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Spider-Man Hoodies by lumpyhippo Spider-Man Hoodies :iconlumpyhippo:lumpyhippo 695 96 Unstable by lostknightkg Unstable :iconlostknightkg:lostknightkg 1,014 316 Never give up by antontang Never give up :iconantontang:antontang 5,894 474 Widow Mine by Mr--Jack Widow Mine :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 3,179 119
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:iconstarscoldnight:StarsColdNight 101 266
The Digital Self by liadys The Digital Self :iconliadys:liadys 77 24 Unstable Telepathy by ChaosFissure Unstable Telepathy :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 170 11
Arrogance abounds as I tumble down
Never looking up at those who laugh
Pride that makes me fall will keep me shattered
There is nothing that I trust more than the Voices in my head
They never lie,
though they are rarely kind
I don't need pity
I don't need love
All I have is dark and cold,
huddled in my fear
Who needs to be happy when blood holds thrall?
Pain can fill the emptiness
Appear as often as I need
I can Vanish anytime
I can Disappear
No one can put together all my crumbled shards
Not a single tear will be captured
Sorrow drowns in ecstasy
and I wonder who I am
:iconkittysib:KittySib 42 19
Desert Portal by DeathMystery Desert Portal :icondeathmystery:DeathMystery 171 28 Mentaly Unstable by Nothing4Free Mentaly Unstable :iconnothing4free:Nothing4Free 52 32 FORGET (MEME) by Jeyawue FORGET (MEME) :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 372 163 Aurelia by smilingbounder Aurelia :iconsmilingbounder:smilingbounder 197 22
My Mind Is Falling Apart
What kind of world is it,
That we can't see where we are?
"No creativity," they say, "only knowledge."
We're slaves to those we've created.
We can't help it.
We cant fight it.
We don't even want to see it.
But the world is turning black, and no one seems to care,
Am I the only one whose eyes are open?
We're living in a world we've created for ourselves,
And have shut off the existance of what's really there.
I'm alone now,
Inside my own little mind.
They say that's not good, but what's the harm in talking to myself?
I can't hurt anybody...
Only myself, and only if I want to.
I'm looking at the same page, but I'm reading a different story.
That's not like you.
We stomp out the differences;
They scare us, they're not like us...
We tell each other that individualism is a blessing, a gift we must all use.
Why then do we shut it off?
"Stamp out those who are unworthy! They have no place among us!"
What makes you so special? You're no better then the rag you've kicked aside.
What does color
:iconkitkatbarstory:KitKatBarStory 18 17
How I Feel
How I Feel
You make me feel...
So unstable,
Like I'm dancing on the edge...
Of a knife...
Balanced forever,
On the tip of a needle
I can't explain it,
It's just how you make me feel...
And I...
Am just waiting to bleed!
I'm afraid to look down,
I know that I'll fall,
For you, once again
I am just waiting,
I am just anticipating,
That jolt when I hit the ground
That's how I feel!
Every time you are around...
You make me feel...
So insubstantial,
Nothing to hold on to,
Nothing to hold me back...
I am waiting...
To lose my balance...
So don't make me,
Catch me if I jump!
And I...
Am just waiting to bleed!
I'm afraid to look down,
I know that I'll fall,
For you, once again
I am just waiting,
I am just anticipating,
That jolt when I hit the ground
That's how I feel!
Every time you are around...
You make me feel...
When I'm near you...
I could just die!
when you leave...
I cry!
You make me feel like falling...
And I...
Am just waiting to bleed!
I'm afraid to look down,
I know that I'l
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 34 43
Facets of the dreams by KseniyaLvova Facets of the dreams :iconkseniyalvova:KseniyaLvova 114 16 Depression by FOXFRE4K Depression :iconfoxfre4k:FOXFRE4K 241 12 Unstable Equilibrium by ZephonSoul Unstable Equilibrium :iconzephonsoul:ZephonSoul 181 40 Raevan - Domevlo by miaow Raevan - Domevlo :iconmiaow:miaow 296 27
Fake Smiles for You
I don't understand you
It's as if you're trying your very hardest
to make yourself unhappy
why don't you just try to smile
and stop acting like such a child

Yes, or course
your logic is infallible
I must try my hardest
to make myself miserable
because I absolutely love
feeling completely worthless
there's no other explanation
obviously this depression
the one that is drowning me
must be of my own choosing
I guess I could try to smile
even though every grin
results in more tears
than I care to admit
but if it will ease your guilt
of knowing that perhaps
you are to blame
for the unstable child
hiding inside my head...
that's what you really want
a reprieve from what you
helped to create...
but I'm so sorry to tell you
that until I can at least
smile for myself
I believe that smiling for you
is far to much for this child to handle
:iconanotherbrokensmile:AnotherBrokenSmile 19 4
Unstable Infusion by Nightblue-art Unstable Infusion :iconnightblue-art:Nightblue-art 164 17 -Tear Me Apart- by Ayato-Inverse -Tear Me Apart- :iconayato-inverse:Ayato-Inverse 334 17 _and we become.... by thephotogenesis _and we become.... :iconthephotogenesis:thephotogenesis 183 54
Deny Me
I couldn't care less
   about your eyes;
        be they amber,
             blue or amethyst,
and your tresses,
    be they cropped or long…
        dark as midnight
              or red as sunset.
I don't give a damn
   if you're fair or dark,
       or if your hands
are soft as petals,
          or if your fragrance
should remind me
              of rain wet roses.
But every restless night
       and every endless hour,
I am haunted and taunted-
           not by shameful moments,
                not by tender memories…
but by a heart too fickle.
:iconsarboom:sarboom 20 9
Waves of uncertainty by lostknightkg Waves of uncertainty :iconlostknightkg:lostknightkg 115 56
Mental asylum
It begins every fight. No matter if its day or night.
The secrets that must not reach the light.
My mind may no longer be whole.
It may as well corrupt my soul.
They say my eyes are like burning coals.
That your own sanity may take a toll.
Surrounded by external doubts.
And some rather violent bouts.
Abandon those who make the descent.
You cannot escape without consent.
I don't know where the wound begin.
Maybe you should look at their sins.
The past can't be undone.
But being mad has been quiet fun.
The words of fate that I await.
So that I may walk out the front gate.
:iconduchessrush:DuchessRush 20 3
Grisly Derangement by Onyx-Philomel Grisly Derangement :icononyx-philomel:Onyx-Philomel 127 29
What to do...
So many thoughts are eating me, I don't know what to do...
I don't know who to trust, to love; or what is false or true...
Everything I say or do, it makes the matter worse...
It's almost like just me, myself, is a walking, breathing curse...
My throbbing brain, it twists and turns, it feels so confused...
It can't connect points A and B, it just feels so hurt, abused...
The bruises on my broken skin are coming into view;
So many thoughts are eating me, I don't know what to do...
My heart is beating way too fast, my hands tremble and shake.
I try to make things right again, but I made the same mistake.
The shadows, they are lerking; they consume me like before.
The voices in my head just scream, "Give up you stupid whore!"
I cannot win this battle, I can't be happy, free.
I wont let this destroy me, like it did my family.
I dig my nails into my head, my sanity has slipped...
I'm falling back into despair, I'm falling - I was tripped.
I scream out in agony, but no one hears my cries...
:iconxxwitherxx:xXWitherXx 17 16
The future... by Ikabe The future... :iconikabe:Ikabe 140 36 Starfire by Gannaingh32 Starfire :icongannaingh32:Gannaingh32 90 29 The Kiss by CorruptRecluse The Kiss :iconcorruptrecluse:CorruptRecluse 86 14 Spider-Man: Red And Blue 1 by lumpyhippo Spider-Man: Red And Blue 1 :iconlumpyhippo:lumpyhippo 73 11 Follow me no more-Kyo Kusanagi by acir Follow me no more-Kyo Kusanagi :iconacir:acir 286 100 Unstable by Blitz32 Unstable :iconblitz32:Blitz32 80 37 Spider-Man Future Foundation Suit by robinosuke Spider-Man Future Foundation Suit :iconrobinosuke:robinosuke 119 12 Unstable Concoction II by gregor-kari Unstable Concoction II :icongregor-kari:gregor-kari 115 7
It's inconvenient
For me
To scrutinize every detail
It's impractical
For me
To envision perfection
It's inadequate
For me
To always feel incompetent
It's impossible
For me
To imagine falling short
It's insufficient
For me
To live within these restrictions
It's insensitive
For me
To think you're unaffected
:iconsarachristensen:SaraChristensen 13 30
Pinkamina Diane Pie by Toonlancer Pinkamina Diane Pie :icontoonlancer:Toonlancer 261 14 DEADPOOL -Breaking Boarders 3 by Elfsar DEADPOOL -Breaking Boarders 3 :iconelfsar:Elfsar 214 25
Mentally unstable
I am unstable and you wonder how?
I am mentally on verge of loosing yet I don't
I can't speak properly without stumbling
I can't think right without having more than 3 questions in my head
I try being logical but logic never helps or pushes me enough
I try being positive but my mind dwindles on negative
There is no cure for me I say it all time no anti depressants
There is no way I'll succumb to my thoughts either
Maybe I'm wrong and its all in my head
Maybe its you who's right and I'm hallucinating
In the end I'm mentally unstable and that's just normal
In the end I repeat what I can't stop that is a trend
This is me being me me living with what I've suffered for years
This is my mentality that I'll live with for rest of my life
:iconbig-k14:Big-K14 12 6
I am instability
When people see me,
see me walking by,
they see hatred,
they see rage,
but what they do not know
do not realize
is that these eyes
hold sorrow
this world has been cruel to me.
I never asked to be this way,
where, every day
my family
would suffer
because of me
and my mood swings.
It's not me.
But it is a part of me.
I have succumbed to a
controlling director
and I am playing a part
in a theater
where the script is garbled
and I have to follow a plot
which makes no sense
to the audience...
or me.
Because you see,
the real me
is hidden
and it is forbidden
to gaze upon the face
behind the facade
I facilitate for you all.
Yes, it is unreasonable.
But, do you know why
I hide?
When I look into a mirror, I see
a little girl like me
with dark skin
and a darkened glare
fixed beneath her brow
and then I wonder how
this little girl became me.
All I see is instability.
:iconlovedestructive:LoveDestructive 21 23
Vermin by MistaMishMash Vermin :iconmistamishmash:MistaMishMash 78 27
I feel...
I feel different
just a little
only a little
Because I am
from other girls.
I try not to hide it anymore
from the world
but it's hard.
It's hard to show
who I really am.
I am different.
That means something, a little different
from what you'd think.
about, oh let's say,
every day
I'm on the brink
of someone or something
to have a breakdown.
Now, don't be alarmed if I get angry
and try to slap you
because the sounds
of your chewing
get too disgusting or too loud.
It just sets me off.
I can't help it.
I am different.
And don't be afraid of me
if I'm being frightening
because it will only enrage me more.
And I'll attack you
or smack you
and try to slam your head against the door.
I'm trying to control it,
so just bear with it.
Bear with me, please.
Because, I can't bear to deal with me on my own.
I am different.
:iconlovedestructive:LoveDestructive 11 15
.unstable by yiolo .unstable :iconyiolo:yiolo 68 61
Everyone screams.
Some scream silently,
Some very Loudly,
Some scream on the inside.
I hear whispers.
"Kill yourself."
"Nobody likes you."
"Everyone is trying to kill you."
"That dog is actually a demon sent to kill you."
"Jump off the building. You're going to fly."
"You're such a loser."
"We all hate you."
I scream.
:iconnightrain3113:NightRain3113 10 40
Silly Me
Silly me,
For thinking we
Could be,
Whole again.
Then again...
Silly me,
For thinking,
We ever were,
To begin with.
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 11 0
AT Zephyr-Kit by StyxTwig AT Zephyr-Kit :iconstyxtwig:StyxTwig 245 27 GIMP Unstable Brushes by Project-GimpBC GIMP Unstable Brushes :iconproject-gimpbc:Project-GimpBC 320 17
and you can ask a million whys
to find nothing but
the chaos underneath -
structures made of cardboard
soaked with gasoline
(stars shine like
flint on steel,
just waiting
for a spark.)
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 11 1
Sad and Unstable by viperbtee Sad and Unstable :iconviperbtee:viperbtee 39 33