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Vices Virtues Take a Vacation
So many of us have been thinking of Vices & Virtues as a sort of "response" to Take a Vacation! (from a Rydon/Ryden viewpoint). And if you haven't, it's about time you started. Because, honestly, there are some serious parallels you need consider.
First, I'm going to go back to the whole "summer fling" theory, as demonstrated by the numerous references to summer in a multitude of Panic! at the Disco, starting with their second album, Pretty. Odd.
"He fell in love in the middle of summer." –When the Day Met the Night
"Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, when summer lasted longer than we do." –Folkin' Around
"Fall comes early and summer leaves." –From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins
This trend continues into their most recent album, Vices & Virtues.
"When July became December, their affection fought the cold, but they couldn't quite remember what inspired them to go." –Memories
"Put another ex on the calendar
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I'll Help You - Rydon
"She was so young..." Brendon whispered brokenly. Ryan thought the singer looked absolutely pitiful, but Brendon truly was heartbroken. "I feel so bad she died..."
"Brendon, you do realize-"
"She was so pretty; I can't believe something so awful could happen to something so pretty..." Brendon continued, staring at the wall and tracing the floor tiles as if Ryan hadn't even opened his mouth.
"Brendon, this is getting out of hand."
"Why did she have to die, Ryan? Her death was so unfair; she was young, pretty and...Gosh darn it...she mattered." Brendon sighed and buried his face in Ryan's shoulder.
" was fish. Not a human being. A fish." Ryan pulled Brendon away from his shoulder and forced him to look in his eyes. "Fish die, Brendon. They aren't meant to live long." He tried to speak as softly as he could, knowing that Brendon was in his 'delicate' state.
"But Karen was special!" Brendon wailed, diving back into Ryan's warm arms.
"It was a fish."
"She had so much mor
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Drawn In Heights : AU
The sky is blue and clear, free of clouds, and the air is warm, sun hot on skin and bright in eyes. The water is cool and inviting against the heat of the day, and that’s where most of the kids reside. In the surrounding trees, birds sing and butterflies flutter by, caterpillars hatching by the dozens and all the children are screeching and laughing and running, tripping and giggling and catching bugs in their cupped hands.
The cabins are all high on the hill, overlooking the lake and the campfire circle. The windows are still foggy with dust, unused since the summer before. In the corners, spiders sit in their webs, awaiting the moment their homes will be torn down. The bunks are all stuffy and full of dirt and winter grime, and some of the counselors are walking around with hand-held vacuum cleaners, which aren’t really doing the trick.
Spencer is staring out the window, watching as one of the new guys chases around one of the little kids, laughing and acting like a kid him
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He awakes lying on his back on the altar of a church.
He feels…stiff, dry, worn out, and incredibly confused. His confusion only increases when he looks to the right of him and sees another man lying on the altar beside him.
But…it isn't just any man – it is himself. But the other him…the other him looks, well, dead. And how is that even possible? His hand stretches out, fingertips skimming across the high cheekbones of his – but not his – face. The skin is waxy and cold. He is dead, and has been for a while, although the corpse must have been preserved in some way.
So then…is he a ghost? How would that work, exactly? He feels so real, more real, even, than the dead him, who is as still and artificial looking as a mannequin, scarlet hair falling over closed eyes. His own eyes flick down to the corpse's neck, where a ragged wound is, black around the edges as though burnt. Caused by…a raygun. He remembers now, with a strange sort of s
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My Giant Devil Partner (Open RP)
You are a male/female high school student who is starting their first day at this school called Shiko Academy. The school had it all; dorms, a uniform, large classrooms and buildings. What you didn't know was that this school was special and the rooms plus the building itself were extra large for a reason.
After getting settled in and attending your classes, you were suddenly called in from one of the servants to meet with the Student Council of the school in the third library. The servant handed you a note, which read, "Dear ______, Welcome to Shiko Academy. You are chosen as the special student to become a study partner to one of the council. We had randomly selected a council member based on your interests and abilities. The name of your partner is written at the end of the letter. Once you arrive at the library, call out the person's name and they'll explain the details. Thank you for your time. Shiko Council President."
Seeing this was a special opportunity, you decided to do this
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Brendon the Rock Star Urie
Sing to the tune of 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'
Brendon the rock star Urie
Had a very shiny hat
And if you ever saw it
You would say "How 'bout that?!"
All of the other rock stars
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Brendon play in any rock star games
Then one foggy concert eve
Ryan came to say
"Brendon, with your hat so bright, won't you lead my band tonight?"
Then all the rock stars loved him
As they shouted out with glee
"Brendon the rock star Urie,
You'll go down in history!"
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A Memory Or Two - rewrite.
Brendon has a job. His job is to stand at the counter and greet the customers that walk in. His job is to take their orders along with their money. His job is to go in the back and pour the desired flavor of frozen drink into the annoyingly bright Smoothie Hut cups.
Brendon doesn't like his job. You know, it's alright working at a smoothie place. The scent of fruits is always in your nose (even after you leave) and it's not always too busy and sometimes the boss lets you have a smoothie on the house. But it's just so god damn boring. Brendon figured out pretty quick that customers don't really like to make conversation. Sure, he'll get the occasional small-talk-maker, but not very often.
Today being one of those exceptions.
He's leaning over the counter, his chin placed in his hand as his elbow sits pressed against the black marble. He sighs and uses his freehand to pull a hot pink sharpie out of the back pocket of his jeans. He swears it's magenta. None the less, he reaches to
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Intoxicated Circulation.
Brendon finds himself wondering how the fuck he can remember kissing Ryan for the first time. Mostly because the first time he kissed Ryan, he had had two Monsters and a coke and half a bag of gummy bears and he's pretty sure his face was tingling and woah. Brendon tends to forget things, but even more so when he's on one of his sugar highs, even though most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Cause that's just how Brendon is; loud, obnoxious, giggly, and far too hyper for his own good. That's just Brendon. But what he does remember, was that he did it.
It was innocent. Brendon walking (more like bounding) towards the back of the tourbus as his face twitched with a grin that wouldn't leave, no matter how hard he tried. He vaguely remembers thinking that his face was bound to split in two, and he'd be really ugly looking. But none the less, the smile stayed, even when he reached the back of the bus and saw Ryan sitting there, his head beant low as his thin fingers lazily str
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Flicker: AU
There are grassy hills and rolling planes, meadows filled with wildflowers and shady trees. There are rivers, sparkling clear and blue, fish splashing and birds singing, bears pulling berries from bushes along the shore. There are butterflies and bees and deer and rabbits, all of them living together happily, in harmony. There are clear skies and bright stars at night, dotting the vast, open sky with silver. And then, there is a tower.
There is a tower, with just one window, made of stone and standing high – higher than any hill, higher than any tree. There is a tower, standing tall in the middle of these grassy meadows and sparkling rivers and blue skies. There is a tower, standing alone in the middle of the grassy planes, and inside this tower, there is a boy visited only by his shadow.
At least, that’s how it used to be.
For as long as he can remember, he’s been alone. He’s always had food and clothing and fresh water, but he’s never had a person to talk t
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Happy Birthday Brendon :iconezkai:Ezkai 278 76 Weathervanes, my one n lonely :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 177 21 Guaranteed to mess up ur ears :iconezkai:Ezkai 335 118 we broke our mirrors :iconandaelentari:Andaelentari 76 31
All He Loves.
It's weird, really. How much Ryan loves Brendon. Cause honestly, he's his best friend. And it's just not right to fall in love with your best friend. The best friend that's spaztic and loud and giggly and sometimes just doesn't know when to stop talking. Especially if said best friend was the one to make you realize that you don't really like girls anymore. Of this, Ryan is certain. But that's something even weirder. Cause Ryan doesn't love girls, and he doesn't love boys either.
All he loves is Brendon.
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How The Light Gets In
It’s a Tuesday when he finds himself awake at three in the morning, sitting with a coffee cup in the window seat of his bedroom. He sits and he thinks and when his coffee has long gone cold, the sun is coming up. His camera – not as nice as Jon’s, but a camera nonetheless – sits beside him, batteries dead and abused, but the memory card is full of bright energy and breathtaking views of the Vegas sights outside his window.
It’s the Thursday right after that Tuesday when he’s awake at noon, still, even after that 3 o’clock morning, and the sound of his footsteps on polished cherry hardwood floors echoes too loudly to be soothing like usual. His body is numb, maybe, and his blood is thrumming with only a chocolate bar and an off-brand can of soda in his system, and there’s a soft humming in his ears that reminds him of Brendon’s stupid antics.
It’s raining outside and as he peers through the front window, a seven-by-ten full-glass set u
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Camisado : 1.
Brendon wasn't the only one who knew that Ryan's dad hit him; Jon and Spencer knew too.And they all did their part to help the boy,cause really.Ryan was kind of like the baby of the group.Even though he was the second oldest with him being 17,Jon being 18,and both Brendon and Spencer being 16.But that didn't matter much.
Whenever Ryan would stumble into Brendon's house,always seeming to be early in the morning,Brendon would carry Ryan up to the bathroom and let him stand in the shower for as long as he wished.Then he would turn the water off,get an extra pair of pajamas from his bedroom,help Ryan get dressed,and then fall asleep on the couch with Ryan curled against the chest.Occasionally he would kiss the older boy's temple whenever he were to whimper; that would always make it stop.And Brendon didn't really mind.
The morning after,Brendon would call up Jon and Spencer and command that they come over immediately,always ending the call with "Yeah,it.It happened again." So Jon and Spenc
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Forgive Me
He knew he broke Brendon's heart.He was so sorry.He did not mean to do that.He was just too jealous.He didn't know how to explain it to him.So he decided to write a note.
He tried to forget what happened.He was so upset that he made Brendon cry.
Brendon's words were still on his ears :
'Ryan what did I do?Why are you being an enemy?'He couldnt answer.He was being so mean to Brendon.He wished he wasnt.
He was crying at the moment of writing the note.He tried his best to not to show that he loved Brendon more than life itself.He was trying to be careful with every single word.He did not want to lose Brendon,forever.Ryan knew he'd forgive him for this time.But if he knew he was in love with him,that would be one big disappointment for Brendon. Cause they were the best friends.Yes BEST FRIENDS.And Ryan was about to ruin it.He was so jealous of the girls around Brendon.He had to be Ryan's.Not any others.
Just after he finished writing the note,he went to Brendon's room.He was sleepin
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Brendon Urie 2 :iconshelbysarrazin:shelbysarrazin 102 17 fanart: brendon urie :iconswiikichi:swiikichi 241 78 Blackbird. :iconartonastick:artonaSTICK 76 36 Pretty. Odd. :iconirunfree:irunfree 97 10
Candy Apples- Rydon
"What am I supposta do with this?!"
"…Eat it!"
"Eat it?!"
"Why not!"
Oh, the county fair. What a wonderful place. I found myself holding a small carnival goldfish in a thin plastic bag, unsure if swallowing the poor thing would prove useful.
"Spencer, don't encourage him!" I heard a smooth voice sigh from behind me. I turned to see Ryan Ross come up to me and Spencer Smith. Ryan grabbed the small aquatic animal and handed me a candy apple to hold instead. His eyes looked over the fish , then after a moment he said, "His name is cupcake. He has a wife and babies on the way. He handed me the fish back, " Think of how they would feel if he never came home to them?"
I looked at the fish with wide eyes and started to mumble, "I am so sorry Cupcake! I would never have thought about eating you if I had known you had a wife!!"
Spencer groaned and rolled his eyes and I looked at the fish swim around its bag, now upset I had thought about eating him alive.
"Nice job Ryan. Now
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Panic in their eyes :icontaramcrmy:TaraMCRmy 257 27 Brendon Urie 19 :iconshelbysarrazin:shelbysarrazin 115 6 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out :iconartonastick:artonaSTICK 69 21
Call Me Back
Hi, you know whose voicemail you're calling. So, just leave a message or hang up or something.
'Hey. I, I'm not quite sure why I'm calling you. It's been a long time since I've last heard your voice, you know. Well, I guess two weeks isn't that long. But I, oh I don't know. I heard it on the radio a few times – suddenly we're a lot more interesting, it appears. Damn people. But, well, that's not you, the person on the radio. It's just a stupid tape we recorded in studio. It wasn't you. Not the real you or anything. It was just a cheap copy of what we were in our minds, you know.
Everything is just so messed up right now, it looks like now you're not here, everything is falling apart. Somehow I keep wondering when you're coming back, you know, even though I know the answer. They told me, over and over again, but I refused to believe it took that long.
Most likely you won't ever hear this, you know...
Pete has left town a couple of days ago, he was here to see you. He looked pretty
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Ready to go :iconezkai:Ezkai 299 74 fan art: panic at the disco :iconswiikichi:swiikichi 125 22 #24daysTokyoGhoulDoodle - Day 19 :iconmokafi:Mokafi 105 11 panic at the disco :iconpaniclover20:paniclover20 110 44 Urie Giatano :iconbutterfrog:butterfrog 173 32 Brendon Urie 9 :iconshelbysarrazin:shelbysarrazin 112 2 Brendon Urie_Give Me Attention :iconcavanacgh:cavanacgh 218 112 Random PATD Shit :iconshadowofthefallen:ShadowOfTheFallen 459 162 Panic! At The Disco 6 :iconshelbysarrazin:shelbysarrazin 107 15 emo kings now :iconliberandam:liberandam 113 9 + Brendon Urie + :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 251 175 Brendon Urie :iconblondie715:blondie715 245 40
The I.V. and your hospital bed
This was no accident
This was a therapeutic chain of events

This could not be happening.
Broken Ribs.
Who could have done this?
The doctors say it was probably someone he knew, someone who was close to him.
Internal Bleeding.
Someone who could hurt him, and then he would forgive him.
The doctor left.
Tears streamed down my face.
I broke down on the floor.
I just should have known,
From the bruising and scars,
From how he never let anyone in.
From how he looked away if you mentioned 'family'.
From how he told me in such a subtle way...
It's not so pleasant
And it's not so conventional
It sure as hell ain't normal
But we deal, we deal

Hes just a 'disgrace'.
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