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Rp- Fandom list
RP - Fandom list
Please read my rules before contact me by note or in comments
• Rp's against the law and against the rules of Deviantart are prohibited (pedophilia, bestiality, incest, age difference (teenager x adult), etc ...)
• I'm not good with English as it's not my native language, then be patient.

• I can play by note, email or skype.

• I don't do fetish sorry.
• I don't do Yuri and Yaoi sorry.
• I'm free to refuse a RP request.
• I play canon character only in a double RP.
• No power gaming/god mod. You are not allowed killing my Oc's or make them moving.
My main style of RP is the romance, if you do not like it then I would not be a Rp partner for you Sweating a little...... I can do severals type of Rp's: Romance/humor, Romance/horror, Romance/drame, etc...
• I can miss your note or be busy with wor
:iconmagicashark:Magicashark 161 20
    "Don't you lay a finger on her!" Juuzou yelled through strangely happy laughter as he skidded in front of your kneeling body, "Or I'll have to shred you into pieces!" A vicious threat lingered in the air as Juuzou sprinted forward toward the ghoul that had attacked you; and with one easy spin of his quinque, the ghoul was bleeding profusely. Not dead, though; because the ghoul jumped away from Juuzou and pushed himself off the wall toward you. Your eyes widened as the black and red eyed man tore through the air toward you; but your eyes widened more when there was a strange squelching sound; hot blood on your face; and a thud of a carcass.
    "Please don't think lowly of me," Juuzou said flatly as his lifeless eyes stared down at the ghoul's body which was now a limp mess on the alleyway floor. The white-haired boy lowered his quinque and stood up straight, looking at your injured form in front of him.
    "You're okay," Juuzou asked fl
:iconcommandersaro:commandersaro 315 31
Koishiteru [Tsukiyama Shuu x Human!Reader]
Wipe that smile off of your face, it's annoying. Don't smile when I do this.
I'm getting pissed off, and loosing my cool. A human isn't supposed to affect me like this. Your smiles isn't supposed to warm my heart. Your smiles isn't supposed to make me feel disgusted for doing this. Your smile isn't supposed to give me the feeling that I should cry.
Your voice, it echoes in my head, even if you're not speaking. I always hear it, and it pisses me off. You're only human! You're food, nothing more! Your voice is so beautiful, yet it annoys me to now end. Why? Because I love your voice, that's why.
How can such a petite human girl make a gourmet ghoul like me feel love? Not even Kaneki, the half-ghoul with the one of a kind sent, can make my heart beat so fast, so out of rhythm. It make me angry, it makes me go mad since I can't understand the situation.
How did it even start?
:iconnixdex:nixdex 449 59
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader [1]
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader
warning language-cursing/swearing
Sunday, 9pm
"Get him!"
For a while now, 30 minutes, Tsukiyama has been chased down by investigators. Keeping his place on the roof's of buildings he could still see three investigators running after him and one patrol car following up right beside him. The investigators are able to see him as well.
An hour prior, the ghoul restaurant was raided and the investigators were able to pin point were the gourmet was exactly seated. They headed straight at him and were able to get a blow across his chest. Tsukiyama was able to escape the restaurant with only the wound.  
'I can't take much more' he thinks as his legs start to shake from blood loss. The quinqe has left the wound large and unable to heal.  Tsukiyama still tries to run. Up ahead there is an apartment building of 14 floors in his way. This would be hard since the buildings he been running upon were only one story. But easily he sees that there is
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 175 18
::Tokyo Ghoul:: Tsukiyama Shuu by Keyade ::Tokyo Ghoul:: Tsukiyama Shuu :iconkeyade:Keyade 1,045 103
Shuu Tsukiyama x Male!Reader ~ Matryoshka boxes
Shuu was at his petit cheri's apartment, currently engaging himself with the task of opening his - rather large - birthday gift, struggling to pull off all the wrapping without tipping the box over as instructed by the (H/C)-haired male who sat a little ways behind him. When he finally got the blue dotted paper off, he was met with the sight of a plain cardboard box. Undeterred, he reached for the tape sealing it closed that was stretched across the side. By now, he was wondering why the box was so big; maybe his gift was an elephant? That would certainly fit along with a couple of people. However, to his nonplussed confusion, the flaps swung open to reveal yellow, floral patterned paper, clearly another box. The purple-haired gourmet glanced at (M/N) who just smirked; one hand doing a 'continue on' gesture and Shuu did so with a quick thought. 'How giocoso'.
Shuu tore off another layer of bright wrapping paper, thi
:icontheoddreader:TheOddReader 132 29
Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [4/7]
                                                                             Little hero
Every time when I tried to remember my childhood the first thing that came to my mind was my father.
I had always been a father's child. It was not that I didn't like my mother, I just felt closer to him.
He had never failed to make me feel safe.
Every time when we went outside I would reach up to his hand and grab it tightly with my own tiny one.
His hands had been so big compared to mine and rougher too. I would never let go, I simply hadn't been able to bring myself to.
He would always pat and ruffle my hair before picking me up and shower my face with kisses, telling me how happy and proud he was to call himself the father of mine.
He had never failed to make me smile.
Father often had tended
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 150 66
Bon Appetite by Ringo101 Bon Appetite :iconringo101:Ringo101 229 30
Torn || Tsukiyama x Male!Reader x Kaneki [1/7]
Back then it had been in a normal day for you as you had met the certain Gourmet and it had only taken you less than 5 seconds to start to dislike him.
At first you thought that the encounter wouldn't really matter but soon you would realise that it had been quite life changing.
Dragging steps drowned in the amount of people that walked either in or against your direction, the dull eyes were fixed on the ground as you buried your nose in the scarf was loosely wrapped around the neck.
Wasn't it supposed to get warmer in March?
Apparently not since you were freezing your arse off outside.
You would love to stuff your hands, that were stiff from the cold, into the pockets of your black coat but they were bus
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 322 48
Rize|Tsukiyama by illseraph Rize|Tsukiyama :iconillseraph:illseraph 445 4 Flowers for my Beloved by Keyade Flowers for my Beloved :iconkeyade:Keyade 375 53
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader [5]
Tsukiyama x reader
warning language- cursing/swearing 
Wednesday, 7am
Tsukiyama has been speaking to your father for more or less than an hour. With each words they exchange he looked more and more irritable. You tried your best to listen in on the conversation. Your father seemed angry and was rather loud so you could make out what he asked Tsukiyama through the phone. With this you were able to know more about Tsukiyama. He was in college, literal, and apparently loaded as well. He told your father he didn't have a job and your father exploded. This was barely 5 minutes into the conversation and your father got really ballistic. This was when you started listening in on the conversation.
They were now coming to close with one another and your father was speaking softer than before. He seemed to calmed down. Tsukiyama always answered with confidence and joyously, to spite your father, but looking at him through the conversation he always looked angry when your fathe
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 100 32
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader [2]
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader
Warning language- cursing/swearing
Monday, 7am
"Good morning, amour"
"Good morning" you grumble out. You don't leave your spot on the couch. It's has actually been a restful sleep and the couch was comfortable. You needed all the sleep you could get.
"Would you like some coffee, my human savior?"
"No Mr. Ghoul, I want to sleep." You grumble out a little bit louder.
"Whatever you say." The ghoul replies. You can softly hear the sound of sipping and your coffee brewer humming.
'Ghouls can drink coffee?' You though as you drifted back to sleep.
"No, as of the moment she is sleeping." The words are fanning in and out because of the drowsiness, but you heard it clearly.
"I'll be sure to get her ready then" the voice keeps talking. It sounds familiar. You wonder who the man was talking to. Picking yourself up on the couch, you look over the head rest to see a man with odd purple hair talking on your cellphone.
'Is that Mr. Ghoul?'
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 113 15
possible valentines card by weaq possible valentines card :iconweaq:weaq 374 49 Tokyo Ghoul Button set by jinyjin Tokyo Ghoul Button set :iconjinyjin:jinyjin 207 5
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader [4]
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader
warning language- cursing/swearing
Wednesday, 3am
"Fille?" (girl-French)
You hear him calling for you but you don't want him to know you were awake. He's been calling you for 3 minutes straight. Was he nocturnal or some shit! You wanted to hurt him. You didn't even know if it was you he was calling. Who was fille? Some type of fish? You were sleeping fine, but he had to come in and confuse you with fancy words.
"..." He stopped calling. You let out a sigh.
"I heard that."
"Damnit!" you yell pulling yourself up. You glared daggers to him. He was smiling at you from the room door. He looked untrustworthy again with that smile.
 "Puis-je dormir avec vous ?" (Can I lay with you?-French) He asks you. You don't understand what he said. Sitting up straighter, you place your hands in your lap.
 "Puis-je dormir avec vous ?" He asks you again. He probably had no thought of telling you what he said.
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 103 39
    The air was crisp and fresh as a small breeze sent a small flurry of petals across [Name]'s calm body. Although she had been told explicitly not to go out in the city during the night; she found herself slipping out her bedroom window and wandering aimlessly through the calm city. She wasn't sure what she did it for, but walking through the serene city and being able to hear the click of her shoes against the sidewalk and not the sound of busy chatter in the hot 4 PM sun; it brought a sense of control to her.
    Glancing at her watch as the moon shone against it, her mouth curled up slightly when she read 12:03 A.M. This allowed her at least 4 more hours until she had to be home before someone would notice her absence, and 4 hours was more than enough for her to walk through the city, to the park with the pretty river and pond.
[Name] enjoyed the pond that was in a small park tucked away in the corner of the city; it was surrounded with huge, leafy tr
:iconcommandersaro:commandersaro 118 10
Father!Tsukiyama ShuuXChild!Reader
   "(Name) time for school~", Tsukiyama sang as he lifted the covers off a young girl. This young girl was (f/n) (l/n). Daughter of (m/n) (l/n) and Shuu Tsukiyama. The circumstance of why (name) was here and not with her mother was because (name)'s mother needed to go to France. She was going to be gone for 5 months. (Name) has to spend 5 months with her flamboyant father. Great.
   "I don't wanna!" Shouted (name). She lifted herself up on her elbows and glared at the violet haired man. "I can miss school for 5 months! I don't care!" Tsukiyama shook his head in disagreement.
   "School is important for you. It's 1st grade it can't be that bad. " he sighed.
   "Shut it! You don't know me!" She stood on her bed and started jumping.
   "*sigh* I guess I'll have to call your mother." Reaching into his pocket he grabbed his phone and dialed her number. Riiiing. Riiiing.
   Her jumping halted. "You
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 81 9
Tokyo Ghoul Gems by prpldragonart Tokyo Ghoul Gems :iconprpldragonart:prpldragonart 356 14
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader [3]
Tsukiyama Shuu x reader 
warning language- cursing/swearing
Tuesday, 7am
"ugh, it smells like pansies" you grumble out into the surface.
"Is that an insult?" you hear besides your ear.
    In shock you jump out of the bed and crash onto the floor. You stay on the floor for a while, reviling in the unexpected pain you caused yourself. Slowly you bring yourself up. Sitting on the floor you stare up at Tsukiyama and he stares down at you from the bed. He's smiling but something about it is unnerving. Your'e about to say something but an abrupt series of knocks hits your door. Turning your gaze to the door of your room you slowly stand up on your feet. Just as you stood you heard another round of knocks. You speed over to answer the door.
    Opening the door you are greeted with one of the investigators you met before. The younger one. Teryaki.
"Good morning, Takizawa" Easy mistake. He pulls an arm out for you. You shake it.
"good early morning,
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 93 14
Tsukiyama x Male!Reader ~ Little things
"-and he smells most delizioso!"
Your boyfriend rambled on and on and on, blissfully unaware that you had drifted off into daydreams as he ranted about this so called 'Kaneki-kun'. Honestly, you didn't care about this person and you cared even less about how dolce his taste will be. Your temper had already flared as soon as he said "Ka-". Every single one of your conversations seemed to immediately turn to this subject: an apparently amazing smelling boy that Shuu seemed to spend more time slavering over than spending time with you, his boyfriend. Shuu never seemed to pay attention to you anymore, it was always Kaneki this and Kaneki that until you were sorely tempted to eat the boy and pretend to lament. It wasn't like you were jealous or anything, it was just...lonely. Shuu seldom visited your apartment and you missed coming home to find the flamboyant male with his arms outstretched, as he announced some random thing. As
:icontheoddreader:TheOddReader 274 102
KANEKI KUN by Sydsir KANEKI KUN :iconsydsir:Sydsir 498 17 TSUKIYAMA'S LOST SHUU by Sydsir TSUKIYAMA'S LOST SHUU :iconsydsir:Sydsir 387 23 Tokyo Ghoul cosplay // Kaneki Ken by DAIxSORA Tokyo Ghoul cosplay // Kaneki Ken :icondaixsora:DAIxSORA 109 11 Tempt by 10Juu Tempt :icon10juu:10Juu 226 12 Template - Tokyo Ghoul - Tsukiyama Shuu by Verloria Template - Tokyo Ghoul - Tsukiyama Shuu :iconverloria:Verloria 62 3 Tragic Protagonist by Poichanchan Tragic Protagonist :iconpoichanchan:Poichanchan 369 34 Can I eat you, Kaneki-kun? by nikki-yan32 Can I eat you, Kaneki-kun? :iconnikki-yan32:nikki-yan32 179 11 MMD Tsukiyama Shuu DOWNLOAD by MMD-Ringtail MMD Tsukiyama Shuu DOWNLOAD :iconmmd-ringtail:MMD-Ringtail 94 0 Kaneki Ken by miiurin Kaneki Ken :iconmiiurin:miiurin 146 17 Tokyo Ghoul :: Tsukiyama Shuu x Kaneki Ken by pingtimeout Tokyo Ghoul :: Tsukiyama Shuu x Kaneki Ken :iconpingtimeout:pingtimeout 98 3 Tsukiyama Why by Leirix Tsukiyama Why :iconleirix:Leirix 406 57 Commission: Shuu Tsukiyama Pillow by Ruri-dere Commission: Shuu Tsukiyama Pillow :iconruri-dere:Ruri-dere 360 36 tsukikane dump by Sydsir tsukikane dump :iconsydsir:Sydsir 319 16 [TG] Kisses by ooorangejuice [TG] Kisses :iconooorangejuice:ooorangejuice 146 14 Tsukiyama how by Sydsir Tsukiyama how :iconsydsir:Sydsir 508 25 DOLCE by Sydsir DOLCE :iconsydsir:Sydsir 332 24 Shimeji - Tsukiyama Shuu by Kervanos Shimeji - Tsukiyama Shuu :iconkervanos:Kervanos 67 6 feast by gehirnkaefer feast :icongehirnkaefer:gehirnkaefer 357 39 Obsession by Vasya-Masha Obsession :iconvasya-masha:Vasya-Masha 179 31 blossoming almond tree 02 by VictoriaSty blossoming almond tree 02 :iconvictoriasty:VictoriaSty 332 10 Tokyo Ghoul Sketch Dump by Keyade Tokyo Ghoul Sketch Dump :iconkeyade:Keyade 278 16 Tsukiyama Cry by Hiyyee Tsukiyama Cry :iconhiyyee:Hiyyee 476 74 Tsukiyama by s-haa Tsukiyama :icons-haa:s-haa 369 70 Touka Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul by 18ritikak Touka Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul :icon18ritikak:18ritikak 301 57 [Icon] Tsukiyama Shuu ~ Tokyo Ghoul by Hikocchi [Icon] Tsukiyama Shuu ~ Tokyo Ghoul :iconhikocchi:Hikocchi 23 5 Tsukiyama Shuu by Konene Tsukiyama Shuu :iconkonene:Konene 279 25 Tsukiyama and Uta by ReiAyer Tsukiyama and Uta :iconreiayer:ReiAyer 72 2