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The Lego Movie, a review
Lego building blocks have become something a juggernaut these past few decades. What with them being famous in the 80's, their fame exploded when they began making licensed sets out of franchises such as Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, Bionicle, etc. Heck, there's even a Legoland and videogame Lego versions of the same property. 
I really don't know why I 'should' review the Lego movie. It's already been out a week and people have already made up their minds about it. And besides, there are lots of other movies coming out like Winter's Tale... or the Robocop reboot... or Endless Lov- You know what? Maybe I should encourage more movie-goers to watch this. 
The wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) attempts to protect the "Kragle", a superweapon, from the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell). He fails to do so, but warns Lord Business of a prophecy where a person called the "Special" will find the Piece of Resistance capable of stopping the Kragle.
I'm going to start out by saying some
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