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How American Women Can Be Equal :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 83 420 Resist :iconsimkaye:Simkaye 125 12 Trump Protests In A Nutshell :iconoldcreepykarpis:oldcreepykarpis 38 19 Abandoned :iconvw1956:vw1956 90 34 Believe Me :icond-mac:D-MAC 65 29 M A K E A M E R I C A G R E A T A G A I N :iconwhalebubbler:WhaleBubbler 13 16 politician's brain :iconvw1956:vw1956 35 38 The road to the white house :iconabbysoto:AbbySoto 30 17
Trump is a national security threat

Trump is a national security threat to the United States for several reasons. Besides being impulsive and lacking any self control, just look at his crazy twitter account, he also seems to have designs to become a fascist dictator much like his idol Putin who the Donald has gone so far as to say how he admires Putin's power "he's very much a leader [with] very strong control over a country".
Before even taking office the Donald has already made an inappropriate deal directly with Bayer and Monsanto apparently telling them he would allow them to merge if they create jobs completely bypassing the FTC. The FTC normally takes what is best for consumers into account. When two large companie
:iconzeneinkodama:ZenEinKodama 9 0
Feel the Hate :iconsuperguy2036:superguy2036 29 10 Trumped :iconrayryan90:Rayryan90 99 52 Inauguration of the Great Failure :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 17 0 The Not So Great Wall :icongorpo:Gorpo 12 2 TRUMP TWITTER - A LOGO MASHUP OF TRUMP and TWITTER :iconhalhefnerart:HalHefnerART 16 6 What comes now :icontexaspanda:TexasPanda 17 12 Superman v. Trump :iconmonkeygeek:monkeygeek 14 4
Electoral college is a disaster for a democracy
Only in a backwards country would you expect someone who won an election by a clear majority vote, over 2.5 million, to have "lost". I tend to be somewhat Libertarian leaning towards Centrist to Moderate Republican yet even I can see the Electoral College is a joke. The fact that we allow a clearly broken system to select a President is absurd. I agree with some of Trump's policies including his tough stance on China, the idea that the border should be secured, the out of control health care sector needs to have competition instilled into it somehow, trade deals need to favor foreign investing and job
:iconzeneinkodama:ZenEinKodama 6 26
4 More Years :iconjimmgerstman:JimmGerstman 7 0 TOGETHER WE RISE :icontheamat:Theamat 12 0 Pay for My Birth Control :iconenlivenyourself:EnlivenYourself 6 0 It's Tradition :iconjay042:jay042 13 36 Rise. :iconanesthetic-x:Anesthetic-X 13 0 Love Trumps :iconmakepictures:makepictures 12 16 let's f word rock murica folks :icontfguillen:TFGuillen 13 13 Reminder Of Vigilance :icondocredfield:DocRedfield 12 6 Election 2016 - Before and After :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 857 751 TRUMP+-+PRINCESS+LEIA-+NO+HOPE.+Hal+hefner-2 :iconhalhefnerart:HalHefnerART 8 4
the truth is a lie
from the lips of the enemy
sent forth like strangers to
the border of reason
they’re homeless here and
they fade like cold tears
they were killed in the night
by our fear of the light
:iconangelodellamusica:AngeloDellaMusica 5 1
Trump TWITTER - CONSUME Oil Stooge :iconhalhefnerart:HalHefnerART 9 8 Prince :iconcoconutmoose:coconutmoose 7 2 Four Lights :iconwoohooligan:woohooligan 7 19 Women's March :icontheamat:Theamat 7 0
Rigged Election 2016

FBI director James Comey meets with Donald Trump.
Why would Trump want James Comey to leave? Comey helped Trump win the rigged 2016 election along with Trump's Russian comrades. It almost looked like Comey was smitten with Trump when they met and Trump said Comey may be more famous than him as Trump whispered sweet nothings into Comey's ear. Perhaps Comey knew Clinton would have asked him to resign and decided to help Trump to keep his job?

This quote may not be by Mark Twain but still applies.
"How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and [how] hard it is to undo that work again!" is similar and most likely by Mark Twain.
The 2016 elected was rigged in multiple ways from the Russians hacking the United States and releasing
:iconzeneinkodama:ZenEinKodama 4 0
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