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Control :iconboddbby:Boddbby 816 45 Until Dawn, Best Bros :iconmeglm5291:Meglm5291 500 33 Spin the Bottle :icongreyallison:greyallison 255 14 - Psycho - :iconj-chan33:J-chan33 84 23 Psycho Mask- Until Dawn :iconembroiderymw101:EmbroideryMW101 43 4 Until Dawn - Josh Washington Plushie :iconjack-o-alltrades:Jack-O-AllTrades 49 27 TD Chris and Ashley (Until Dawn) :icontimeisnotreal:TimeIsNotReal 65 10 Until Dawn Dump :iconyuminica:yuminica 195 27 climbing class :icon6oys:6oys 189 13 no fate awaits me :iconkaosadventus:KaosAdventus 48 10
Just Tell Me - Josh Washington x Reader
AU in which Beth and Hannah never died and the prank never occurred and everyone is safe and not in danger of wendigos (especially Josh)
You were riding the cable car with Chris; you along with the rest of your friends were going to the annual Blackwood getaway that Josh organized each year. You and Chris wanted to be the first ones to be there, mainly because you were Josh’s best friends, and being close to the Washington twins, they insisted on you being there first. You were looking out the cable car window, hearing your phone vibrate you reached for it, feeling your cheeks heat up with seeing Josh’s name across the screen.
You texted him that you were already on the cable car with Chris and you were just a tab bit cold.
Tell Cochise to lend you his sweater, Hannah and Beth will kill him if you get frostbite and I most likely join them too
-Josh <
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Wendigo!Josh in Palette #7 :iconmontenko:Montenko 54 2 Until Dawn Wallpaper :iconmrjuniorer:MrJuniorer 36 15 They Didn't Order Pizza :iconinkyness:Inkyness 38 17 chris and his beanie babies :iconmikamizula:mikamizula 119 4 I'm not tiny... :iconkrockiiio:Krockiiio 125 32 Stay With Me :icongreyallison:greyallison 110 8 Hello Samantha...[Until dawn game] :iconfaerieblossom:FaerieBlossom 49 4 TD Beth Washington (Until Dawn) :icontimeisnotreal:TimeIsNotReal 32 5 TD Hannah Washington (Until Dawn) :icontimeisnotreal:TimeIsNotReal 33 0
Happy Birthday Surprise (Josh Washington X Reader)
You were packing everything Josh said that you should pack for your birthday weekend. You told him countless times that you didn’t want anything big, or too extravagant, but when it came to the Washington’s their definition of ‘small’ was still big compared to yours, but then what can you expect when his parents bought a mountain just for the hell of it.
You kept reminding him over and over, and the only thing that he would do is nod saying that he was listening, but you still feel like he was ignoring you and you could already guess why. The main reason was because he loved you. Second, this would be his first time celebrating your birthday as his girlfriend, instead of your best friend. And if he went big on your birthday as your best friend, you guessed that he would do even more as your boyfriend.  
As you finished packing you noticed that the clothes were all so random, some were for cold weather, some for warmer weather, nothing matching at all, this
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