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    "Don't you lay a finger on her!" Juuzou yelled through strangely happy laughter as he skidded in front of your kneeling body, "Or I'll have to shred you into pieces!" A vicious threat lingered in the air as Juuzou sprinted forward toward the ghoul that had attacked you; and with one easy spin of his quinque, the ghoul was bleeding profusely. Not dead, though; because the ghoul jumped away from Juuzou and pushed himself off the wall toward you. Your eyes widened as the black and red eyed man tore through the air toward you; but your eyes widened more when there was a strange squelching sound; hot blood on your face; and a thud of a carcass.
    "Please don't think lowly of me," Juuzou said flatly as his lifeless eyes stared down at the ghoul's body which was now a limp mess on the alleyway floor. The white-haired boy lowered his quinque and stood up straight, looking at your injured form in front of him.
    "You're okay," Juuzou asked fl
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Koishiteru [Tsukiyama Shuu x Human!Reader]
Wipe that smile off of your face, it's annoying. Don't smile when I do this.
I'm getting pissed off, and loosing my cool. A human isn't supposed to affect me like this. Your smiles isn't supposed to warm my heart. Your smiles isn't supposed to make me feel disgusted for doing this. Your smile isn't supposed to give me the feeling that I should cry.
Your voice, it echoes in my head, even if you're not speaking. I always hear it, and it pisses me off. You're only human! You're food, nothing more! Your voice is so beautiful, yet it annoys me to now end. Why? Because I love your voice, that's why.
How can such a petite human girl make a gourmet ghoul like me feel love? Not even Kaneki, the half-ghoul with the one of a kind sent, can make my heart beat so fast, so out of rhythm. It make me angry, it makes me go mad since I can't understand the situation.
How did it even start?
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Tsukiyama Shuu x reader [1]
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader
warning language-cursing/swearing
Sunday, 9pm
"Get him!"
For a while now, 30 minutes, Tsukiyama has been chased down by investigators. Keeping his place on the roof's of buildings he could still see three investigators running after him and one patrol car following up right beside him. The investigators are able to see him as well.
An hour prior, the ghoul restaurant was raided and the investigators were able to pin point were the gourmet was exactly seated. They headed straight at him and were able to get a blow across his chest. Tsukiyama was able to escape the restaurant with only the wound.  
'I can't take much more' he thinks as his legs start to shake from blood loss. The quinqe has left the wound large and unable to heal.  Tsukiyama still tries to run. Up ahead there is an apartment building of 14 floors in his way. This would be hard since the buildings he been running upon were only one story. But easily he sees that there is
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Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [4/7]
                                                                             Little hero
Every time when I tried to remember my childhood the first thing that came to my mind was my father.
I had always been a father's child. It was not that I didn't like my mother, I just felt closer to him.
He had never failed to make me feel safe.
Every time when we went outside I would reach up to his hand and grab it tightly with my own tiny one.
His hands had been so big compared to mine and rougher too. I would never let go, I simply hadn't been able to bring myself to.
He would always pat and ruffle my hair before picking me up and shower my face with kisses, telling me how happy and proud he was to call himself the father of mine.
He had never failed to make me smile.
Father often had tended
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Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [1/7]
Back then it had been in a normal day for you as you had met the certain Gourmet and it had only taken you less than 5 seconds to start to dislike him.
At first you thought that the encounter wouldn't really matter but soon you would realise that it had been quite life changing.
Dragging steps drowned in the amount of people that walked either in or against your direction, the dull eyes were fixed on the ground as you buried your nose in the scarf was loosely wrapped around the neck.
Wasn't it supposed to get warmer in March?
Apparently not since you were freezing your arse off outside.
You would love to stuff your hands, that were stiff from the cold, into the pockets of your black coat but they were bus
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    The air was crisp and fresh as a small breeze sent a small flurry of petals across [Name]'s calm body. Although she had been told explicitly not to go out in the city during the night; she found herself slipping out her bedroom window and wandering aimlessly through the calm city. She wasn't sure what she did it for, but walking through the serene city and being able to hear the click of her shoes against the sidewalk and not the sound of busy chatter in the hot 4 PM sun; it brought a sense of control to her.
    Glancing at her watch as the moon shone against it, her mouth curled up slightly when she read 12:03 A.M. This allowed her at least 4 more hours until she had to be home before someone would notice her absence, and 4 hours was more than enough for her to walk through the city, to the park with the pretty river and pond.
[Name] enjoyed the pond that was in a small park tucked away in the corner of the city; it was surrounded with huge, leafy tr
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Father!Tsukiyama ShuuXChild!Reader
   "(Name) time for school~", Tsukiyama sang as he lifted the covers off a young girl. This young girl was (f/n) (l/n). Daughter of (m/n) (l/n) and Shuu Tsukiyama. The circumstance of why (name) was here and not with her mother was because (name)'s mother needed to go to France. She was going to be gone for 5 months. (Name) has to spend 5 months with her flamboyant father. Great.
   "I don't wanna!" Shouted (name). She lifted herself up on her elbows and glared at the violet haired man. "I can miss school for 5 months! I don't care!" Tsukiyama shook his head in disagreement.
   "School is important for you. It's 1st grade it can't be that bad. " he sighed.
   "Shut it! You don't know me!" She stood on her bed and started jumping.
   "*sigh* I guess I'll have to call your mother." Reaching into his pocket he grabbed his phone and dialed her number. Riiiing. Riiiing.
   Her jumping halted. "You
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Tsukiyama Shuu x Reader |The Next One|
Tsukiyama wishes nothing more than to enjoy his next meal.
He always has had this point of view, and guesses that he'll continue to act like this. It was only natural. He never thinks too deep into it - whether he's oblivious or ignorant is unbeknownst to him. On nights when his heart throbs painfully, and chest feels as if it's imploding, he tries to fill himself with luxuries.
Eat. Again, and again. It has to fill that gap in his heart, if food won't; what will?
He's grateful as of late. A next meal is what he sees in them. The one with a scent incomparable to the ones he has come across so far. He takes it upon himself to befriend them, or at least, put up a faux impression of friendship.
He recalls the first words he ever spoke to them. Reading was always a good connection, and he has plenty of experience with books; having read many of them throughout his life.
"I see you're acquainted with Shakespeare's works." Is what he says, his voice smooth, without any signs of distress. The
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 178 33
Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [2/7]
The hide-out was quiet beside Tsukiyama's humming as he placed a freshly bought bouquet into a with water filled vase.
“You've been awfully happy lately, Tsukiyama”, Banjou stated and raised irritated an eyebrow at the Gourmet, who was skipping delightfully through the living room. Said male looked at him with the sly smirk of his.
He gave a loud hum and closed his eyes, the tips of his loosely stretched out fingers touching his chest while the other hand was racked as if presenting the newest products from the market.
Mais oui~ I have recently found a new prey, I can't wait to devour him~!”
“I don't understand. Why don't you just go ahead and eat him then?” The bearde
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Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [6/7]
Feeling weirdly cosy right now, you snuggled closer to the soft fabric that was wrapped around you and let you a small sigh in delight.
You felt quite comfortable, which was strange since you haven't felt that way in a long time.
You enjoyed how the blanket – you assumed it was one – was hugging your body tightly, but not too tight, the warmth that was remaining in your form, the arms that were wrapped around your waisted and pulled you closer to the warm and hunky body-
“... mornin', Tsukiyama. Do you have to touch me so early in the morning...?”, you mumbled and knitted your eyebrows before burying your face into your pillow which turned out to be the older male's chest.
Scrunching yo
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Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [3/7]
The room was silent as Kaneki was laying on his bed, his back pressed against the soft blanket and his folded arms behind his head as a cushion.
His mind drifted over and over again back to you, the human guy who was able to kill ghouls by controlling blood.
His mind just couldn't seem to understand. He himself simply couldn't bring himself to understand.
A human. Controlling blood.
How ridiculous!
But he had seen it with his very own eyes.
After the small incident you had suddenly vanished, even Tsukiyama hadn't been able to track you down by your scent since you had probably hidden it very well.
That night had been yesterday and had been a night of sleeplessness.
Kaneki tossed and turned, squirmed and stru
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Coffee | Tsukiyama Shuu x reader
Sometimes you meet with Tsukiyama for coffee, sometimes you don't. It all depends on how bored you are feeling and how willing you are to put up with him and his usual self. Today you find yourself bored enough and in need of distraction. And in need of his company as well. Not that you would ever tell him that. You might as well hand him the gun to shoot you with.
Ah, speak of the devil. You think just as you catch a glimpse of Tsukiyama. He walks to the glass doors, hands behind his back and reaches a hand to open the door to the café. The bell jingles as he turns his head to find you. He immediately notices you and heads your way. 
"Bonsoir," Tsukiyama greets, lifting his hand in a wave. 
"For you." He says with a flourish as he proceeds to pull his other hand from behind his back. Clasped in his hand is a light violet flower*, the bastard knows you don't know the language of flowers, yet he brings you one every time&
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Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [5/7]
Standing by the open window of your bedroom, you leant onto the windowsill with your elbows and stared into the starry sky. The moon shined with its full pride that night.
Since that day you had told them a part of your childhood, your nightmares were getting worse again, causing you to sleep less and spent more time in front of the TV playing some video games.
And also it caused you to run faster out of coffee.
You had kicked the two of them out; well, rather you kicked Tsukiyama out and asked Kaneki to leave as well and after that you hadn't been really in mood to socialise with others anymore.
Well, you were never in mood but after that you had reached your end.
“Why didn't I just li
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A kiss for luck (tsukiyama shuu reader)
I  can't even remember the last time I actually liked someone.  With  my  family being part of the upper class, I was given gifts in order to take interest. As I grew older, it became clear that I was just an object. My parents cared, at least I thought. We were a 'loving' family, by what the media said about us. My only companions were dead composers and artist, and also my close friend Rize. We grew up together, since my parents wanted to make a statement and send me to 'Public' school. Rize and I were close, because not only were we ghouls, I got her out of situations when the CCG were after us from time to time. I went to college to study medicine. Surprise surprise. But what caught me off guard was when I met Tsukiyama Shuu. I  ran into  him, literally, as my books and notes fell to the floor after reaching the top of the stair case. I felt my body falling back, but immediately pulled forward, and t
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    The smell of coffee lingered in the air and every time a person would step into the small coffee shop, cold drafts would float into the coffee-scented atmosphere; making the employees and waiters shiver and whine in disgust. It had been 20 minutes now that [Name] sat quietly at a table, sipping on the second cup of coffee this morning, but the employees didn't mind since they all recognized their face. As [Name] gingerly sipped at the dark liquid in the porcelain cup, the cafe door swung open once more and cold air drifted in and filled the lively air.
    "Shut the door." Touka quietly ordered, cleaning out a cup and glaring up at the violet haired man who was standing flamboyantly in the doorway. [Name] had their eyes glued out the window which had small raindrops slithering down it, and didn't even notice the man in the doorway.
    "Shut  the door." Touka ordered once more, her voice sharp enough to slice th
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Breathe Again: Tsukiyama Shuu x Reader (Part 1)
Warning, MANGA SPOILERS!  Takes place after Tokyo Ghoul chapter 143!
Tsukiyama Shuu x Human!Reader
Part 1
The 20th ward was a mess.  A disaster.
You couldn’t help but gape at some of the destruction as you walked by, trying to find your way home.  The grocery bags in your hands weren’t getting any lighter, and the sun was starting to make its descent under the skyline.  Soon, it would be nighttime.  
You were a third year student at Haruna Gakuin University, and studying (major).  It was tough, but you were persistent and optimistic about it.  
A lot of people had decided not to come to class over the last few weeks, many of them worried about the ghouls on the news and what the CCG was up to.  You, on the other hand, had just decided to go to school and deal with whatever came up.  Besides, you felt pretty safe during the day.
Speaking of which, you were a little bit worried.  A frie
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No More Promises (Heartbroken!Reader x Tsukiyama)
No More Promises
(Heartbroken!Reader x Tsukiyama Shuu)
     Tsukiyama rocked back and forth from his heels to the tips of his toes as he waited for a reply.  When there came none, he tried again for the tenth time.
     “Go away,” your voice was muffled through the thick oak door, but there was something distinctly different about your tone.  You tried to sound flat, monotone, but there was no conviction there.  No annoyance.  You didn’t care who was at the door, you just wanted them to go away.
     “But I came all this way just to see you~.”
     Usually Tsukiyama’s voice sent an irritated shudder through your body.  You felt absolutely nothing as you replied, “I don’t care.”
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Breathe Again: Tsukiyama Shuu x Reader (Part 2)
WARNING! MANGA SPOILERS!  Takes place after Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 143.
Warning also for mentions of ghoul activities.
Tsukiyama Shuu x Human!Reader
Part 2
Sometimes, you wondered how your life ended up like this.
You had been attending university as usual, but now you actually had company to return to at home.  It wasn’t like you had to pay extra for groceries to house them.  The only thing you had bought in excess lately was some coffee.
Tsukiyama hadn’t left the bed since Nishiki had placed him there three weeks ago.  You had been trying to communicate with him, murmuring to him softly and reading next to him.  You had tried multiple things to enable a response, but to no avail.  Reading, humming, nothing would work.  But still you kept at it.  Sometimes when you talked, you wished that Tsukiyama would get annoyed enough that he’d respond.  Nothing.
Nishiki didn’t always stay a
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Her Winsome Hangover || Tsukiyama Shuu
Her ωιηsσɱє Hangover
ᴛ s ᴜ ᴋ ɪ ʏ ᴀ ᴍ ᴀ - s ʜ ᴜ ᴜ
W h a t H a v e I D o n e ?
| | × | | × | | × | |
CAUSE: excessive consumption in the wrong environment
SYMPTOMS: paranoia, self-loathing
| | × | | × | | × | |
The night had been filled with disquietude and tension. The more [name] had drank, the more uncomfortable she had become. The disappointing part of it, she was drinking to get rid of those feelings. Yet, the area was filled with gourmets and their excessive ideals of what was entertainment and food. None of them were allowed to touch [name] under the orders of Tsukiyama Shuu; that only made them want her more. Who wouldn't want the untouchable, right?
Tsukiyama had other plans for [name], more sadistic and perverted ideals in-store for her. Everything that ran through his mind was warped into a perspective that
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overt | shuu tsukiyama

Affection Series
Tokyo Ghoul | Shuu Tsukiyama
Language + Anxiety/Depression Mention + Tsukiyama Warning
Shuu Tsukiyama had absolutely no shame what so ever.

That much was clear when you first met him.
The Gourmet had found you when you had been cornered by a pair of investigators, your mask buried into your bag and there was a lack of any protection otherwise. They questioned you on why you were talking through the city so long after nightfall, their hands reaching towards their suitcases should you attack. But you held your ground as you told them that you were merely a student who's class had gone late. The bastard had strode in and acted like you were his lover complete with wrapping his arms around you and pressing his lips to yours in what you had assumed was an attempt to make the investigators uncomfortable. You figured he had heard your story as he excused your
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Tsukiyama shuu x reader
Tsukiyama shuu was a strong man. He would kill anyone that was in his way, his cravings would always get in the way of his playful nature. But when it came to you... A simple girl he couldn't touch you or kill you and it frustrated him to the fullest. You were like a delicate little flower a simple breeze could snap you. Shuu was always the type to swoon women and men just so he could get his meal but every time he came to you he felt like he was going to be sick. A soft tingling feeling would over take him making him blush like a little school boy all over again. You made him feel weak, vulnerable and not the strong ghoul he was. And he hated you for it. After a while he got to allow the feelings to take over, allowing himself to love you. Which was strange. A ghoul and a human together? That made him laugh at the thought of it but the feelings, he knew that he couldn't hurt you. He knew that if the slightest hair on your head was touched my any other man or ghoul, he would kill them
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Shuu by VeraVonKrueger Shuu :iconveravonkrueger:VeraVonKrueger 12 3
{Hisses, Disses, and Kisses}
The hissing from the young lady before him filled his pale ears like a song as another slash to his chest was created. Instead of groaning in pain, he only smiled and chuckled at the agitated female that he still held close in his arms. Her once shimmering (e/c) eyes were now consumed with the deepest pitch black along with her pupils now a bright red. But she didn’t struggle, instead, she held herself in place and allowed her Kagune continuously attack him; ruining his suit even more by slashing his chest or even his face a little if he ever drew any closer to her form. Yet he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he was very unaffected by her hostility and only found it more enticing of her. She was a beautiful and charming woman when she wanted to be, but for the moment, she was currently in her hostile mood.
“Ah...Miss ______…Don’t be this way...I said Je suis désolé~” He purred, his head drawing closer to hopefully fulfill his lips in s
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bonnie and clyde | shuu tsukiyama

Bonnie & Clyde

Tokyo Ghoul | Shuu Tsukiyama
Spoilers for Chapters [85 - 121?] + Slight Language Warning
Gourmet & Fox.
That's what the CCG called them - like Bonnie & Clyde. The two ghouls had been hunting together for quite some time now, border-lining two years come the next week. The investigators on the case were driving themselves insane trying to catch either one of them, let alone both of them. Having the two of them off the streets would mean not only a large accomplishment for their division but also hundreds of lives saved. The two of them struck with such precision and care, but so swiftly that the Investigators wondered if Gourmet & Fox even had a District they favored.
How did they begin to refer to the couple as a couple? Well. It was simple.
Lovers were protective - especially Gourmet.
Fox, as tricky and sly as they were, got caught
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Tsukiyama Shu - Tokyo Ghoul by ChrisCrossplay Tsukiyama Shu - Tokyo Ghoul :iconchriscrossplay:ChrisCrossplay 2 0 Uhm by VeraVonKrueger Uhm :iconveravonkrueger:VeraVonKrueger 1 1 Tsukiyama Shu - Tokyo Ghoul by ChrisCrossplay Tsukiyama Shu - Tokyo Ghoul :iconchriscrossplay:ChrisCrossplay 2 0