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Tuff Puppy: Blue Kat-SWELL Berry
Petropolis: TUFF HQ
Early morning at TUFF HQ, the members of the organization were sitting around waiting and moaning with hunger, some fidgeting with their pens and rubber bands.
Dudley Puppy, the newest member of TUFF, was whimpering and whining as he lied his head on his desk. "Oh come on, where's Kitty?!" he exclaimed.
"Agent Katswell said that s-sh-sh-she's running a bit late due to a t-tr-tr-traffic jam down the highway." Keswick, TUFF's chief scientist, told Dudley.
Dudley groaned as he sat back at his chair.
"How long does it take to buy a basket of BREAKFAST MUFFINS?!?!" the Chief yelled in anger before silently growling.
Suddenly, the door slid open to reveal Kitty Katswell with a large basket of muffins. "Ok I'm here!" she announced with a smile.
As soon as the TUFF agents saw Kitty with the basket, they all started running towards her, all hunger enduced.
Kitty screeched in fear and used her grappling hook to shoot up to the ceiling before the agents piled up on her.
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T.U.F.F. Love
It had been two years since Dudley Puppy had joined the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force and they had been the best two years of his life.  Countless times, he rescued Petropolis from evil villains like Bird Brain, the Chameleon, and T.U.F.F.'s arch-nemesis Verminious Snaptrap and the Diabolical Order Of Mayhem.  He became the city's hero and was listed as one of the best agents T.U.F.F. ever had.  But all that was small potatoes compared to what really made his time at T.U.F.F. the best of his life: his partner Kitty Katswell.  She'd been in T.U.F.F. a long time and had been their top agent before he even learned of the agency's existence.  When their partnership was first formed, the two could barely stand each other; arguing, slap-fights, Dudley's ineptitude and Kitty's arrogance all hinder their investigations, but they still managed to save the day nevertheless.  But as time went on, the two warmed up towards each other mo
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Henry, Emerald Princess and the Ghost Train
*it had been a long, hot summer on the Island of Sodor; a fair had just arrived and children of all ages and species were enjoying themselves immensely with the rides; one morning, Ajax arrived at Knapford Station, to pick up Kitty Katswell, her husband, Fredrick, and their children to take us to the fair*
Fredrick: I bet the fair would be fun, my love ^^
Kitty: Oh yes, I'm sure it will. ^^
Ajax: I hear that the fair's got a ride called "Ghost Train". What exactly IS a ghost train?
Dejiko: *the daughter* Not sure
Kitty: It's a tunnel that small trains run through. Filled with images of skeletons, ghosts, or any other spooky things you can think of.
Ajax: Small trains like Skarloey? Or even the Arlesdale engines?
Fluttertuffs: *was watching from a tree*
Kitty: No, silly. Not like them.
Ajax: I'm glad I don't fit on the rails of a ghost train. I'd be too scared. *they hear Henry's whistle*
Dolly Pink: *yelped a bit as she jumped onto Polly Green*
Polly Green: Careful, Dolliete, my glasse
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TUFF Love end
"Boy, I gotta tell ya, Keswick," Dudley said.  "I really lucked out on Kitty.  I mean, look at her, and tell me I'm not lucky, go on, tell me!"
"Well, you're definitely not modest."  Keswick muttered.
"Yo, barkeep, shoot me another one!"  Dudley said to the rat bartender.  "Now, you tell me I'm not lucky."
"All right, you're not lucky."  The bartender said.  "For I, Verminious Snaptrap, am going to end this wedding once and for all!  Scum of Petropolis, attack!"
At Snaptrap's command, D.O.O.M. and the other villains shed their disguises, eager for battle.
"Wow.  Didn't see that coming."  Dudley said.  With that, he leapt onto the reception hall's dance floor, with Kitty by his side and engaged the various villains, as did the other T.U.F.F. agents who were attending the wedding.  The battle was violent, but brief.  All the villains, save for Snaptrap and Oll
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The Crossover Abuser
A girl who uses her art talent
to produce works that break laws
of canon, make no sense, and
use popular characters.  The
stories she writes create much
chaos, unwanted pairings that
have no sense, and abuse the very
idea of crossover.  She paired
a purple unicorn with a loser
blue jay and a seahorse teacher.
The former already created a group.
Poor defenseless universes,
already your worlds have been
tainted with the stains of abuse.
Now a user abuses the concept of
crossovers thus causing much
chaos.  All sense of rationality
fades slowly as this girl makes more.
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Tuff Love Chpt 3 pt 1
And so, the day of the wedding finally arrived.  Dudley nervously paced up and down the church, sweating, checking his watch, and tugging at his tuxedo's collar.
"Calm down, Agent Puppy."  Best man Keswick said.  "The w-w-w-wedding isn't for three hours."
"I KNOW!"  Dudley screamed.  "I'm just really nervous!  I've never been so nervous in my life!  Even more than the time with Bird Brain and the thunder cannon!  And this is the fifth tux I've soaked with my sweat!"
"Could you wear pants with your s-s-s-sixth?"
"Oh, don't be ridiculous."
At Kitty's apartment, Kitty looked in the mirror and gasped.  She was wearing the wedding dress Zippy had made and she was shocked at how she looked.  Kitty knew she was beautiful, Dudley and quite a few admirers had told her so, but now she could actually see her beauty right in front of her.
"Amazing, isn't it? You're taking a big step in life." &
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Callie, Felina and Kitty In: Work Place Horror!
Callie, Felina and Kitty in: Work Place Horror!
“I am so exhausted.” Moaned a young cat anthro with black hair styled in a U shape, wearing blue long pants that match her jacket and tied with a belt that matched, fitting her thin waist. She laid on the T.U.F.F.’s lounge’s couch, with her left arm dangling while her right arm was next to her with her legs on the left armrest. She groaned again with her usually white boots stained with water from the bathroom, her face was a bit beat up from fighting a sewer monster that attack her in the girl’s bathroom and her blouse was soaked even with her jacket on.
“I don’t know why Kitty, today was awesome!” Yelled a pant less white fur Dog humanoid, standing on all fours, his black t-shirt soaked in toilet water. “You and I fought vicious toilet monsters, just in time for a drink!”
“Dudley, look, I’m a cat we hate getting wet.” She argued, looking at him with an annoyed
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