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Disneyland Trip (HetaliaxReader)
"Hey! Hey! , get up! Get up!" shifts in her sleep as she turns her back to the person. "! Wake up, brah!"
"No. Let me sleep", whines back as she buries her face in her stuffed animal.
", love, you know Alfred won't give up until you wake", her British friend says with his arms crossed.
"Yeah, dude! Wake up", Alfred, personification of the United States of America, exclaims as he jumps up onto her bed.
curls up under her sheets as the American resorts to trying to drag her off. Arthur, personification of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, sighs as he goes out of 's room to see if the others had destroyed her house yet with their arguing. America continues trying to drag her out, but obviously he is failing miserably at doing such since she just slides out of his grip.
Wondering how had met the personified countries in her boring old life? While walking around her neighborhood one day, she had thought she heard people following her. Getting more suspicious with
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Drabble 2: Road Trip (Supernatural x Child!Reader)
“Cas, move over!”
You try your absolute best not to laugh, but it was all for naught. You stretch out on the back seat of the impala, pushing Cas away with your blue converse covered feet. Castiel manages to keep a smile off his face as he heavily leans over towards you.
“Cas, you’re heavy! Sam, Cas is squishing me!”
Each word said between peals of giggles as you try to push the angel off with both hands and feet. You’re laughing so hard that it’s becoming difficult to breathe and tears have settled in your eyes.
“Don’t make Dean turn this car around!” Sam jokes as he languidly looks up from his book and  to the rearview mirror to peer at both you and Castiel.
“Cas started it!” You tittered as you tugged lightly at the angel’s trademark trench coat.
“I most certainly did not, ”Castiel replies smoothly as he sits upright and gazes back at Sam through the mirror.
Sam rolls his eyes before he lo
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