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Reminiscence: Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 24 :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 2,894 1,236 Undertale: They Are Going Through the Unimaginable :iconshrineheart:Shrineheart 509 38 look at the precious bby :iconrag--tag:rag--tag 78 17 Mr. Dad Guy :icondoodlerie:doodlerie 40 4 Human... (Undertale Asgore Mostly Custom Sprite) :icongranpris:Granpris 46 2 Undertale AU- The World of Sextale (Humanized) :iconsinful-trash:Sinful-Trash 21 120 Undertale: Assgur :iconnerostreet:NeroStreet 40 3 Asgore Icon :iconkonory:Konory 27 11 OFFTale title screen art :icongranpris:Granpris 61 13 King Asgore :icongrazikatsura:GraziKatsura 38 3 Undertale AU- Omegatale (Humanized) :iconthe-really-strange:The-Really-Strange 23 1 The World of Sextale(Humanized)(Remake) :iconsinful-trash:Sinful-Trash 17 22 Asgore :iconbrejchova:Brejchova 20 0 Undertale- Asgore WIP #2 :iconthe-heraldic-sword:The-Heraldic-Sword 19 1 [Undertale Oc] Ambra and Asriel (ver.1) :icondomcia13:Domcia13 15 10 [Undertale] Asgore the Ball Buster :iconpoi-rozen:poi-rozen 20 14 Mochitale :icontheweirdglitch:Theweirdglitch 16 13 UT: Verses :iconthewolfdemon16:thewolfdemon16 15 7 Dreemurr Family :iconnyaaldrago23:NyaAldrago23 12 3 Princess Luna as Asgore :iconbracelet-wizard:Bracelet-Wizard 12 1 Happy Birthday Undertale :iconazulastros:AzulAstros 11 0 [Undertale Oc] Youthful love / First meeting :icondomcia13:Domcia13 10 5 Undertale...Or Insidetale? (BAD ENGLISH) Page 91 :iconnaikodraw:NaikoDraw 9 7 Asgore Dreemurr :icongalliarts:GalliArts 9 0 When We Were Happy (Art Trade) :iconserpanade-toons:Serpanade-Toons 7 3 WiP Undertale :icondoodlerie:doodlerie 6 0 ASGORE :iconcloudyskiez:CloudySkiez 6 0 History Class :iconmeritaz:Meritaz 5 9 Undertale chracter redo (part 2, classic set done) :iconxxendergirl559xx:XxEndergirl559xX 5 0 A Drawing Of King Asgore :iconzdeadfalloutxx:ZDEADFALLOUTXx 5 5 Asgore fight :iconfrafreedom123:FraFreedom123 4 0 Taking a walk in Snowdin :iconthanatos-arg:Thanatos-ARG 4 0 King Asgore Dreemurr :iconshadysableye77:ShadySableye77 3 0 King Asgore :iconshakey-shake:Shakey-Shake 3 0 Dreemurr Family - Undertale fanart :iconexcalibursapphire:ExcaliburSapphire 3 0
Tyrantale: Chapter 7
Chapter 7.
Now, back to the revolt.
Let the rescue mission begin.
Alphys looked around cautiously, looking in every room she passed as she slipped through the palace halls, eventually crossing paths with Mettaton once more.
"Any sign of Chara?" Alphys asked.
"Not up here," Mettaton answered, "last I heard, he went into the basement."
"So, he's close," the scientist said, "which means, be better get this done fast."
"So, remind me what the goal here is." the robot requested.
"We get as many prisoners out that we can," Alphys explained, "then, while Chara is distracted, Sans and I will work on the Soul Extractor."
She then took out her cellphone and sent Sans a text:
"All clear"
Outside the castle, in the final hall of the Core, the Resisters were waiting, and, as soon as Sans saw the text, he looked at the others and gestured to the door leading inside the castle. Sans teleporte
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Undertale AU (The Empress Undyne AU)
Your determination is what sets you apart.
I really, really don't want to kill you.
But, I have no choice.
Good bye, buddy.
This is dialogue from Knight Sans of this AU known as "The rule of Undyne"
In this AU there are some changes of story and characters so let's dive in first with the characters:
Muffet takes the role of Toriel in this AU, being on the ruins. As expected, she acts a bit different than Toriel actually acts like.
See instead of keeping you in the ruins because she wants company, Muffet wants you to stay because she was attacked by Undyne when she rebelled against her policy on killing humans. This is why this version of Muffet only has four eyes, because she lost one.
Now don't get me wrong this next one is weird, but hold your horses. Temmie and Napstablook switch places.
So Napstablook has a village called"Blooky Village" and Temmie is found in the ruins. Now because of this I had a weird swap, I had to do this;
Mettaton switching with Flowey.
This I fi
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Undertale Stuff :iconpielordpictures:PieLordPictures 1 2