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Happy Maid
                                                                Happy Maid
        "Hello, you have reached the Goddess Assistance Agency. Please hold while we transfer the next available Goddess."
        With that, the 72-inch plasma TV in the room glowed brightly as the form of divinity arrived in the high-rise apartment. The light subsided and the figure landed gracefully. With her waist-length platinum hair, dusky skin, and trademark revealing purple clothing, Urd had arrived on her first mission as a First-class Goddess. It was time to grant the first of what would hopefully be many succ
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Fertility Goddess
“Urd, I’m starting to worry about Skuld.  She’s been in her room for quite awhile now, more so than usual.”
The eldest sister glanced at Belldandy before looking back at the television. “Just leave the little brat be, Belldandy.  As long as she’s out of my hair, I could care less about what she does.”
Belldandy frowned at Urd’s dismissive attitude.  She really wished that Urd and Skuld would get along better than they do.  She was about to say something when the door to Skuld’s room slammed open, jolting the two goddesses in surprise.
“I have done it!” exclaimed the youngest sister with a grin as she held a device above her.  The device looked like a gun of sorts, which worried Belldandy.
“Skuld, what is that?” questioned Belldandy.
“This is my newest invention, Belldandy!  It’s going to help so many people!” explained Skuld with excitement layering her voice. &
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Commission : Daveyboysmith Manga Page 2 by jadenkaiba Commission : Daveyboysmith Manga Page 2 :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 550 70 Urd by zambicandy Urd :iconzambicandy:zambicandy 1,098 144 Commission:Urd,Sera and Misato by ilolamai Commission:Urd,Sera and Misato :iconilolamai:ilolamai 865 211 Urd by lady-narven Urd :iconlady-narven:lady-narven 129 19 Ah My Goddess Urd by gamera68 Ah My Goddess Urd :icongamera68:gamera68 271 30 Ah My Goddess by Bad-Pierrot Ah My Goddess :iconbad-pierrot:Bad-Pierrot 507 21 Like a goddess by Angel--Arwen Like a goddess :iconangel--arwen:Angel--Arwen 149 18
OMG Belldandys BE Part 1
Oh My Goddess!
Belldandy's Breast Expansion
By : Wirlygig (
Part - 1
"Hmm...What should I get for Keichi?" Belldandy thought to her self. Today was shopping day and it was needed too!
Since there where 4 people (including Bell) living at Keichi's place. While she was shopping she was oblivious to
what time it was and when she finally realized the time she knew she had to get back soon.
"Oh dear! Its already 6 o'clock! I should get home and get dinner started.", she then quickly looked around for a mirror
to go through (since she can travel any distance between 2 mirrors). Just when she was about to decide to walk home
she happened to find an old hand mirror on the ground. It was gold with silver lines around encrusted with ruby's.
"Wow, who would just leave a mirror like this around." She thought, even though it did seem kindda suspious, she
thought nothing of it and stepped though. As she was going through she felt a prick, like an needle and quickly looked
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Ah My Goddess Belldandy Wall by gamera68 Ah My Goddess Belldandy Wall :icongamera68:gamera68 181 53