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Purple dew by Aomori Purple dew :iconaomori:Aomori 1,127 155 Commission - Quete De L'Aube by Ravietta Commission - Quete De L'Aube :iconravietta:Ravietta 1,925 146 Commissh - Tyra by kasai Commissh - Tyra :iconkasai:kasai 3,459 116 COMM for Gaeva82 LOVE POEM by Avionetca COMM for Gaeva82 LOVE POEM :iconavionetca:Avionetca 1,848 282 Battle Results by Robaato Battle Results :iconrobaato:Robaato 2,153 116 Dragonborn on the Horizon by Robaato Dragonborn on the Horizon :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,472 97 : COM :  Tyra pixel animated by Rik-VReal : COM : Tyra pixel animated :iconrik-vreal:Rik-VReal 2,835 522 Tyra Alt Outfit 2 by Robaato Tyra Alt Outfit 2 :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,080 62 Tyra - dream - Vector 1 by darioart Tyra - dream - Vector 1 :icondarioart:darioart 940 518
KakuHida - Uke?
Two large, pools of purple. Lilac, with tinges of mauve, specks at random. Shining, smiling, with each a perfectly round, black dot in the middle.
Yes, Kakuzu was staring up into Hidan’s perfectly purple eyes.
…Hold on a moment. REWIND THAT.
REPLAY. UP!!? Kakuzu, uke!?
Hidan plopped down on the couch beside Kakuzu.
“Man what the hell is this shit!!? Give me the remote control asshole!”
“Firstly, this is NOT shit, Oprah happens to be my favorite talk show host of all time.”
Hidan chocked on his Ribena, squirting a relatively large amount out of his nose and into his lap. Eww.
“Secondly, I’m not going to give you the remote because you will watch brainless things like TYRA BANKS. “ Kakuzu clutched the remote closer to his chest, shooting Hidan a death glare. Tyra Banks over Oprah! Who could believe it!
Hidan slammed his glass of Ribena onto the table. His eyelids tur
:icondeistarzz:deistarzz 73 99
Happy New Years|2017 by RyoTazi Happy New Years|2017 :iconryotazi:RyoTazi 263 5 Tyra by GENZOMAN Tyra :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 6,516 344 We've both changed by AnevayWakanae We've both changed :iconanevaywakanae:AnevayWakanae 182 35 Tyra Alt Outfit 1 by Robaato Tyra Alt Outfit 1 :iconrobaato:Robaato 816 7 RPG-4-Melandrhild by Robaato RPG-4-Melandrhild :iconrobaato:Robaato 909 29 Gift for SilverBrumby by Nikkayla Gift for SilverBrumby :iconnikkayla:Nikkayla 243 117 Gaara And Tyra Commission by WildSpiritWolf Gaara And Tyra Commission :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 1,220 164 Tyra by Spacefriend-T Tyra :iconspacefriend-t:Spacefriend-T 448 44 CM : Tyra by kachima CM : Tyra :iconkachima:kachima 799 17 Tyra by paulobarrios Tyra :iconpaulobarrios:paulobarrios 1,087 78 Tyra by Xteal by Melandrhild Tyra by Xteal :iconmelandrhild:Melandrhild 335 0 AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL by supercluster-hong AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL :iconsupercluster-hong:supercluster-hong 2,523 655 Modern Tyra by Robaato Modern Tyra :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,243 44 Tyra Back by GreenViggen Tyra Back :icongreenviggen:GreenViggen 262 14 Tyra by PRDart Tyra :iconprdart:PRDart 402 7 Paladins by SplashBrush Paladins :iconsplashbrush:SplashBrush 690 54 Down But Not Out by Robaato Down But Not Out :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,917 92 Will Be Back Home For Dinner by Robaato Will Be Back Home For Dinner :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,735 79 Tyra - slave outfit by TirNaNogIndustries Tyra - slave outfit :icontirnanogindustries:TirNaNogIndustries 433 39 Commission : Tyra by DJOK3 Commission : Tyra :icondjok3:DJOK3 549 14 Tyra by megaween Tyra :iconmegaween:megaween 570 11 Sexual 'Healing' by Robaato Sexual 'Healing' :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,165 87 Tyra by grimphantom Tyra :icongrimphantom:grimphantom 1,293 38 Tyra by cyberunique Tyra :iconcyberunique:cyberunique 1,334 35 tyra powers by cyberunique tyra powers :iconcyberunique:cyberunique 1,421 43 Tyra by ebonydragon Tyra :iconebonydragon:ebonydragon 331 35 Lake Shenanigans w/ Swimsuits by SpeedyHimura Lake Shenanigans w/ Swimsuits :iconspeedyhimura:SpeedyHimura 466 14 Tyra by CristianAC Tyra :iconcristianac:CristianAC 565 55 Tyra by daekazu Tyra :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,167 39 Tyra by Felox08 Tyra :iconfelox08:Felox08 569 31 Marthin and Tyra by zazB Marthin and Tyra :iconzazb:zazB 858 73 Tribute To Alexander McQueen by CostumeSalon Tribute To Alexander McQueen :iconcostumesalon:CostumeSalon 547 85 Tyra by Maksalicious Tyra :iconmaksalicious:Maksalicious 899 211 Tyra by Pablocomics Tyra :iconpablocomics:Pablocomics 570 25 commission TYRA by Einom commission TYRA :iconeinom:Einom 484 13 Typical Tyra Monday_COLOR by vest Typical Tyra Monday_COLOR :iconvest:vest 906 23 Babebarian by Robaato Babebarian :iconrobaato:Robaato 780 34 Tyra by CristianAC Tyra :iconcristianac:CristianAC 523 45 Into the Ancient Ruins by Javadoodle Into the Ancient Ruins :iconjavadoodle:Javadoodle 217 43