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Gravity Falls: One Last Night of Peace
The party was going as well as could be expected, considering the ordeal everyone had undergone. There was cheering from wall to wall, souls intermingling with one another, a grand room teeming with life and joyousness. Dipper proceeded through the crowd towards the cider fountain, grabbed an empty glass, and filled it up from the spicket towards the top so as not to disturb the now tired Manly Dan who was resting in the base pool.
“Dipper!” he heard his sister yell as she ran across the room to him and proceeded to expel an unnaturally fast sentence from her lungs, “What happened? One minute, my eyes can only see in a woody filter, the next Marius is asking Grenda out, which is awesome in the same way a rainbow-laser-shooting unicorn in a tuxedo would be awesome, but I'm still confused as to where those five minutes of my life went.” Mabel then took a breath and continued. “And what was that weird blue fire beard guy? He looked like he came out of some Ha
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the rats are fat enough
to die happy
and this is where
I should be:
a dirty screen and light.
the weak, thin music
you hear in waiting rooms,
in supermarkets
in bed, face up,
alone enough to find lust
this morning I bought
a loaf of bread-
and reflections of the lights
limped across the plastic.
I left, went home.
found twin peaks on tv
and watched strange people have
strange visions.
after an hour or so I
turned off the tv,
turned on the light
went upstairs, without
any bread.
the sun was down
under a blanket
and I am the sun.
I lay face up
and plan out ways
to slay the night.
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