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Octomaid by ebonydragon Octomaid :iconebonydragon:ebonydragon 738 45 Underwater Red Moon by mariposa-nocturna Underwater Red Moon :iconmariposa-nocturna:mariposa-nocturna 907 71 Wonder World by badnan Wonder World :iconbadnan:badnan 186 91 new dancing underwater by kenvinpinardy new dancing underwater :iconkenvinpinardy:kenvinpinardy 466 38 underwater tale by temporary-peace underwater tale :icontemporary-peace:temporary-peace 166 27 :. I'm not okay.: by Favetoni :. I'm not okay.: :iconfavetoni:Favetoni 343 54 MerMay 2017 by Lord-StarryFace MerMay 2017 :iconlord-starryface:Lord-StarryFace 87 2 Submerged by IscaRedspider Submerged :iconiscaredspider:IscaRedspider 67 3
“Yuma, you want to come to the beach with me?” Yuna asked.
“Sure,” Yuma (age 22) nodded.
“There’s a catch. You have to come as Lozen,” Yuna explained.
“And why would I agree to that?” Yuma questioned.
“Because I can beat you in a match to see how can pin the other first.”
“Oh really, care to prove it? If I win I turn you into a woman.”
“Very well.”
Yuma entered combat with Yuna. He thought it would be easy, but every punch he threw at her she either blocked or countered. She effortless pinned him down.
“What? But how?”
“I absorbed all of your information back before the curse was broken. I know all of your moves.”
After being released, Yuma stood up and told her, “Very well, I am a man of my word.”
Yuna used her magic to turn Yuma into a women within seconds. She even changed his attire into Lozen’s. “A woman of her word now,” she rema
:icontherealyuma:TheRealYuma 10 0
190409-II by Pasternak 190409-II :iconpasternak:Pasternak 46 24 Pirates Treasure by Vvires Pirates Treasure :iconvvires:Vvires 14 9 Rise and Shine by 11meister Rise and Shine :icon11meister:11meister 107 78 Currents by Stormfire-SF Currents :iconstormfire-sf:Stormfire-SF 22 17 Dragon Dance by Hengki24 Dragon Dance :iconhengki24:Hengki24 111 42 Bolt  underwater  adventure by fredvegerano Bolt underwater adventure :iconfredvegerano:fredvegerano 43 46 The Sea Emperor Facility by Jengineerr The Sea Emperor Facility :iconjengineerr:Jengineerr 16 6 Underwater Azumarill by MokaSooN Underwater Azumarill :iconmokasoon:MokaSooN 52 54 Underwater - Cryaotic by CrazyMarti Underwater - Cryaotic :iconcrazymarti:CrazyMarti 183 69 Underwater photography.1 by Mgsblade Underwater photography.1 :iconmgsblade:Mgsblade 22 39 Runaway train by sulamith Runaway train :iconsulamith:sulamith 16 4 jellyfish by myfamilysmistake jellyfish :iconmyfamilysmistake:myfamilysmistake 22 3 Dragons Tales: Ord by fredvegerano Dragons Tales: Ord :iconfredvegerano:fredvegerano 28 37 Over the edge: I'm coming by doppeL-zgz Over the edge: I'm coming :icondoppel-zgz:doppeL-zgz 23 2 Taylor Shifty - The Rescue! by MartonSzucsStudio Taylor Shifty - The Rescue! :iconmartonszucsstudio:MartonSzucsStudio 65 65 Underwater photography.2 by Mgsblade Underwater photography.2 :iconmgsblade:Mgsblade 18 36 Tiger Leap in the Water by PSHoudini Tiger Leap in the Water :iconpshoudini:PSHoudini 3,178 677 Mother Daughter Dive by Severflame Mother Daughter Dive :iconseverflame:Severflame 72 3 Easter Egg by UWfan-Tomson Easter Egg :iconuwfan-tomson:UWfan-Tomson 133 47
Logic and Reason
Logic and reason are our restrains.
Binding us to black and white.
But I don't want black and white.
I want purple, red, blue, and gold.
I want to play in the clouds,
and dance amoung the stars,
to breathe underwater,
and soar through the sky.
Logic and reason are our restrains.
Let's break through them just this once,
and have a bit of fun...
:iconlenlen46:lenlen46 6 21
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