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Unhealthy Foods by Yuuhiko Unhealthy Foods :iconyuuhiko:Yuuhiko 61 8 Cake Icon 2, Strawberry by xVanyx Cake Icon 2, Strawberry :iconxvanyx:xVanyx 14 0 Cake Icon 4, Frosting by xVanyx Cake Icon 4, Frosting :iconxvanyx:xVanyx 9 0 Banana by mariolic7 Banana :iconmariolic7:mariolic7 11 4 Cake Icon 3, Chocolate with Sprinkles by xVanyx Cake Icon 3, Chocolate with Sprinkles :iconxvanyx:xVanyx 6 0 Drunk Girls by PooEqualsPoo Drunk Girls :iconpooequalspoo:PooEqualsPoo 8 5 Eww I said NO tomatoes by NicholasAx Eww I said NO tomatoes :iconnicholasax:NicholasAx 4 8 Love frites by FlexMcGregg Love frites :iconflexmcgregg:FlexMcGregg 4 0 Unhealthy food:: by Minyann Unhealthy food:: :iconminyann:Minyann 3 8 Hot Chips by Tatteredheartxx Hot Chips :icontatteredheartxx:Tatteredheartxx 1 0 The most colorful lunch by Brokensunrise22 The most colorful lunch :iconbrokensunrise22:Brokensunrise22 2 4 Cheese Baked Rice by YueYi Cheese Baked Rice :iconyueyi:YueYi 0 0 Cinnamon Roll Beauty 2 by RojasdeAztec Cinnamon Roll Beauty 2 :iconrojasdeaztec:RojasdeAztec 0 0 Earth Fare moto thingy by 101skaterchic Earth Fare moto thingy :icon101skaterchic:101skaterchic 1 1 Candy Land by deadlove1123 Candy Land :icondeadlove1123:deadlove1123 0 0 What to Tell the Cardiologist by mtsofan What to Tell the Cardiologist :iconmtsofan:mtsofan 0 7 A sugar bomb by OddDot A sugar bomb :iconodddot:OddDot 0 3 Skittles edit 2 by HeartsxxEmma Skittles edit 2 :iconheartsxxemma:HeartsxxEmma 1 0 Not Peeps Anymore by DarkxNight Not Peeps Anymore :icondarkxnight:DarkxNight 0 15 21st Century Plague-cont. by AdamBlaton 21st Century Plague-cont. :iconadamblaton:AdamBlaton 0 0 Candy Land II by deadlove1123 Candy Land II :icondeadlove1123:deadlove1123 0 0 Not-Impressed Hamburger by xPenthesilea Not-Impressed Hamburger :iconxpenthesilea:xPenthesilea 0 4 Danger Zone by Chicky2140 Danger Zone :iconchicky2140:Chicky2140 2 4 Posterheroes 2014 by serselim Posterheroes 2014 :iconserselim:serselim 0 0 Dial A for Adventure II BGs1 by tremblinglight Dial A for Adventure II BGs1 :icontremblinglight:tremblinglight 1 0
Josh Hutcherson: Fat Boy Part 5
John casually sat down next to Josh on the couch, and handed him the plates of food and cup of soda.
"Dude!" Josh said in of voice that was somewhat loud for being a whisper. "I told you not to get me too much! But it looks like you brought most of the food to the couch."
John's heart was beating faster, and he tried to come up with a believable excuse for bringing so much. "Well, actually one of the plates is mine." John took the plate with less food out of Josh's hand. "Yeah, sorry I wasn't thinking when I gave you both."
Josh looked at him curiously for a few moments, but just seemed to forget about whatever he was thinking of. "Its cool, man. Just enjoy the work me and my other talented friends have done so far." Josh now directed his attention to the large Tv in front of the room.
John wanted to get away just for a few moments, so he went to get a fork and a spoon for Josh that he had stupidly forgotten. While he was at the snack table, he looked up a few times, mostly at Josh, bu
:iconhealthyteenjohn11:healthyteenjohn11 33 0
Josh Hutcherson: Fat Boy Part 6
"Ooooohhh," Josh moans uncomfortably on the leather couch in the middle of the room.
John doesn't know what to do but stare at the movie star. In between his pained breathing, Josh looks over and spots John staring, making John blush with embarrassment.
"John," Josh says, trying to stifle a burp. "What are you st- *buurp* ...still doing here?" Josh tries to calm his grumbling belly by rubbing it, which seems to make it groan more.
John wants to say that he stayed, so he could clean up but Sam already cleaned everything surprisingly well. He picked up wandering garbage and even organized the messy food on the table.
Thinking of the food on the table gave John his excuse. "I... I wanted to wait for you. And also have a few more snacks, y'know what I'm sayin'?" John grabs a few fries from the plates on Josh's lap with his shaking hand, and he leads them to his mouth, trying to seem convincing.
"Well, could you...," Josh reconsiders saying something. "Actually, never mind."
John continues
:iconhealthyteenjohn11:healthyteenjohn11 28 3
Josh Hutcherson: Fat Boy Part 3
John slowed his car down and finally came to a stop in front of the pizzeria.
John knew this place pretty well, and so did everyone else in this town. It was the only pizzeria that was decorated like a diner in the area, so people thought it was a special kind of pizza place. Kids had their parties there, and adults had their friendly meals there. It was a place where most people would go when they're in a hurry too because of their quick service, so business there was usually busy.
John approached the counter to pick up the large pizzas and desserts the woman had ordered. There was a young girl working the register who didn't seem to care about who was walking in and out of the restaurant. She was too busy texting her friends and taking selfies to notice anything.
"Um... excuse me?" John said a bit intimidated because of the girl's sudden change in mood.
She frowned and gave him a disgusted look.
"I'm here to-"
"Can't you see that I'm in the middle of working. I'm advertising the pizz
:iconhealthyteenjohn11:healthyteenjohn11 22 0
Josh Hutcherson: Fat Boy Part 4
John stumbled into the Green Room, trying not to drop the piles of food he was carrying inside. Josh Hutcherson called out to him when John found the table and layer out the food.
"Hey, John, you finally made it," Josh said, winking. "We've been waitin' for you."
All the other actors were in the room and having their own conversations. But some did stop to look over and agree with Josh.
"Yeah," Sam Caflin said. "I mean, it's not a party unless you have enough food."
"Definitely!" Josh laughed and gave Sam a high five. Then, Jennifer Lawrence, who was relaxed on the couch, patted the space next to her and invited Josh to sit. Josh quickly flopped right next to her, and she gave the Tv remote to him, so he could find something to watch.
The room was festive, but John wasn't sure what to do now. He's never partied with famous people before. He didn't know how to act or what to talk about. It was when John turned around to escape to the bathroom that he stood face to face with Jenny, the w
:iconhealthyteenjohn11:healthyteenjohn11 14 0
Josh Hutcherson: Fat Boy Part 2
John ripped open a bag of chips that he took from the table of food that he himself had set up for the people working on the movie. It had been six hours since John finished getting everything ready, and he was wondering when someone would come to cure his boredom with a nice conversation.
He was hoping he'd be able to speak with Josh again because he thought that Josh seemed like a cool guy. Just from the short conversation they had, he could tell that Josh was calm and kind and the first person he would consider his friend on set.
It was only after twenty more minutes of waiting that someone walked in. But John wasn't too thrilled to see the woman he had met earlier who would yell at everyone and anyone to do what she wants them to do. John knew she wasn't going to make much of a good conversation.
"John," John she said, glancing at him quickly while she inspected the room. "I told you that I would hire you for your service if you brought an adequate amount of food for our staff. But
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Giantess Aprilyn vs. McDonalds by timelike01 Giantess Aprilyn vs. McDonalds :icontimelike01:timelike01 9 1 Dial A for Adventure II BGs2 by tremblinglight Dial A for Adventure II BGs2 :icontremblinglight:tremblinglight 2 0 It's called MODERATION by Tsaalyo It's called MODERATION :icontsaalyo:Tsaalyo 34 12 Posterheroes 2014 by serselim Posterheroes 2014 :iconserselim:serselim 1 0 Alice With Pie by Yellowpencil Alice With Pie :iconyellowpencil:Yellowpencil 8 49 ... Art-Meme? by UnNuRmAlxD ... Art-Meme? :iconunnurmalxd:UnNuRmAlxD 2 18 Who Ordered The Toxic Sludge? by Liam-Liberty Who Ordered The Toxic Sludge? :iconliam-liberty:Liam-Liberty 0 0 Where The Countrified Chicken Go To Eat Or Be Eate by sindhoorella Where The Countrified Chicken Go To Eat Or Be Eate :iconsindhoorella:sindhoorella 0 0 You Have Reached the Bottom of the Food Chain by sindhoorella You Have Reached the Bottom of the Food Chain :iconsindhoorella:sindhoorella 1 7 Viva la grasa by GreenTees Viva la grasa :icongreentees:GreenTees 0 0 Doc, you obesity-loving coward by FoggyPebble Doc, you obesity-loving coward :iconfoggypebble:FoggyPebble 3 5