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Shisui's death by Kibbitzer Shisui's death :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 2,561 185 Naruto - Sadness and Sorrow by FoxxFireArt Naruto - Sadness and Sorrow :iconfoxxfireart:FoxxFireArt 9,400 2,013 Sasuke y Sakura by Hybrid22 Sasuke y Sakura :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 1,499 163 Itachi and Shisui by Kibbitzer Itachi and Shisui :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 2,218 156 Itachi and Mikoto Uchiha by Kibbitzer Itachi and Mikoto Uchiha :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 2,520 226 Rank B by Hybrid22 Rank B :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 2,128 330 Itachi Uchiha - Betrayal by LALASOSU2 Itachi Uchiha - Betrayal :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 477 157 KakaxObi-Through the same eyes by topcat-sama KakaxObi-Through the same eyes :icontopcat-sama:topcat-sama 3,268 41 what about you by oOoNaruto-chanoOo what about you :iconooonaruto-chanooo:oOoNaruto-chanoOo 319 67 Dreaming Together by Hybrid22 Dreaming Together :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 1,199 144 Uchiha family by Izumii89 Uchiha family :iconizumii89:Izumii89 1,104 182 Konoha hospital 2 by Hybrid22 Konoha hospital 2 :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 1,282 194 Itachi and Sasuke by shebann Itachi and Sasuke :iconshebann:shebann 3,076 355 +UCHIHA BROTHERS+ by jinx-star +UCHIHA BROTHERS+ :iconjinx-star:jinx-star 2,410 329 AX2005 Naruto Cosplay Group by chuwei AX2005 Naruto Cosplay Group :iconchuwei:chuwei 419 139 COMMISSION - Uchiha Clan - nws by RussianKunoichi COMMISSION - Uchiha Clan - nws :iconrussiankunoichi:RussianKunoichi 905 124 Last Uchiha by LadySuyana Last Uchiha :iconladysuyana:LadySuyana 307 66 NARUTO: You are my best friend by iza-chan NARUTO: You are my best friend :iconiza-chan:iza-chan 474 93 I Can Still Fight by LadySuyana I Can Still Fight :iconladysuyana:LadySuyana 192 63
Baby Mine
"Please calm down! Just keep breathing, you'll be fine."
But Itachi knew that she would not be fine. She was being ripped apart just then, torn in two, no matter how 'natural' the doctor claimed this experience was. No amount of mental or physical ninja training had prepared her for anything even close to this kind of torture.
There were very few instances wherein Itachi had shed tears. When she was two years old, and she had fallen down the steps to her porch was one, and a few other times when she was young and naive, barely old enough to form complete sentences. Those times she had cried for such silly reasons.
But now, at the age of fifteen, in a hospital inside of the Tea Country, Itachi threw her head back into the stiff pillow that had been presented to her and sobbed her heart out. She wailed and cried, and begged for everything to end. Sharp pains crippled her ability to form words, and she yelped in misery instead, clawing desperately at the sheets beneath herse
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Far Away by LALASOSU2 Far Away :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 246 59 How sakura defeated sasuke by 1amm1 How sakura defeated sasuke :icon1amm1:1amm1 1,336 363 Hinata please be mine by i-azu Hinata please be mine :iconi-azu:i-azu 1,163 114 Naruto and Tobi by karka92 Naruto and Tobi :iconkarka92:karka92 1,278 291 her personal wonderland by Hinata-chaan her personal wonderland :iconhinata-chaan:Hinata-chaan 183 18 Yes I Do by Hybrid22 Yes I Do :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 639 98
NS - Shisui Uchiha x Reader - So Far Away
"Hey! (Name), wait up!"
You turned around to find your best friend Shisui Uchiha running towards you. You smiled as he finally caught up with you
"H-hey ... ha-have you s-seen Itachi anywhere?" He asked, breathless from running
"No, I haven't. Why, what's wrong?" You asked, concerned
"Aww, man!" He complained, kicking up the dust on the floor
You chuckled
"That's the fourth time he's given me the slip. Damn, he's good ..." He mumbled
"Maybe if you didn't express your thoughts so loudly, you'd be able to keep up with him" You said, smiling
He looked at you and smiled
"Yeah, I guess so" He said, laughing
You sighed deeply
"What's up?" He asked
"Oh, it's nothing ... but ... it's a little weird. Danzo told me to tell you that he wants to see you right away" You replied
He looked surprised
"Really? When was this?" He asked
"Yesterday" You admitted shyly
"Oh snap!" He cried
"You'd better get over there ... or it won't be just your butt he'll be kicking
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Itachi Uchiha by LALASOSU2 Itachi Uchiha :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 284 40 Happy Birthday Itachi!! ^__^ by Zetsuai89 Happy Birthday Itachi!! ^__^ :iconzetsuai89:Zetsuai89 781 93 Itachi Uchiha by LALASOSU2 Itachi Uchiha :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 261 46 Forgive Me Brother... by yuna2025 Forgive Me Brother... :iconyuna2025:yuna2025 924 99 Madara by Millenia666 Madara :iconmillenia666:Millenia666 159 35 Reason by LALASOSU2 Reason :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 247 54 SasuSaku: Sasuke Otou san by Chloeeh SasuSaku: Sasuke Otou san :iconchloeeh:Chloeeh 615 86 Sakura's Selphie by IIYametaII Sakura's Selphie :iconiiyametaii:IIYametaII 247 33 Itachi: Mirage by Kaira27 Itachi: Mirage :iconkaira27:Kaira27 171 36 Naruto 562 Tsunade vs Madara by jesterry Naruto 562 Tsunade vs Madara :iconjesterry:jesterry 397 44 Kabuto makes it Mother's Day by jesterry Kabuto makes it Mother's Day :iconjesterry:jesterry 356 47 Happy St Valentin by Hybrid22 Happy St Valentin :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 878 172 SxS_Cooking for you by Hybrid22 SxS_Cooking for you :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 731 143 A SasuSaku Family by Sastis A SasuSaku Family :iconsastis:Sastis 841 128 I AM YOUR LIGHT by PhonyProphet I AM YOUR LIGHT :iconphonyprophet:PhonyProphet 1,125 298 Chibi Madara Uchiha by Jokersita Chibi Madara Uchiha :iconjokersita:Jokersita 492 115 .Miuu Himitsu. by AkaiBlood .Miuu Himitsu. :iconakaiblood:AkaiBlood 587 161 Obito Uchiha by KozatoEnma Obito Uchiha :iconkozatoenma:KozatoEnma 332 18 I'M AGAINST IT by BaronBamboozle I'M AGAINST IT :iconbaronbamboozle:BaronBamboozle 317 101