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Site Update: January 20, 2012
Last week, we posted the first site update of 2012, which brought in over 2,500 comments. In this update, you'll find all the feedback from those comments gathered into the Your Feedback section below, just after the Change Log, which will tell you about some brand new updates we just launched, as well as all the bugs fixed since the last update.
  Last week's most popular update: You can now put exclamation marks in deviation titles! - Added by $allixsenos 
Change Log

 What's New

"My Tagline" is no longer a required item when filling out your profile. - Added by $Nodren
Implemented support for "Free Premium Memberships Day." - Added by
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The Enderman
Nightfall. Nighttime. Night. Darkness. Stars. Moon. Wait... moon? Moon, round and bright. Crescent shaped. Moon. Sun? No, sun is gone. No sun. Good. Sun is bad. Sun is evil. Darkness is good. Darkness is perfection.
Now we build.
Bit by bit, block by block. Darkness consumes, but no matter. Moonlight enough, more then enough. So I build-- we build. They are not far, but I am alone. Black skin. White eyes. Long arms. Long legs. Tall, too tall. Building, always building (but why?)
Sandcastles (previous night). Wooden tower (not mine). Waves of the ocean--
away get away
get away get away
get away get away--
I escaped. Water far away. Keep it away. Building again. Towers, pyramids, anything, everything. Far away, they are far away. I cannot see them. Oh well, must build, they will be fine.
Small tower, getting larger. No joy, never joy, must build. Resources,
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