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201 Signs That You May Be Turning Into a Dragon (or Have Already)

1. You like to sleep on the concrete floor because the bed's too soft.
2. You scratch up the screen on your iPhone when you try to use it.
3. You realize fire comes out of your mouth when you're angry.
4. You jokingly ask someone, "Can one simply walk into Mordor?" and they reply, "Well, YOU could."
5. You wake up after a good night's sleep in a hospital because you were "in a coma."
6. You got in trouble because you attacked your friend for touching your bottle cap "collection…" when there are more than 10 of each kind.
7. Whenever you see something scaly it turns you on.
8. You have inexplicable cravings for meat.
9. You have a hard time typing on the keyboard because your "nails" get in the way.
10. Your children meep instead of cry.
11. You get the sudden urge to fly somewhere. Without using anything.
12. Whenever you see a guy in shining armor it gives you the chills.
13. You have seri
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In the Name of the Moon [Diary, Usagi Tsukino TF]
Journal 01
Okay, I'm not sure quite how to explain this. I was running through a forest, smoking some of the good stuff and just kind of laying low you know? Because me and my best sis Jess wanted to ditch school and didn't have time for that shit. We was just kind of blowing some rings, having a cool time when we stated chasing each other and playing in the deep of these sick nasty bushes, when I tripped on some kind of thingamajinga. I snatched it up and it looked kind of like, a Wand. A wand thingmajing, you know? Weird shit. It looked like a sort of cheap plastic toy I swear. But anyway when I held it up in the light, it began to glow, razzle freakin' dazzle. I was blinded by the light, and before I knew it I was completely blazed out of my mind and head hit the pavement. Or dirt I guess, shit whatever.
When I woke up I was in a cabin in the woods. Jess Brought me back here. This cabin is kind of stuffy, I want to leave later but my body feels all stiff and sore for whatever reason
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One of them?
Was I ever one of them?
I see them going about their short finite lives. Most of them don't even look at me. Those that do are children to whom the world is still wondrous and new, or tourists wanting to take a snap shot with themselves or their friends in the picture with me.
I remember it all with surprising crystal clarity. It's not like I actually have a brain anymore than I still have eyes or ears. My memories can't succumb to Alzheimer's, my mind can't suffer a stroke.
I don't have eyes, so I can look in any direction I chose, but this also means I can't -close- eyes I don't have. I hear everything around me equally, since my 'ears' are just pieces of metal exactly the same as the rest of me (the X-Rays had proven that).
I still have a mind, even though I know it's impossible being just dead metal, but no matter how much I tell myself that, I don't cease to exist. Sorry Douglas Adams.
I feel everything with equal intensity, my hair is now as much a part of me as my arms and my pe
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