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A Frisky Dreemurr Meal :iconpingthehungryfox:PingTheHungryFox 258 359 Commish--Just Stay Here With Me ^^ :iconspidersvore:SpidersVore 135 88 Cool Leg Monies :iconpingthehungryfox:PingTheHungryFox 121 90
sans vore story
(Warning contains vore nu loik nu read)thus is a sans vore hope u wub it
I was cold walking on my on is this blizzard i was wearing a big puffy brown jacket and qhite mittens crossing my hands to keep warm i was wearing a hat but blew off i couldnt see a tjing so i did not really care. I was so cold i almost fell, you can see my long pink hair flying in the hair. Then i herd a voice and two datk figures i wad nervus but from how cold it was i fainted. The ndxt thing i new was i was in a house i did not know were but i was safe and thats all that mattered. I saw a littel girl next to me looking never opening her eyes. "Hello..." i said softly she just looked and did not anwnser. "Oh hey looks like you woke up!" I lookrd to see who said that it was a small skeleten with a blue jacket with black shorts "Hi" he said i screamed "wow wow wow hold on there littel one" he said "im sans" he chuckuled. I just looked at him for about two min and said "h.h......i" "dont worry im not gonna hurt you
:iconlapislazy:Lapislazy 31 45
my sins are crawling on my back rrrrrrrrr :iconyoshi1337:Yoshi1337 35 22
Feraltale vore
I liked the older female behind the gate.
It made my boring days a bit more bearable. Sitting there trying to communicate without body language, or sometimes just vocalizing randomly. Or bringing stuff from both our sides of the closed doors, going out all the way to hotland with the hope that a lavastone might match up to the sweet scent of cooked food. I love my brother very much, but it’s nice to interact with someone that was more...mature, someone wiser, that took the role of a caretaker so easily.
And that’s why sometimes I would just sit there all day, crooning and hoping she would feel better again soon.
I was not unfamiliar with her on a really bad day, but that didn’t make it any less painful to hear. Human children would fall, she’d care for them, they went, they died. And every time she’d sit there and wail her anguish to the empty halls. It never failed to tug at my heartstrings.
And still I didn’t get how they could make her this heartb
:iconsketchy-vore:Sketchy-Vore 20 13
Toriel Vore :icontomeatoe:TomeAtoe 41 15 Muffet Vore :icontomeatoe:TomeAtoe 57 12 Papyrus Vore prt. 2 :iconcrazyisback:CrazyIsBack 15 20 oh look i jumped on the undertum sin train :iconyoshi1337:Yoshi1337 15 1 chara vore :iconsansloverx3:SansLoverX3 11 20 Chara and asriel vore :iconsansloverx3:SansLoverX3 11 10 Mettaton Pt 1 :iconcolourfulsilver:ColourfulSilver 8 0 Chara vore again :iconsansloverx3:SansLoverX3 9 3 Devour RECOLORED! :iconmu5hr00m99:Mu5Hr00m99 8 0
Undertale vore roleplay
Please read my rules first:
You can be either pred or prey.
The prey is a child that has just fallen into the ruins.
Possible preds:
Omega Flowey
Hypergod Asriel
Mad Dummy
Dinosaur Kid
Preds I won't play/be eaten as:
:iconaluminumbread:aluminumbread 4 77
UndertaleVore the Meh :iconmikeeddyadmirer89:MikeEddyAdmirer89 3 7 Frisk eating chara part 2 :iconsansloverx3:SansLoverX3 3 11 Sans Vores Mettaton EX :iconanw2004:ANW2004 2 0 SuperUndertaleCharaVoreKing2017 :iconnethy1987:nethy1987 0 2 Frisk eating chara :iconsansloverx3:SansLoverX3 1 0