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Underbrush :iconrajewel:rajewel 1,705 35 Commission: Hiding from the Sun :iconrajewel:rajewel 897 32 Reach Inside :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 323 14 Trail Her Breath :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 239 7 Not To Be Parted :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 206 6 These Wounds :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 321 16 What Lies Below :iconskysealer:Skysealer 503 20 Emergent :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 360 14 Nocturnal journey :icondeltamike:Deltamike 230 133 Forenoon Fable :icongabrielwigren:GabrielWigren 359 46 Where Are You Wolf :icondeltamike:Deltamike 123 44
01. Hunt [Fic]
This was the most difficult part. It was crucial to success; silence. Even the smallest scrape of his boot against the bark of the tree would alert attention, and attention was something he could not afford. There was a bear not too far ahead, a grizzly that pounded the very Earth back into place when it padded about in search for food.
Connor was perched in the crook of a branch not too far away, keeping his eyes locked on the mass of brown fur with obvious interest. He was a killer straight through, a true hunter.
Thing was, animals weren't the only things he hunted.
Connor leapt from the tree and tucked his body inwards towards his chest, still as silent as the grave even as he rolled through the snow behind the bear. Fluffy white flakes of the season sprang up around him and made it snow all over again.
The grizzly soon became the hunted the moment Connor's dagger sank true right in the base of the animal's spine, both paralyzing and instantly killing it.
There was little blood whe
:icondeussss:Deussss 36 20
Flidais :iconkxzxw:KXZXW 128 16
The Underbrush

whatever we are rots 
denied sun
those summer skies
rain passes us by
long past the point of having wept
never keeping 
only kept
never wishing
still placing bets
roots extend
moisture travels 
up the marrow
we feel it close by 
climbing the ladder 
the other side
upwards on our blindside
we love the hate
predictable fate
nothing left in a graveyard 
to wound 
to maim
consequences no longer retain
keeps us sane
our failure 
was to feel too much 
hurt given forth 
we loved 
we spoiled
here we lay 
mending nothing
pointing dull foils
beauty forgot us 
leaving us to falter
sorely missing radiance of warmth
somewhere deep 
we long to be akin
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 14 0
Iclandic Nature v.2 :iconduvessa2:duvessa2 78 17 Undergrowth :iconwillylorbo:willylorbo 72 59 023: Ekans :iconrikkoshaye:Rikkoshaye 41 21 Suburban Boredom :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 48 157 Palmengarten 01 - Stock Pack :iconkuschelirmel-stock:kuschelirmel-stock 31 1 Hotaru 2 :iconquit007:Quit007 65 4 Palmengarten 02 - Stock Pack :iconkuschelirmel-stock:kuschelirmel-stock 41 6 In The Underbrush At Night :iconquit007:Quit007 78 35 Somewhere in the Otways :iconfallowpenstock:FallowpenStock 24 0 English Adventure Sketch :icondeathbychiasmus:DeathbyChiasmus 47 12 Markham Nature Park Squirrels :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 39 11 So You Have Come To Visit Me :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 4,090 153 Hotaru :iconquit007:Quit007 40 12 Gullfoss :iconduvessa2:duvessa2 38 0 Eist Moran Agus Can Beagan :iconkxzxw:KXZXW 26 4 Cervine III :iconkxzxw:KXZXW 35 0 Understanding :iconkxzxw:KXZXW 47 2 Summer Pond v.2 :iconduvessa2:duvessa2 31 4 Peace On Earth :icontheepickle:Theepickle 36 12 Heirs of Tuatha De Danann :iconquit007:Quit007 30 4 Stream 6 - Still Water :iconmurder-stock:murder-stock 16 2 Pachya :iconbiofauna25:Biofauna25 20 1 Underbrush III :icondarkcalypso:darkcalypso 21 0 Twist :icondragonink7:DragonInk7 65 48
Permanent intemperance,
Embedded within my memories;
Patient soliloquys,
Whispered from one's dying breath...
This is what it's like
To live inside my mind,
For even one single blissful moment
Is from a time once stolen.
Little glimpses,
From within the wanderlust underbrush;
That is all it takes.
And you are held captive,
Waiting in the dark with baited breath,
As the fire from the embers
Are kindled anew,
Once more...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 6 4
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