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Semi-realism tutorial by inklou Semi-realism tutorial :iconinklou:inklou 10,323 676 Encounter by inklou Encounter :iconinklou:inklou 2,008 234 Blood of the Dragon by kittrose Blood of the Dragon :iconkittrose:kittrose 995 99 GOKU'S DREAM by CarlosDattoliArt GOKU'S DREAM :iconcarlosdattoliart:CarlosDattoliArt 594 94 The Addams Family by berkozturk The Addams Family :iconberkozturk:berkozturk 1,049 59 Jimmy Neutron at Hogwarts by Acaciathorn Jimmy Neutron at Hogwarts :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 1,113 206 Cosplay Collage - 1999 to present by yayacosplay Cosplay Collage - 1999 to present :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 998 160
It's only insensitive and nothing else when someone tells another to "get a life".
I often am told to "grow up" and that my obsession with cartoons and kids shows is "unhealthy" and that I "need to get a life". And I always give the same argument. This conversation happened just this week, and I definitely think I won. The person respectfully backed down and we continued our day on better terms.
This person had begun this argument after seeing me wearing my "Seddie" shirt, the newest one I made in anticipation for iLost My Mind coming out. They proceeded to ask me what it meant, and then laughed as I was telling them about the new episode coming out. They told me to get a life. "Do something more useful with your life for once" was probably the most offensive sentence I've heard in a long time. They said that cartoons and kids shows don't mean anything. I disagreed.
I said that cartoons DO have meaning! I began as I always did in these kinds of arguments, by beginning with the facts. A
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The Walking Dead - Negan by p1xer The Walking Dead - Negan :iconp1xer:p1xer 292 33 The Defenders: the animated series by FooRay The Defenders: the animated series :iconfooray:FooRay 858 86 Real South Park Kids by Jeffach Real South Park Kids :iconjeffach:Jeffach 392 53 Listen to Mycroft by TheHalfBloodPierrot Listen to Mycroft :iconthehalfbloodpierrot:TheHalfBloodPierrot 360 29 The Doctor's eyes - Doctor Who? by AnastasiyaKosenko The Doctor's eyes - Doctor Who? :iconanastasiyakosenko:AnastasiyaKosenko 722 397 Avatar Korra by Sketchy-Linez Avatar Korra :iconsketchy-linez:Sketchy-Linez 609 47 DAMMIT, AMERICA by kra DAMMIT, AMERICA :iconkra:kra 1,027 234 That Lady.. Is My Hero by Sketchy-Linez That Lady.. Is My Hero :iconsketchy-linez:Sketchy-Linez 506 37
The Escapist
It is really insomnia
If you're keeping me awake?
Is it the infatuation
That made me start to shake?
Is it so peculiar
If you make me feel brand new?
Is it some kind of obsession
That I have with you?
I watch you when I feel lonely
Is that so wrong?
I think of you when they hurt me
So what if that's all day long?
You make me feel so happy
What if that's all I have?
Should that be taken away
Just because it sounds mad?
Because right now in real life
There's no happily ever after
When I see something I don't like
I can't just skip the chapter
Or quickly press fast forward
On a TV remote control
Real life is but a wound
And you help fill the hole
So keep me in the trance
That you put me in before
You'll be my sweet romance
I won't need anything more
Even though we haven't met
You'll be the one that I adore
And I know you're not a threat
So I can't be hurt anymore
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::Spain X Reader X Child!Romano:: Mama and Papa
I've been dating Antonio for about a year now.. So I'm used to the way he acts, as well as his.. I don't really know what to refer to him as, but I mean, Romano.
Romano is one of those 'Tsundere' boys as Kiku would call him, but some times.. I feel like he needs to treat not only me, but Antonio with more respect. Toni's been taking care of him for gosh sakes!
I breathed in, and puffed my cheeks out, watching Toni and Lovino bicker.
"Stop-a being stupido, you tomato bastard!" I bit my lip, and watch Toni sigh,
"I'm not being stupid Roma.. Could you just calm down?" He asked sweetly.
"No! You're-a dumb! All-a you do is-a sit around and talk about-a your-a tomatoes! You-a don't pay enough attention to-a (F/N)!" I raised a brow, and Lovino ran over to me. He turned around, and extended his arms to his sides. "I-a refuse to let-a you touch her anymore!" I raised one hand to my mouth and instantly, I started to giggle. Both of them looked at me, blush on both of their cheeks. The giggle tur
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Battle among LEGOs by skcolb Battle among LEGOs :iconskcolb:skcolb 166 132 Stranger Things Stranger Danger by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART Stranger Things Stranger Danger by Tom Kelly :icontomkellyart:TomKellyART 1,053 52 TARDIS in Wonderland by betsybauer TARDIS in Wonderland :iconbetsybauer:betsybauer 341 29 K9 NCIS - Red Light Behavior by LunarCheza K9 NCIS - Red Light Behavior :iconlunarcheza:LunarCheza 591 177 Commission: Korra - Freezing Cold by Sketchy-Linez Commission: Korra - Freezing Cold :iconsketchy-linez:Sketchy-Linez 255 5 Nostalgia gone wild by Tabascofanatikerin Nostalgia gone wild :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 441 111 Korra free wallpaper by Sketchy-Linez Korra free wallpaper :iconsketchy-linez:Sketchy-Linez 251 8 The Walking Dead Squishies by CitizenWolfie The Walking Dead Squishies :iconcitizenwolfie:CitizenWolfie 204 21 Aioria's Mourning by CarlosDattoliArt Aioria's Mourning :iconcarlosdattoliart:CarlosDattoliArt 127 33 Go Go Power Rangers by Zarduck Go Go Power Rangers :iconzarduck:Zarduck 62 16 Toonami: ENDGAME. part 1 by Hat--Man Toonami: ENDGAME. part 1 :iconhat--man:Hat--Man 160 33 Star vs the forces of evil-Speedpaint by KuroNeko-art Star vs the forces of evil-Speedpaint :iconkuroneko-art:KuroNeko-art 215 6 The Savior by lillullabyblue The Savior :iconlillullabyblue:lillullabyblue 86 20 MLP kick ass version by Animewave-Neo MLP kick ass version :iconanimewave-neo:Animewave-Neo 549 142 Niki-Jessica Sanders by darefron Niki-Jessica Sanders :icondarefron:darefron 113 35 Nightmarish by ChiuuChiuu Nightmarish :iconchiuuchiuu:ChiuuChiuu 131 14 Butters and Raisins Girl by Jeffach Butters and Raisins Girl :iconjeffach:Jeffach 94 9 The Big Bang by joniwagnerart The Big Bang :iconjoniwagnerart:joniwagnerart 115 40 Daryl by WeaponMassCreation Daryl :iconweaponmasscreation:WeaponMassCreation 191 30 Tattoo Appreciation by spider999now Tattoo Appreciation :iconspider999now:spider999now 232 26 Happy Tree Friends Flaky 100+F by DrawUsCloser Happy Tree Friends Flaky 100+F :icondrawuscloser:DrawUsCloser 210 54 Kill em all! by ted1air Kill em all! :iconted1air:ted1air 98 9 Jawas Tardis by jmascia Jawas Tardis :iconjmascia:jmascia 338 56 Finn found Jake on bikini bottom by fuchy Finn found Jake on bikini bottom :iconfuchy:fuchy 169 14 Scarf Heart by Sakura-Hishitori Scarf Heart :iconsakura-hishitori:Sakura-Hishitori 136 21 Classic TV Avengers by pungang Classic TV Avengers :iconpungang:pungang 162 35 Merlin - Emrys by AnastasiyaKosenko Merlin - Emrys :iconanastasiyakosenko:AnastasiyaKosenko 226 108 Owen Harper - Torchwood by Denimecho Owen Harper - Torchwood :icondenimecho:Denimecho 178 26 OUAT: Sleeping With Beast {RumBelle} by LadyTheirin OUAT: Sleeping With Beast {RumBelle} :iconladytheirin:LadyTheirin 211 19