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What A Foxy Tail :iconmorph0s:Morph0s 200 16 Forced Smile :iconguthrieartwork:GuthrieArtwork 180 18 Emerald Sand Kunoichi - COLOR :iconmugenkeiji:MugenKeiji 85 12 Southern Belle :iconmorph0s:Morph0s 126 11 Momoko Toilet :iconafrothunder3:Afrothunder3 113 0 Koihime Musuo Couch :iconafrothunder3:Afrothunder3 114 11 Clown Hunter Fetishfaerie :icondwwrider:dwwrider 71 4 Sailor Scouts Waxification PT3 :iconafrothunder3:Afrothunder3 62 0 A cursed flame page 2(Dark Phoenix TF TG) :iconavianine:Avianine 38 3 A cursed flame page 3(Dark Phoenix TF TG) :iconavianine:Avianine 39 33
Candles -Kane-
Dear Kane,
Things are going well on this side of the ocean.  A novelty shop opened recently near where we live, and we had to check it out.  They sell all sorts of curiosities.
You mentioned in your last letter that you were having trouble sleeping, so we bought these candles and sent them along to you.  They're made with a special incense that's supposed to help you sleep more comfortably.  The instructions say to put one in a candle holder in your room, light it before you go to bed, and let it burn while you sleep.
Maybe you'll come and visit us again sometime... willingly or not.
Suki says hi.
Your friend, Maki

Kane reread the letter he'd gotten from his Chinese penpal.  Then he glanced at the still-unopened transparent plastic package of candles resting on the table.  The label on the front was of course in Chinese, but bore a picture of an Asian long dragon sleeping contentedly in bed, snuggling up with a teddy be
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TG Transformation 3 :iconnondescriptpersona:nondescriptpersona 138 5 Sailor Scouts Waxification PT4 :iconafrothunder3:Afrothunder3 53 3 Spotted Hyena transformation :iconcaramitten:caramitten 193 39 A cursed flame page 1(Dark Phoenix TF TG) :iconavianine:Avianine 40 6 [minicomic] Officedolled :iconcangkulretak:cangkulretak 132 4 Dog transformation in the swimming pool :icondastanprince:dastanprince 55 6 Refreshing :iconrockabilly50:rockabilly50 31 0 Wake 1 :iconnondescriptpersona:nondescriptpersona 101 10 TG Transformation 4 :iconnondescriptpersona:nondescriptpersona 95 20 COM - FF Don't Touch! pt 6 :iconalorok:alorok 131 9 DC:P - Locked Inside :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 119 75 Sailor Scouts Waxification PT1 :iconafrothunder3:Afrothunder3 57 10 DC:P - God's Plan :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 105 81 Dante may cry :icongeminim:geminim 88 4 Batgirl Breast Expansion :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 1,353 16 Arkannes Violet Beauregarde Triptych :iconluvemripe:luvemripe 330 22 Furry transformation 1-4 :iconsquidpuke:SquidPuke 871 25 Jeykl and Hyde Syndrome :iconpwcsponson:PWCSponson 1,372 16
Cougar Clothes (Age Progression)
Cougar Clothes(Age Progression) by T.F. Wright. This is the first chapter of The Transformation Mall ( Let me know what you think.
"I don't know what you're so worked up about," Jewel said. She stared blankly at the fairly ordinary-looking storefront of "Cougar Clothes" for a moment before returning her gaze to her phone.
"Well, honey, this is one brand you can't buy online," said Michael. "I checked."
"Now this is getting even more bizarre," said Jewel. "You actually researched a women's clothing store? Why?"
"Um...just to make sure you could get a unique gift today," Michael said, trying his best to sound innocent.
"Whatever," his wife said. Jewel was clad simply in a T-shirt and jean shorts. She was never one to spend much effort on fashion. "I'll try some stuff on, I guess," she said blankly, and walked into the store.
"Welcome to Cougar Clothes. I'm Margo. How can I make your day perfect?" said the woman behind the counter, a middle-aged
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Rich In Calcium 1 :iconmorph0s:Morph0s 318 10 ::Jiggles the Clown:: :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 876 170 :Teacup Sissy: :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 677 94 Swelling and Ripening at an Extraordinary Rate :iconluvemripe:luvemripe 144 15 :Cushin Pushin: :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 865 184 Rich In Calcium 2 :iconmorph0s:Morph0s 226 11 Doll Face :icondavisprebot:davisprebot 89 5 What A Patriotic Rabbit :iconmorph0s:Morph0s 132 13 Carla Fetish Costume TF part 1 :iconredflare500:Redflare500 508 48 A Pageant Run - part 3 :iconalorok:alorok 129 17 Dragons... :iconslash-pseudo:Slash-Pseudo 37 15 A Pageant Run - part 1 :iconalorok:alorok 79 13 DC:P 4Koma Circus 4 :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 262 122 The Final Wish - pg.1 :iconfirem1te:Firem1te 57 2 A Pageant Run - part 2 :iconalorok:alorok 77 12
Wilma's Chocolate Factory (Age Progression/WG)
Chapter One
It has often been said that the truth is most often hidden in plain sight. Nowhere else was this more true than the Wilma Candy Company. A cursory glance of Wilma might indeed have revealed the truth about her to anyone. She was an old woman, her features distorted by frizzy gray hair, a large nose, crooked teeth, bloodshot eyes, and bony fingers. She insisted in wearing only drab robes and strange hats. In short, she looked like a witch – which is exactly what she was.
Wilma slumped forward in chair, resting her elbows on her massive, solid marble desk. As the CEO of the Wilma Candy Company, she had money and power. Yet, her deepest cravings hadn’t been sated in quite some time. Like witches of old, Wilma longed to lure young people to their ruin through candy. And yet the circumstances of the modern world seemed stacked against her. Thanks to nationwide panic about sex offenders, kids were mortally afraid of accepting candy from strangers. The old ways were si
:iconmytransformations:Mytransformations 30 2
Contest - Intermission Card :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 298 25 WoW Tiger Girl TF :iconjitenshasw:JitenshaSW 79 36 DC:P - 4Koma Circus 5 :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 215 100 Nax - Venom Flirting :iconalorok:alorok 85 6