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A Delicate Flower
A delicate flower
Cuts her hair short
Suits up in armor
And marches into battle.
A delicate flower
Reaches for the hilt
Unsheaths her sword
And stares at the blade.
A delicate flower
Swings downward hard
Gritting her teeth
And cries out in pain.
A delicate flower
Bleeds her red nectar
Into the dirt
And growls at her foe.
A delicate flower
Screams her frustration
Pulls herself up
And clenches her weapon.
A delicate flower
Brings a deadly surprise
Smiles sadistically
And is never again
:iconstarsofcassiopeia:StarsOfCASSiOPEiA 32 68
Even The Ugliest by WishmasterAlchemist Even The Ugliest :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 114 10 __cute: but psycho. by xOhhAmberr __cute: but psycho. :iconxohhamberr:xOhhAmberr 101 29 You're Fucking Perfect by Reynbeau12 You're Fucking Perfect :iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 159 22
She left
She knew you loved her when she picked up her bag.
She felt uneasy; nevertheless, thought what the heck.
She saw you crying, but knew you would break her neck.
She also loved you, yet left. She could see no way back.
She was not guilty of all that you had stated.
She tried to reason, you made her understated.
She cried, asked what about her you hated.
She clearly saw by you she was underestimated.
She knows she is not perfect, still love is her hope.
She made many mistakes, like others, she copes.
She was trying to balance on a slippery slope.
She feels it is time to aim for her own scope.
The end of the story, she'd better not be sorry...
:iconpytryseck:pytryseck 8 7
Underestimated Heroines by M-Mannering Underestimated Heroines :iconm-mannering:M-Mannering 161 48
CHERIMON: Tired Charlie
"I'm knackered. 'Night guys," Alex announced to no one in particular.
"Whatever," Michael uttered, busy with a Macbook cradled in his crossed legs. Liam merely nodded, eyes never leaving the screen of his cell phone in his rapidly texting fingers. Ed, who was entirely engrossed in the video game he was playing, didn't even respond.
Alex looked to the only other person in the room. Charlie was curled up on the other end of the sofa, with heavy eyelids fighting to stay open. Alex smiled – he knew the boy. Charlie could never stay awake after 11:00. So he walked towards the boy and pulled him up. "You're going to bed too, mister."
As Alex towed Charlie off towards the bedrooms down the corridor, Michael and Liam exchanged glances. They laughed, knowing what would happen. "What?" Ed demanded to know what was going on, looking up from his game (he finally finished the level). "Nothing," Liam said with a sly smile.
* *
Alex laid Charlie down on his bed across the room, and turned off th
:iconstarsafterlight:starsafterlight 29 84
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Undiscovered Treasures

Feature journal including comments on behalf of Riemea's 50,000 Pageviews Mini-Contest

Please show all those wonderful artists your love :heart:
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Clarity Of The Senses
Clarity of The Senses
There's a tiny little raindrop of salt
Waiting for the right moment to slide off the windowpane
There's no reason for you to get so sad and down
I know what it feels like to be held back against the socialistic refrain
It's not fair when you're alone in the Great White Room all by yourself
waiting for the Man in the black suit to take you away
float in the clouds and drift away far from reality
and wait...wait....wait...
He's not a man
Just another drag of the last cigarette I smoked
His hands are made of cyanide and his eyes are the color of nulclear blue
A certain kind of fellow that will take you to the corner and give you
the kind of drug that allows you to fly
Wait for the opportune moment
Trip over the clouds
into your mind
:iconxxxsatindollxxx:xXxSatinDollxXx 1 10
Wolf Background by underestimatedbeauty Wolf Background :iconunderestimatedbeauty:underestimatedbeauty 3 0 Dewdrops by shaneli1020 Dewdrops :iconshaneli1020:shaneli1020 2 26 The Small Make the Difference by Oikouros The Small Make the Difference :iconoikouros:Oikouros 3 3
Broken Hearts
Underestimating the power of your control over my heart,
wasn't my brightest idea, was it?
I wonder what you'd say
if you saw who I am today,
broken down,
lying flat on the ground,
and as the tears finally start to build,
they're gone.
You're gone.
Aren't you?
Vanished when I said no.
Who needs you anyway...
stupid words were all you said.
Keep them to yourself when you don't mean them.
:iconlolaleduc:lolaleduc 2 3
I was wrong by Shioku-990 I was wrong :iconshioku-990:Shioku-990 1 0 Underestimated by MorganMarie Underestimated :iconmorganmarie:MorganMarie 1 0 --Haunting Memory-- by xXSearchAndDestroyXx --Haunting Memory-- :iconxxsearchanddestroyxx:xXSearchAndDestroyXx 1 10
The Underestimated Doctor
The Underestimated Doctor By Dr.CNileDementia
doctor here doctor there
for all those who see this doctor
beware he is one to fear
this doctor has the key to unlimited power
at least for those who will hear
his word is final his word is clear
for those who sneer
are liable to disappear
:icondr-cniledementia:Dr-CNileDementia 1 0
Sofie Burke The Blind Camper by Jewl242 Sofie Burke The Blind Camper :iconjewl242:Jewl242 1 0
If You Only Knew
You people don't know how much I've been through. Your asumptions of what you think I am would make me laugh, if I could find the smile for it. Oh but I do smile; a perfectly plastered lie.
If you only knew...
I was a dumb kid with the worst luck. My mistakes hung onto my laugh with a weary echo. I stole some knowledge and became an adult. To become grown you have to lose everything; watch it all burn and fall like ash. Your family, your smile, your name.
If you only knew...
I wish I could share how I feel. This red-hot ember in my chest for a heart and no one's allowed to touch it, to help me. I break my bones in attempts to cover already buried lies. And yet you call me a coward, stupid, a damned fool.
If you only knew...
I bare the burden of every person to exhale their last words and every infant inhaling their first dose of reality. I'm not carrying the world on my shoulders, I'm carrying the sun. Everyday I burn for those who will never know.
If you only k
:iconcrimsonhints:CrimsonHints 1 0
You Underestimate Me.
I stood, invisible, watching your every move.
Your worst enemy held you at the top of the stair.
I had nothing to thank you for, nothing left to do.
My arrogance had protected me from the enemy you now faced.
You ignored all my advice despite our years together.
Despite the years of friendship we’d once cherished.
Where had all of that gone? Where was the trust?
Your support pulled under me like a dusty mat from beneath me.
Anyhow, I stroked the cold steel of the gun in my pocket.
I smiled as you screamed for your enemy to let you go.
No, I thought. Not yet, you haven’t suffered enough.
I let you suffer for that bit longer, loving my safe position in the dark.
You didn’t bother to scream anymore, you thought no one could hear you.
The only things I heard were your desperate gasps for air
And your regretful tears hitting the floor.
I wanted you to remember everything I’d told you, because now you knew I was right.
I stepped out from the shadows, still caressing the g
:iconelise-robinson:Elise-Robinson 1 4
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