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Koishiteru [Tsukiyama Shuu x Human!Reader]
Wipe that smile off of your face, it's annoying. Don't smile when I do this.
I'm getting pissed off, and loosing my cool. A human isn't supposed to affect me like this. Your smiles isn't supposed to warm my heart. Your smiles isn't supposed to make me feel disgusted for doing this. Your smile isn't supposed to give me the feeling that I should cry.
Your voice, it echoes in my head, even if you're not speaking. I always hear it, and it pisses me off. You're only human! You're food, nothing more! Your voice is so beautiful, yet it annoys me to now end. Why? Because I love your voice, that's why.
How can such a petite human girl make a gourmet ghoul like me feel love? Not even Kaneki, the half-ghoul with the one of a kind sent, can make my heart beat so fast, so out of rhythm. It make me angry, it makes me go mad since I can't understand the situation.
How did it even start?
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    "Don't you lay a finger on her!" Juuzou yelled through strangely happy laughter as he skidded in front of your kneeling body, "Or I'll have to shred you into pieces!" A vicious threat lingered in the air as Juuzou sprinted forward toward the ghoul that had attacked you; and with one easy spin of his quinque, the ghoul was bleeding profusely. Not dead, though; because the ghoul jumped away from Juuzou and pushed himself off the wall toward you. Your eyes widened as the black and red eyed man tore through the air toward you; but your eyes widened more when there was a strange squelching sound; hot blood on your face; and a thud of a carcass.
    "Please don't think lowly of me," Juuzou said flatly as his lifeless eyes stared down at the ghoul's body which was now a limp mess on the alleyway floor. The white-haired boy lowered his quinque and stood up straight, looking at your injured form in front of him.
    "You're okay," Juuzou asked fl
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::Tokyo Ghoul:: Tsukiyama Shuu :iconkeyade:Keyade 1,035 103
Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [1/7]
Back then it had been in a normal day for you as you had met the certain Gourmet and it had only taken you less than 5 seconds to start to dislike him.
At first you thought that the encounter wouldn't really matter but soon you would realise that it had been quite life changing.
Dragging steps drowned in the amount of people that walked either in or against your direction, the dull eyes were fixed on the ground as you buried your nose in the scarf was loosely wrapped around the neck.
Wasn't it supposed to get warmer in March?
Apparently not since you were freezing your arse off outside.
You would love to stuff your hands, that were stiff from the cold, into the pockets of your black coat but they were bus
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Tsukiyama x Male!Reader ~ Little things
"-and he smells most delizioso!"
Your boyfriend rambled on and on and on, blissfully unaware that you had drifted off into daydreams as he ranted about this so called 'Kaneki-kun'. Honestly, you didn't care about this person and you cared even less about how dolce his taste will be. Your temper had already flared as soon as he said "Ka-". Every single one of your conversations seemed to immediately turn to this subject: an apparently amazing smelling boy that Shuu seemed to spend more time slavering over than spending time with you, his boyfriend. Shuu never seemed to pay attention to you anymore, it was always Kaneki this and Kaneki that until you were sorely tempted to eat the boy and pretend to lament. It wasn't like you were jealous or anything, it was just...lonely. Shuu seldom visited your apartment and you missed coming home to find the flamboyant male with his arms outstretched, as he announced some random thing. As
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Why Of Course, Mademoiselle - Tsukiyama x Reader
The surrounding room was empty. No one else was to be found inside. It was dark, no; (Y/N) was blindfolded. This whole situation had to be true fear. She doesn't exactly remember how she got into this mess in the first place; it was all a blur. Letting out a deep sigh, the platform she was bound to seem to be moving. Down the rabbit hole and back again.
- Flash Back-
(Y/N) had been walking to school with her surrounding friends, per usual. However, she felt as if she was being examined from afar. It was not a good feeling to feel, that was for sure. Stopping, she took a moment to glance around her. No one to be found. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Shaking her head she spoke up. “It’s nothing. I just had a slight feeling.” The group continued their route to school having a few conversation pieces here and there. That feeling of being examined had not gone away, however. “(Y/N)!” She shot up from her seat after being yelled at by the Teacher.
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Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [2/7]
The hide-out was quiet beside Tsukiyama's humming as he placed a freshly bought bouquet into a with water filled vase.
“You've been awfully happy lately, Tsukiyama”, Banjou stated and raised irritated an eyebrow at the Gourmet, who was skipping delightfully through the living room. Said male looked at him with the sly smirk of his.
He gave a loud hum and closed his eyes, the tips of his loosely stretched out fingers touching his chest while the other hand was racked as if presenting the newest products from the market.
Mais oui~ I have recently found a new prey, I can't wait to devour him~!”
“I don't understand. Why don't you just go ahead and eat him then?” The bearde
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