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A Guide to Undertale AUs
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Every single character in Undertale is changed. AUs that only affect some of the characters are not found here, nor are AUs that change only during the time Frisk is within the underground.
Basic Change (<-THIS IS A LINK)
The basic theme of Undertale is changed, flipped, or modified while still remaining in the same basic sto
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 If you haven't heard of Underfell, please check it out. I find it interesting! It's an AU where everything is in reverse.
    "You're really determined, aren't you?" Sans hissed mockingly, his shoulders bouncing with a low chuckle as he loomed above Frisk, his crimson eye glowing maliciously. A smug grin was spread across his features, and he let out a snort as Frisk heaved themselves to their feet, biting down on their lip to swallow a whimper.
    Their face was damp with tears, bruises littering their skin- but the fierce persistence in their dark eyes never faded. Clenching their jaw against the tightness in their chest, they shuddered against the cold and curled their fingers into fists. The frigid wind blew on, and the seemingly never ending expanse of gelid white was only broken by Sans' stark, blood red aura and the jagged shadows of the skeletal trees behind them.
    The silence was only broken by Frisk's s
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Kill or Be Killed by Seadraz Kill or Be Killed :iconseadraz:Seadraz 187 30 Undertale :: Underfell:: SHOCKING by SpaceJacket Undertale :: Underfell:: SHOCKING :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 1,540 208 [Ask Out] by wolfifi [Ask Out] :iconwolfifi:wolfifi 1,472 106