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Seven minutes in Heaven intro
How had you got here? You were sitting in a circle with several other countries. Most of them were drunk, or just stupidly happy, for some reason unknown. You sighed, now you remembered. America had dragged you over to his house for a 'party'. This usually meant everyone would eat burgers and listen to really loud techno. It wasn't your cup of tea to be brutally honest. You would've much rather have stayed at home, cuddled up with a book, but no, 'the hero' had to drag you over for a party...You didn't even want to be here. You had literally got yourself some lunch when he burst through the door and picked you up and slung you over his shoulder. He hadn't even said 'hello' or given you time to get dressed properly. You had hit his shoulder until your fists hurt but he didn't feel any of it, of course he wouldn't, not with muscles like that. You weren't even in smart clothes. You were wearing a pair of (f/c) skinny jeans, a (sf/c) t-shirt with (f/ch) on it and a pair of knee length,(c)
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BTLG- Teasing a Turk- Turkey x Reader
Little water droplets cascaded down your face as you stirred. The air felt wet, like a warm rainstorm passed by.
“Nugh” You wiped your forehead from all the perspiration and softly opened your eyes centimeter by centimeter.
Bringing your hand to your face, you looked at it bewildered. “W-was I sweating?”
You looked up to the ever blue sky and the sun was barely over the horizon. It seemed to say “Hello!” as it continued its ascent to the sky.
Determining that it was early morning, you were going to sit up when you felt your other arm completely wet.
“What the?”
Looking to the said right arm, you saw that it and your right leg were inside a warm pool.
The pool had clear aquamarine water in it as well as white limestone deposits around it. Confused you sat up and looked around you. There seemed to be dozens of pools just like the one you were half in. Then you understood you were in fact in a hot springs.
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