.
• happy reading •

[Y/N] hummed to herself as she walked home from work. [Y/N], is a beautiful [age] year old lady with breathtaking [e/c] eyes and [length] [h/c] hair. She works as a [job title] and thank doitsu, her boss allowed her to leave early today. She can't wait to cuddle with her boyfriend of 2 years, Alfred. She always comes home late because of the work given so she never had the time to do lovey-dovey stuffs with him. Just the thought of doing lovey-dovey stuffs made [Y/N] blush and squeal, recieving weird glances at her.
~ da da dun ~
[Name] unlocked the door of their shared house. The inside of the house was dark, like nobody was home. The air even felt cold. "...Al? I'm home." You mu
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Bully! America x Depressed! Reader - Never Forget
A/N: kinda sorta sad and involves self harming! no like? NO READ!
"Go to Hell!"
These were the constant insults that invaded your mind every day. You don't know why everyone picked on you. Perhaps they found it fun to see you in pain. The sadistic glow in their eyes when they push you to the ground was enough to know they didn't care.
"Hey loser! Watch where you're going!" sneered a girl with blonde hair. She shoved passed you and moved towards her group of friends. They all looked at you, whispered, and laughed.
How normal.
You continued walking to history class and took your usually seat in the front row. As you begun flipping through your notes, you were flicked in the back  of the head. You turned around to see Alfred Jones. Oh how you loathed him. He was the first person to start picking on you. He made everyone else too. His wheat blonde hair and bright blue eyes make you t
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WW2 fugures set I :iconphobs:Phobs 4,696 277 Santiago :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 1,441 138 Special Forces :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 3,723 304 Captain of the Ship :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,230 420 WW2: Allies and Axis Cover :iconphobs:Phobs 6,704 614 World View :iconhumon:humon 3,835 1,436 NYC panorama :icontakmaj:takmaj 902 99 Yorktown :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 2,375 195 PMC: Shrike Operator :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,010 53 History in Hetalia style :iconphobs:Phobs 3,574 568 Sailor Moon :iconhart-coco:hart-coco 4,293 141
Spain X Reader- Cuddling
It was Friday and you waited patiently for your Spanish boyfriend, Antonio. Ever since he confessed his huge love to you, every Friday he would come to your house to spend every single bit of his time with you. You two would watch movies, cook and other entertaining stuffs. You loved the dark haired guy very much and you woud go on a killing rampage if some girl would stole him, but of course that was just a joke that you used to show your love.
You heard a knock on the door and went over to open it. It was Antonio with a very happy grin on his face. The way he smiled brighted your days and melted your heart on the plate of heaven.
"Hello there, mi amor!~" he said and kissed you sweet and soft on the lips, making you blush a light pink.
"Hi there, Tony. I thought you wouldn't come." you said with a smirk. He made a dramatic gasp and got on one of his knees.
"I would never do such thing. Leave the love of my life all alone on a beautiful Friday night." then he kissed you on the back of
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Kiss the Girl
You were sitting in the quad of your boarding school. It was a beautiful spring day, very late in the afternoon to be precise, the birds in the surrounding trees chirped a merry tune. The sun was high in the sky and fluffy white clouds painted the light blue sky. The marching band was practicing in the distant, the woodwinds play their beautiful tunes. The strings played alongside them harmonically.
The choir had also taken up residence in the quad their precious medleys blurring together in pure elegance. You smiled to yourself as you sat in the shade under a large tree, contently reading your favourite book. School is over for the week and you had the weekend to enjoy yourself.
Little did you know not to far away in the crowded quad, a handsome young gentleman had been starring at you for the past five minutes.
"Arthur! Dude!" Alfred called snapping his fingers in front of his friend. He has been starring at a g
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