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"Nope, nu uh. I'm not doing it." David said, crossing his arms.
"But why not? You do realize that you brought this up, right?" Jesus asked, dragging the question.
David looked at the ground and frowned. It was very idiotic to bring up to Jesus that he did not trust Jesus was "making" him do a trust fall.
"Jesus, You do know that this is not useful at all...right?" David asked.
"How do you know that?" Jesus asked, smirking.
David sighed and turned around.
"Jesus, that's the thing...I didn't know that you were going to do this...You know that I hate trust falls, the person behind me always drops me. Even after they catch me, they just drop my head after my fall. Remember how I had to go to the hospital because of this stupid stunt?"
Jesus did not seem moved by David's almost convincing arguement.
"Do you want to trust Me or not?" Jesus asked, stretching His arms out.
David sighed frustratedly and turned back around, crossing his arms again.
"How do I know that You won't drop me
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Trust? :iconalireza1:alireza1 2,129 281
Somebody once asked me
"In what do you believe?"
And I answered them simply
"I believe in everything"
I believe in you,
I believe in me
I believe in hope and faith,
And so much in reality
I believe in innocence,
Because it makes me smile,
And I see it every single day,
On the face of my child
I believe in passion,
And a love that burns so deep,
Yes, I…believe…
In everything
In the little steps of my life,
And where they'll take me
In living in the moment,
And that you make your destiny…
Someone once asked me,
"Do you believe in anything?"
And I answered them simply,
"No, I believe in everything."
I believe in you,
I believe in me
I believe in sunny days,
When the sky is so clear
I believe in laughter,
I even believe in tears,
These two can be the same thing,
In case you think that's weird
I believe in joy,
And yet in pain,
These are the things that shape us,
They make us who we will remain
In the little steps
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Hearing Heaven-Wesker X Reader
Hearing Heaven
Wesker X Reader
  I hit the piano key one last time as the music faded in the air. I breathed a sigh of relief as the sleepless tension escaped my shoulders. Maybe now I could deal with the problem at hand, gazing across the city skyline at the blotted dark sky. A few people could be seen walking under lamp lights, or cars driving leisurely by, common for such late autumn weather. It was distracting to see them all living dull, yet innocent lives.
“I didn’t know you could play.”
  His deep, velvet voice almost startled me, the silence of the room now cut by him. I turned to Wesker. His blonde locks were lose from sleep that I couldn’t get, falling ever so slightly before gold eyes reflecting maroon at me as he stepped from the doorway, muscles moving powerfully under his form fitting black shirt and grey sweats. He sat down next to me, a thoughtful look in his gaze as it scoured the black and white keys.
“What, did you think I owne
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I LOVE U :iconmissunfortunate:MissUnfortunate 568 82
Broken Inside
These things consume me,
Cause me to feel different than I am
They eat away at me on the inside,
Changing how I think and feel
It's hard to be uplifting,
When all you ever do is fall
It's impossible to be there for others,
When you need to be there for yourself
My mind wanders aimlessly,
Seeking answers that continue to elude
This world is slowly breaking me,
And I no longer know what to do
It's so very, very hard to fight,
When all you feel is broken inside
jlp October 17, 2008
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Watch Your Back :icongilad:gilad 2,442 198